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Draft Day Bananas June 29, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in NBA Draft, New Jersey Nets, Sean Williams.

Right now, I’m just happy It’s not Jason Smith, It’s not Josh McRoberts, It’s not Crittenton, It’s Sean Williams. Yayaya, Marijuana, blablabla, bullshit. So? and now that he’s a Net. I’m going to defend until I’m done with it.

You cannot deny the fact that he’s blocked 13 shots in a single game. Jason Collins couldn’t even block 1 in 5 games. Jason Collins had 7 straight scoreless games, so even if Sean Williams knows nothing but to finish a play within 5 feet of the basket, that’s a frigging big improvement alright.

Defensively, the Nets would be a scary scary team. Sean Williams starting at center scaring the shit out of anyone who drives into the paint, and Jason Collins would basically come off the bench and be that defensive stalwart we can bring on from the bench, where he rightfully belongs to.

Williams only averaged 6.5 rpg, but that;s not a big problem, if you’re on the same team with the great rebounding threesome of RJ, VC and Kidd, they, especially Kidd, who grab most of the boards, Williams would have to focus on rebounding the basketball offensively and of course, defense.

The downside on him though, No, It’s not the weed thing, the thing about him is that what if he gets too overzealous on the defensive end, because basically he’s coming with the reputation of blocking the shit out of everyone, what if he comes into games not doing what he does best? That would be interesting to watch.

Nonetheless, It’s a good choice by the Nets, and I hope Williams would not let me and all the Nets fans down and take good care of the opportunity that he’s given.

Best Case Scenario : Theo Ratliff, a guy who is able to change the game without scoring 20-30 points per game, changes the game through defense, exactly what the Nets need.
Worst Case Scenario : Eddie Griffin. the guy who masturbated in his car while crashing his ride?



1. Nets Fan New York - June 30, 2007

I’m pumped the Nets got Williams. He’s going to be a force to reckon with in the paint this upcoming season.

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