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the past 3 days December 31, 2006

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suprisingly so, but there’s nba news on the local paper..say hi to the samba boy leandro barbosa on the right

unique name


the new court

i don’t know what’s with this guy hanging around the court wif a collared SHIRT and a cap to boot

nice eh?family love

news just before the eve December 31, 2006

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good old basketball blogganations informed us today that the Mr. one man show, Michael Jordan has officially join the old school club once again and thus clearing himself off the excess baggage for the past 17 years..in short Michael Jordan is splitting up with his already former wife, Juanita, so pop up the champagnes and wines, the bachelor party is on again…

Prince lookalike no?

my reason for the divorce
Jordan: hey wife,where are you?
Wife: hey babe, i’m here
Jordan: wtf??ur Prince? what are u doing here? i did buy ur cds
Wife: hey, i’m ur wife Juanita
Jordan: no freaking way man, we’re getting a divorce, i’m not sleeping with Prince

in other news not related to marriages
hours after the Nets state address, Mikki Moore conjured up some Mikki magic to stop Lawrenzo Frank from waiving him by going 9 of 9 from the field for 20 points and oso 8 boards, 5 offensive boards, so the Nets are on a 2 game winning streak after netting the T-wolves in for a 100-92 win

mooring magic

Luol Deng scored a career high just a game after being clonked in the jaw by James Posey, he had 32 on a 15-19 shooting night, and the Chicago Bulls beat the Cavs led by King James‘s 33 which wasn’t enough, the Bulls win 103-96

xtra info: Luol Deng was born in WOW,Sudan, WOW

Nets State Address December 30, 2006

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so Rod Thorn has finally spoken up, Lawrence wont be fired be instead will be kissed in the ass another time by Mr.Thorn, instead he fires salvoes at RJ, read it all here, NETS STATE ADDRESS, i wonder hoe long will Frankie last, give Hassan Adams playing time n you will win trust me…

for now…enjoy some frustating pics of the frustrated Nets

MY first December 30, 2006

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this is like my first emo post here, it’s not like i’ve never been emotional before, it’s just that i tend to keep all the happy things in blogs n leave the bad things behind, but now, i think i need to express myself abit so, right now i’m just sad, downright sad, very sad, damn sad, fucking sad, my whole family is sad, everyone around is sad, my dad, i’ve never seen him cry like dat before, but now i did, it’s just unbelievable, iit’s hrad to see him my grandpa suffering like that, he was just fine a week before, now he can barely stand, acute, they call it, shitty i call it…SADSADSADx10000…

Et-Tut Garnetto December 30, 2006

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as much as Kevin Garnett wants to win a ring…he won’t do it with the array of talents around him, not with Ricky Davis, not with Randy Foye, and surely not with Mike James, and as much as Kevin Garnett thinks that the T-Wolves can win a ring with him, and if he does, the New York Knicks would be a playoff team for the next 5 years, with Stevie Unfranchise and Starbury on the backcourt which is super seriously unlikely, for KG to win a ring, for KG to win a ring…ask the T-wolves to waive him, LOL, and re-sign with the Suns, my pick to win it all, and jump in the bandwagon..

Nightly Roundup December 29, 2006

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-leads to cancer..keep away

leads to fun..do it more

Mee Goreng Singapore rm6..leads to bankruptcy

my grandfather is suspected to have hepatitis C, so our whole family is tensed about it, even my dad sounds grave about it, it looks bad…haihz..hope it will be good at de end of de day

HOLLA SPUD WEBB, u’ll be on soon

if only…i said IF ONLY… December 28, 2006

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okaiz, maybe u needa click on that pic to see it clearer, but if only the Nets played this well, IF ONLY, lol, maybe they shud sack Lawrence Frank and hire me instead, GMs u heard that?? i’m for hire yo…cut the popcorns, i’m for real..let’s see Jason Collins, the man who can’t do anything but stand on the court, is averaging 11.3 and 9 even 2.3blocks as well, boy, i bet he’s dreaming of that statline in his dreams, Vinsanity averaging 48!!! wows, well not really wow he took half of the shots in the team lol, oh further down is Marcus Williams averaging 16.5 ppg and 14.5 apg, believe it..


too bad virtual gaming doesnt transcrpt to reality, like i said, HIRE ME!!!, -.-, so since the Nets are 11-18 and playing like popsickles getting licked, my suggestion is, dun bother improving on our play, yea no post- season, no playoffs, hey look at the bright side yo, maybe if we could re-sign Vinsanity, and then, maybe we sucked enough to land our in the lottery and then maybe we could get Greg Oden with the 1st pick in the draft…ok thats a long shot but hey think about it


All-Star ALert!!!! December 28, 2006

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3 People you really should not pick no matter how much u like them or how in love you are with them…no mater how good they play and heck even if they are destined to win the MVP award this season dun pick them


spread the message around, anywhere friendster, your blogs, msn, print it out and stick it onto the 7-11 notice boards, do everything to help save Nate Robinson

2- Antoine ‘ FatONE’ WALKER

Antoine Walker 10 years from now…dun pick him

3- ALLEN’ i’ll grow a ponytail if i take less shots den Melo’ IVERSON

hes got enough votes so spare ur change and vote for Agent Six Zero