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New Jersey Nets Game 39 Review January 15, 2009

Posted by netsophobia in Boston Celtics, Recap, youtube.

Come on, 32 isn’t that bad, if you think of the few positives that we can take from the game.

Well, Carter who was apparently reported that he was going to be a game time decision really should have stayed at home for this one, a 4 point, 1-10 shooting dud from him isn’t really the best way to boost his chances for an All-Star berth.

We were neck and neck with champs for two quarters, going into the half only down by 10, but again, again, again and again, we lost it at the third quarter, which totally blew the game open, and we blew ourselves out of it. 18 points was the gap alone in the third quarter, and Paul Pierce alone had 18 in the third, it’s just totally mind boggling that we just allow ourselves to get steamrolled in this fashion.

For all four quarters we were outrebounded, outscored, outshot, and totally outplayed by the Celtics, and seriously tonight, we looked like a team that’s headed for the lottery rather than the playoffs. This game just made me hope that the few close games we squandered early on in the season does not come back and haunt us when we need wins in the coming months.

Brook Lopez and Ryan Anderson, the two rookies were the only bright spots and in a really forgettable game, both of them combining for 26 points, which were more than the two scoring duo in the league managed to produce. CDR also got to play which was great news, and so did tattoo-less Ager.

Let’s just hope this team would take this loss and a personal thing and take it all out in the next game against Brandon Roy and the Blazers because the four games left in this stretch, just shows us where we are right now as a team, and if the playoffs are serious ambitions, this is the real barometer test.



1. Sami A - January 16, 2009

VC wasn’t much better against Portland. Although, I believe he’s banged up.

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