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You need Acting Skills to be in the NBA. May 16, 2007

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Bruce Bowen who kicked legs, knocked groins, deliberately hurt other players, did not garner himself any suspensions from the NBA Office, Derek Fisher, who flopped his way into so many calls in the Utah – Warriors series didn’t get any either, in otherwise, guys like Amare Stoudemire and Baron Davis, got suspended and ejected.


Because they had bad acting skills, that’s why.Bruce Bowen always had that innonect dog poop face whenever he fouls somebody and always start with pleading the official to reverse the call, all this points to good acting skills, and a single act of pleading for sympathy aka pathetic.

Then there’s Derek Fisher, who flops, but the master of them all, the art of flopping, is none other than Bruce Bowen’s team mate, Manu Ginobili, i’m telling you, the art of flopping is a precise act. You need to time your fall to precision, you need to fake the contact against your opponent, you need to fake the pain for a few minutes, you need to find the correct angle to cushion your fall, you still need to act innocent, and at last, you need good speeches to convince the ref.

It’s all hard work, so really, NBA players should get themselves to Hollywood and attend some classes, pick up some acting skills and maybe be the next Ginobili, I’m telling you, there’s a future for this, but for this season, Ginobili is the dirtiest player ever, and Ginobili is the Flopper of the year.

Flopping got me here.


The ALL-NBA Teams are a Farce May 11, 2007

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First of all, the first team, there’s nothing wrong with the first team, Steve Nash, STAT, Dirk Nowitzki, Tim Duncan, and KB24, they did what they did the entire season, and got to where they are now, obviously Steven Nash, the double MVP, STAT, with his successful comeback, Kobe those scoring spurts, Duncan, being solid the entire season, and of course the leader of the best during the regular season, Nowitzki.

But the problems starts here, the 2nd Team, Chris Bosh, LeBron James, Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, Gilbert Arenas; Bosh and James, no troubles there, but Arenas? man he had a hell of a season, but the second team? you’d gotta be kidding, what about Jason Kidd? man, he had one of the best statistical season ever, and the Nets have the same record when compared to the Wizards, and T-Mac? and Yao? man, i know the choices are limited, but hey, guys like them missed tons of games, so how do you put this equation together?

and the All-NBA 3rd Team? joke. F Kevin Garnett, F Carmelo Anthony, C Dwight Howard, G Dwyane Wade, G Chauncey Billups. Ok, this, Billups should be here, because he’s repping the best team in the East, so he’s got his case, but Wade? what did he do? last thing i’ve heard from him was nothing related to the 47-35 record the Heat got at the end of the season. Garnett didn’t even make the playoffs, and Melo? let’s not start talking.

let’s see how many players who should’ve be here, Mehmet Okur, Carlos Boozer, Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion, Vince Carter. The Sports Guru from Fear the Sword noted that King James will be extra motivated on Sunday’s game because he got snubbed from the first team, which i think is what he deserves after apparently “coasting” through the entire season or so. But let me tell you this, the best point guard in the NBA right now (arguably), won’t be too happy about being snubbed as well, and the scary thing is, he has even started dominating yet.

absolutely cocky? January 24, 2007

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is Amare Stoudemire triggering some heat right here? cos woo talk about new motivation for Agent Z3ro

“I did hear that they wanted to be the Phoenix Suns of the East, I think there’s only one Phoenix Suns, and we rest in the West. And that’s how it’s going to be for a while.”
spite me!!

Amare..Amare didnt you know that Gilbert Arenas scours the papers everyday for comments like this? next thing we know Arenas is gonna come out with a statement stating he’s gonna posterize STAT with a windmill dunk or whatsoever

but still, The Suns proved why they are the hottest team in the L, and the Wiz showed why the East are a bunch teams with loaded cannons that shoots without aim, Suns had the Wiz beat in the early going and never looked back, Steve Nash showed wy he’s a DOUBLE MVP winner with 27 on 11-13 shooting and 14 assists to earned the PotD yo!

– i know Denver are winning but the last 2 games featuring the Meloson show? the main player that bought them the win was good ole Steve Blake, give him some props! Nuggets overcome Jesus’s 44 to win 117-112
(edit: 34 from RUSTY Melo)