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Cheeze Doodling with Stephen A June 30, 2007

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I love this


Vince Carter Opts Out but We Figured That Out Already June 30, 2007

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Vince Carter opted out of his Nets contract Friday, according to league sources, and will be free to test the market as of Sunday.

Seriously, where is Vince Carter going if he doesn’t stay in New Jersey?

Charlotte wouldn’t want him with J-Rich over there, New York‘s out of the question after that coup for Randolph. Orlando‘s the only one left who could offer VC more money, but come on, realistically would they want him? I don’t think anybody would want Carter as their main guy on any team, not when he’s 30 and had half of the athletic ability he had when he was younger, I’d say they won’t offer him a deal that could make the Nets backing off from a deal.

Even with the craziest trade alternative gone, with Ray Allen off from Seattle’s books, I’d be really really really really really surprised if he leaves.

So if he’s 30 and not that good anymore, why would the Nets still waste 60-65 million dollars on resigning him?

Basically, by resigning Carter, Rod Thorn will be making a point noted that he’s staying with this team for at least another year or two, Carter isn’t the same player he is a few years ago, but he still scores, and he still makes plays, and this is the first step of one of the many possible steps taht could bring that elusive championship over to New Jersey, and like I said before, with the right pieces, this team could still win alot of games, and I believe with the addition of “Weed Boy” Sean Williams, the Nets officially can claim themselves a force to be reckon with (that is if Williams lives up to the hype built around his defense).

Sean Williams alone could catapult the Nets to the top of the East? are you kidding me?

Yes he could, why? let’s say he’s struggling early on, even if he gives the team early numbers (struggling numbers) of say Desagana Diop numbers, that would already be an upgrade over what Jason Collins offers on a daily basis, and throw in the four guys around him who could score, he basically just needs to focus on defense and that’s it. No pressure, and that’s him struggling early on, what if he picks up where he left off at Boston College? that’s an elite team we’re talking about if he plays like that.

Sean Williams June 29, 2007

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welcome to the team..

and about that second round pick, cant anyone make a move for it?

I’m on ESPN, figuratively.

Draft Day Bananas June 29, 2007

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Right now, I’m just happy It’s not Jason Smith, It’s not Josh McRoberts, It’s not Crittenton, It’s Sean Williams. Yayaya, Marijuana, blablabla, bullshit. So? and now that he’s a Net. I’m going to defend until I’m done with it.

You cannot deny the fact that he’s blocked 13 shots in a single game. Jason Collins couldn’t even block 1 in 5 games. Jason Collins had 7 straight scoreless games, so even if Sean Williams knows nothing but to finish a play within 5 feet of the basket, that’s a frigging big improvement alright.

Defensively, the Nets would be a scary scary team. Sean Williams starting at center scaring the shit out of anyone who drives into the paint, and Jason Collins would basically come off the bench and be that defensive stalwart we can bring on from the bench, where he rightfully belongs to.

Williams only averaged 6.5 rpg, but that;s not a big problem, if you’re on the same team with the great rebounding threesome of RJ, VC and Kidd, they, especially Kidd, who grab most of the boards, Williams would have to focus on rebounding the basketball offensively and of course, defense.

The downside on him though, No, It’s not the weed thing, the thing about him is that what if he gets too overzealous on the defensive end, because basically he’s coming with the reputation of blocking the shit out of everyone, what if he comes into games not doing what he does best? That would be interesting to watch.

Nonetheless, It’s a good choice by the Nets, and I hope Williams would not let me and all the Nets fans down and take good care of the opportunity that he’s given.

Best Case Scenario : Theo Ratliff, a guy who is able to change the game without scoring 20-30 points per game, changes the game through defense, exactly what the Nets need.
Worst Case Scenario : Eddie Griffin. the guy who masturbated in his car while crashing his ride?

I’m at the Andaman Sea June 29, 2007

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The Nets will pick Sean Williams! or maybe Thad Young if he’s still there. Josh McRoberts has 10% of my vote.

10 Reasons – Draft Day edition June 28, 2007

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10 friggin reasons why the Nets should get themselves a second round pick.

1. Jared Jordan, yes I love him.
2. the deepest draft in awhile..
3. even guys like Demetris Nichols aren’t mentioned in the first round.
4. another point guard.
5. a good three point set shooter.
6. If it’s early second round, Zabian Dowdell, Nick Fazekas, and fan favorite Glen Davis are possibilities.
7. I just want the team to draft more than one player.
8. A chance to get rid of say, Jason Collins via trade to get a second round pick anyone? I know it’s far off from happening and there’s the salary issues.
9. How many gems were picked in the second round? Gilbert Arenas? Carlos Boozer? Michael Redd? and to an extent (stretched) Manu Ginobili.
10. another player to evaluate going into summer league.

20 years of….William Petersen? June 27, 2007

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Taking a page from Jake (Bullets Forever), the past 20 17th picks in the draft.

1987 – Ronnie Murphy – played 18 games, and averaged 2 ppg,  
1988 – Eric Leckner – best season was a 5.1 ppg stint with the Sixers
1989 – Shawn Kemp – The Reign Man was a 6 time All-Star and averaged a career best 20.5ppg in 42 games for the Cavs.
1990 – Jerrod Mustaf – 4 years in the NBA before moving to somewhere.
1991 – Victor Alexander – averaged 9 ppg throughout his 6 seasons
1992 – Doug Christie was named to 4 All Defensive teams and hit 805 threes throughout his career, and he’s annoying. (P.S : led the league in steals)
1993 – Greg Graham – 4.5 ppg in 4 seasons
1994 – Aaron Mckie – Won the NBA Sixth Man Award in 2001, spends time now acting as Goofy
1995 – Bob Sura – averaged 10.3 points, 5.3 rebounds and 5.5 assists in 2004, and he’s a triple double cog.
1996 – Jermaine O’Neal – a 6 time All-Star and winner of the MIP Award (2002), led the league in blocks in 2001.
1997 – Johnny Taylor – couldn’t even play over 50 games before being shipped to nowhere.
1998 – Rasho Nesterovic – averaged 11.2 in 2003 and nothing else.
1999 – Cal Bowdler – 3 seasons averaged 3 ppg, amazing..
2000 – Desmond Mason – a double slam dunk champ who shoots FTs using a mechanical lift.
2001 – Michael Bradley – best season was a 5 ppg, 6.1 rpg season in 2003
2002 – Juan Dixon – led the Terrapins to the National Title and is now jacking up shots all over the league.
2003 – Zarko Cabarkapa – averaged 8.6 ppg and 3.8 rpg while playing in YUGOSLAVIA or Serbia or Montenegro or whatever
2004 – Josh Smith – A Slam Dunk champ, averaged 2.5 blocks in 3 seasons, and the youngest player to break the 500 block mark.
2005 – Danny Granger – 14.6 ppg in his second season
2006 – Shawne Williams – scored 13 points in his debut
2007 – ??

There’s 8 players on this list who averaged less than 5 ppg.
There’s 2 players on the list who are All Stars, Shawn Kemp and Jermaine O’Neal
There’s 9 playres on the list who aveaged more than 10 ppg at least for one season. (yes, This is a stretch just to put Rasho Nesterovic in.)
There’s 4 players here who competed in the Slam Dunk Competition. (Bob Sura, Shawn Kemp, Desmond Mason and Josh Smith.)
There are 4 players on the list that has won something whether it be awards or something.

Be back tomorrow, or maybe later, cheers

Hi Gil, Sara from CSI or?

3 More Days June 26, 2007

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3 More Days till the draft, and I’ve got myself an Atlanta Braves cap, for no apparent reason.