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How Sucky Jason Collins really is February 28, 2007

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alright first of all, the new feature in the blog that features Jason Collins now has a new name, it’s called the JC SUCKO-METER CONTEST, and if you think that’s a terrible name, tell me what you think in the comments. plus the stats will be up at the sidebar; look it up. (it works like this, JC will get a W if he out-performs the player that is supposedly suckier than or cmparable to him, he’ll get a L if he was out-performed by the other guy.)

Jason Collins, i really do not hate you, in fact I’m glad that you actually haven’t scored in 4 games, that means you’re not robbing off shots from players who could really score, i am just annoyed that you are taking minutes away from legit biggies like Josh Boone and Mikki Moore and heck even Mile Ilic, but seriously 0 points in 4 games? what’s this? do you need Sun Ming Ming to guard you so you can score?



well, Jason here is a con artist man, he’s smart, he’s a Stanford graduate, you know those Stanford grads, they are those brilliant business strategist that comes from Stanford U and they could really make money, so is Jason Collins, and not so with Jarron Collins. you see, Jason Collins made himself a BIG profit by actually conning his way into probably his second biggest achievement of being drafted by the Houston Rockets in the 2001 draft with the no.18 pick. three years later he conned his way to his biggest achievement yet, when he duped the Nets into signing him to a $25 million contract extension.

He did both of that by duping both teams into thinking that, hey he’s got quite a game, he can shoot threes, he can shoot 3-12 from the free throw line and say they’re giving him a chance to improve his stats, he can not score in 4 games, he can grab less than 5 rpg in 25 mpg (which is even lesser than Nate Robinson), he shoots worse than i can think of any frontcourt player who actually shoots 2.2 shots per game and still only managed to hit 34% of his shots, i don’t think anyone in the history of the NBA is capable of doing that, i mean no matter how sucky Mengke Bateer was, he’ still able to hit a better percentage than good ole’ Collins. With this kind of package, i am really not surprised why he was drafted in front of better bigs like Brendan Haywood, Zach Randolph and Mehmet Okur.

Jason Collins’ all time Sucko-meter rating : 10/10, which isn’t going to change even if he explodes for 50 points against the Cs, because his damage is done, he doomed the Nets franchise into obscurity by making us resign him for $25million


WesT doMinate East in Vegas February 28, 2007

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Its all about the game not about the bet in Vegas where the Nba Allstar Game 2007 is held. Kobe Bryant make a clear statement to the team in East. Bryant scored 31 points, had six of the West’s record 52 assists and was picked as the MVP. Bryant, Carmelo Anthony & crew lit up the Strip with their own version of Showtime, romping past LeBron James and the East 153-132 Sunday night in the NBA All-Star game.
Besides that Amre Stoudemire from the Phoenix Sun also get to shine. He score 29 points for the West .Shawn Marion also from the Phoenix Sun , who played at the Thomas & Mack Center at UNLV, added 18.
Carmelo Anthony from the Denver Nuggets, a late addition to the team, scored 20 points and
James scored 28 points for the East, and Dwight Howard had 20 points and 12 rebounds. The Dwyane Wade had only 10 points on 5-of-12 shooting, but he had reason to be tired after hosting events Thursday and Friday night. Those were two of the many functions that kept the players out until all hours of the night.
Perhaps that took its toll on the players. There were missed dunks and passes thrown out of bounds by both teams, but the East was by far the worst. They missed seven of their first nine shots, including a blown dunk attempt by O’Neal.
Vince Carter has a higlight reel where he caught a pass off the backboard from Chauncey Billups and slam it hard. It vows the crowd
James later almost injured himself when he tried to throw himself a pass off the backboard and tumbled over another player, and Jermaine O’Neal appeared to tip in a basket for the West.
The West led 39-31 at the end of one, and quickly pushed that lead into double digits in the second quarter – Shaquille O’Neal missed another dunk during that stretch.
The lead ballooned to 23 when Bryant nailed a 3-pointer and followed with a dunk on the next possession, and the West was up 79-59 at halftime.
Bryant had 17 points at halftime and Anthony added 12. James scored 16 for the East, but none of its other players was in double figures.
The East climbed out of a 21-point deficit to win last year’s game in Houston, but didn’t show nearly the fight this time. Stoudemire fueled a 10-0 run that made it 95-65 with 8:20 remaining in the third quarter, and the West was up by 31 heading to the fourth.
It was the East first defeat since winning the last allstar game in 2006.

Game 58 review : New Jersey Nets – Washington Wizards February 28, 2007

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Vince Carter started quite hot, and scored Jersey’s first 11 points with a mixture of outside shots and two alley-oops from Kidd, but then he cooled off and in came the Netsational (totally fugly), whose performances during a TV timeout sucked the life out of the Nets, and the Wiz and Roger Mason took advantage of it, hitting 4 straight threes in a 2nd quarter run. The Nets were totally lifeless in the 2nd quarter, just like they usually do in the first halves of games.

– Nets set a franchise record of 16 shots from downtown in the game; let’s break it down, 6 from Kidd, 3 each from House and Boki the Intensity Man, and 2 each from Cliff and Vince.
– Boki Nachbar’s play has been making my head turn seriously, his play as of late is as good as it gets, he could shoot, and drive and could rebound.
– Jason had a stretch in the third where he hit 5 straight threes

– the team played a game where they actually closed out the game in the fourth, allowing the Wizards team only 23 points, and choking their offense to a still in the last 4 minutes.
– good to see Cliff having a solid shooting night. (although he did had a bad air ball)
good team defense to force Gilbert Arenas to another off night, but he did heat up during the third which scared me abit.
– VC driving to the hoop when the going was tough for Jersey in the third and making some big plays in the process; a foul by Calvin Booth on VC and he still made the basket where he layed the ball in without looking at the rim.
– Vince Carter took care of business in the first and Jason Kidd took over in the third.
– the team had 29 assists on 37 baskets.
– Jason Collins had 3 freaking blocks
– Jason Kidd rejected Agent Z3ro’s shot
– Hassan Adams starting

Eddie House’s shooting, ya he did make 3 but he missed 5 straight shots in the 2nd quarter where he was hesitant whether to shoot or not.
– the team’s play in the second quarter was ugly, Roger Mason was dropping threes from everwhere and Donnell Taylor had 3 assists in that stretch; the team had actually built quite a lead in the second but their inability to knock down shots (OPEN SHOTS!!) meant the Wiz had a chance to hang around and even took the lead into halftime.
– Jason Kidd slip and fell causing us Net’s fan to endear the possibility of an injury added to injuries, luckily he was ok

Roger Mase was killing us with threes

settling for long range bombs early in the offense and in transition, ya i know we made 16 threes, but the other 16 we missed was either open threes or bad threes.
– Jason Kidd gave up an uncontested layup and kicked it out for Eddie House to launch a three, which he missed.
– who’s playing D on Roger Mason and Jarvis Hayes?
– we did a bad job of boxing out Brendan Haywood down the post, he was killing us with his offensive boards, but the good news was he didn’t really played that much.
– Marcus Williams sucked today, that’s why he did not get minutes and Eddie House did.
– can someone tell me again why are the team defense letting Mr. Jarvis Hayes make those shots?
– when can Jason Collins score?

This is really another solid win at home for us to once again move into the 8th playoff spot and again 3.5 games behind T-dot, who are playing tomorrow, Orlando and Miami are slumping and now it seems possible that maybe we could see three Atlantic division teams in the postseason. We’re now on a three game roll and have a chance to maybe extend the streak against the Cs!!!

for those who doesn’t understand my language, this would be better for you guys,

New Jersey Nets 113- 101 Washington Wizards
VC Stat Line : 27points, 3rebs, 6assists, 2 threes
Jason Kidd Line : 26points, 9 assists, 8 rebounds, 6 threes
Jason Collins : 0 points, 7 rebounds, 3 blocks, 2 assists, 2 PFs

Jason Collins against… February 27, 2007

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i’ve been thinking on how to integrate this feature into the blog, so this is just some kind of a test, i wonder whether it will work out, so it goes like this, before each New jersey game, i’m gonna compare Jason Collins to the opposing team’s suckiest player. i gotta think of a better name for this new thing but currently it’s Jason Collins against; until a better name crops up.

for tomorrow’s game between Jersey and the Wiz, the comparison is between
Jason Collins and Michael Ruffin

Jason Collins suckiness rating is 10/10
this i’ll explain more in the next couple of posts

Michael Ruffin’s suckiness rating : 6/10
– biggest ever achievement was probably getting himself drafted.
– averaging almost the same numbers career wise as Jason Collins this season while playing 10 less minutes.
– known as the Beast to the Wiz fans.(REALLY???)
– known for his hard dunks. (no kidding)
– has a career high of SEVEN blocks
– was actually missed by the Wiz fans early in the season.

so we’ll see how both of them performs in tomorrow’s game.

tell me what you think of this junk in the ccomments section,

meet your NBA Eastern Conference Player of the Week February 27, 2007

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another sign of things heading north for New Jersey is this, Vince Carter was announced as the Eastern Conference Player of the Week, averaging an NBA-best 37.3 points, 7.3 rebounds and 5.0 assists and helping Jersey to a 2-1 record,

Game 58 preview : New Jersey Nets – Washington Wizards February 27, 2007

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it’s Cousin Skippy vs Agent Z3ro, who will turn up to play? well, suddenly everything is good in the Continental Airlines Arena again, New jersey won two straight playing some good basketball in stretches against two above average teams (okay, Kings are below average), Vinsanity is averaging 37ppg in three games and should really have an easy time against the defensively challenged Washington Wizards, in fact, i don’t think it will be a suprise if the Nets ran away with the game, because as good as the Wiz are offensively, there are four factors that are prompting the W towards New Jersey’s way

1. Caron Butler is doubtful for the game, and there’s no Antawn Jamison.
2. The Wizard’s are a horrendous defensive team and they suck away from home.
3. Gilbert Arenas sucked at shooting the ball while playing against Minny
4. They have players like Jarvis Hayes and Michael Ruffin. (but then again, we have Jason Collins).

credits to the WizzNut

Final Score : Nets by 16
VC projection : 35, 4 threes
Jason Kidd triple-double probability : 30%
Jason Collins projection : 2, 6 rebounds, 5 PFs

New Jersey Nets – New York Knicks review February 26, 2007

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VINCE CARTER IS BIG! I REPEAT, VINCE CARTER IS BIG! that picture actually sums it all up, VC was head and shoulders above the Knicks, not to say that Jersey’s play was excellent in the game, it’s just Carter that came up with the goods, i said he had to penetrate and get to the hole, Seth from Your New York Knicks said he will have to get hot from downtown, and he did both of that, hitting 3 threes and going 11-12 from the line. 40, 9, 8 never sounded that sweet.

– seriously, this is really a big win, ya it’s against the Knicks and, ya, it’s sub 0.500 against 0.500, but the Knicks are only a game behind Jersey, so this win makes it a 2 game lead, plus, T-dot isn’t playing today, so it’s down to 3.5, we’re coming at ya, CANADA! and, we’re in 8th place in EAST.

– how can Stephon Marbury actually thinks he could stop Vince?
– alright, Jerome James is actually a better center than Jason Collins
– coming to Jason Collins, he had three straight 0 point outings
– ok Boki, you proved your point, YOU HAVE INTENSITY, so that’s why, me here at Hooplah is proud to call Boki Nachbar the INTENSITY MACHINE.
– can we have at least a few games in a row where someone taller than 6-9 leading the team in rebounds? i’m looking at you Mikki Moore and you, Jason Collins.
– Eddie House only managed to hoist up ONE three in 16 minutes of play, one three, you believe that?

– Jason Kidd actually shot only 2 threes in 41 minutes.
– Quentin Richardson and Jamal Crawford, the two key cogs that could spoil the game the New Jersey, had only 22 points combined, shooting only 7-25.
– comeon, Isiah, admit it, you miss David Lee.
– Jason Kidd went 0-7 from three the game before and what do we think of him? bad? think again, he just surpassed Kerry Kittles as the Nets all-time three point FG leader with 689, unbelievable? Believe it.
– Jared Jefferies had 8points and 8 rebounds, shot 4-5 is this real?
– Antoine Wright injured his shoulder late in the 1st quarter, and by that, we get to see more of Hassan Adams, but we’ll miss Toiney, really..

New Jersey Nets 101 – 92 New York Knicks
VC Stat Line :
40points, 9rebs, 8assists, 3 threes
Jason Kidd Line : 11points, 14 assists, 4 rebounds
Jason Collins : 0 points, 7 rebounds, 1 block, 5 PFs

(edit: it’s 2 straight wins and 2 straight home wins)

New Jersey Nets – New York Knicks preview February 25, 2007

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New Jersey Nets – 26-30
New York Knicks – 25-31

The last time these two teams met, Clifford Robinson tipped in a shot as time expired for the Nets to win one over the Atlantic division rivals, and the Knicks won the previous game by jobbing the Milwaukee Bucks with 0.8 secs left on the clock and New Jersey winning their previous game behind the back of a Jason Kidd triple double.

so the good news for today’s game is that there’s no David Lee, which is a good thing when your best rebounder is a 6-4 point guard, take David Lee off the team and suddenly the Knicks second best rebounder is Eddy Curry at 7 rpg.

the big question is whether New Jersey could play as well as they did against Sacramento, because as impossible as it seems, the Knicks are really a tough team to play against, even at home; Ouentin Richardson and Jamal Crawford both have elevated their games to a higher level, Jamal Crawford’s shooting %’s still suck, but he’s taking smarter shots than before, Ouentin Richardson gives a solid 14 and 7 on a nightly basis, and they are in my opinion, the main cogs that could keep New Jersey away from a W.

Ya of course there’s Eddy Curry, but today is one of the nights Jason Collins could actually merit playing 25 mpg, he’s quite good defensively and he is the only guy on the team big enough to cope with Curry.

Vince Carter and Jason Kidd will have another big game tonight READ!!; Jamal Crawford and Starbury certainly aren’t good defenders and again, the Nets biggest chance of winning is when VC is penetrating the lane.

P.S. Knicks’ best shot blocker is Renaldo Balkman.

Final Score : Nets by 7
VC projection : 33, 2 threes
Jason Kidd projection : 14, 10, 9
Jason Collins projection : 0 points, 5 boards, 6 PFs