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Game Recap, Half Spirited Musings, Big Announcement, Red Soxs Suck December 7, 2007

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Yeah, we lost to the god damned Knicks, wow, and Jason Kidd’s on a strike, double wow, why is Kidd on strike? well, they said he’s basically sick with the team’s direction and doesn’t like to play on a team of loozers, that is us Nets, yo man, I can feel you dude, I know you want a championship, but man you can go on a strike supporting anti whaling organizations in Japan while we got beat by someone like Jamal Crawford..

Oh Jason said he had migraines? well, because the media’s been spreading shit about how Kidd is trying to force a trade or maybe getting a new contract, so I believe he’s got a migraine no shit alright, besides, he’s Jason Kidd, he’s the Nets, if anyone on this league wants to sit out a game or two, Jason Kidd is the one, and if he’s really sick and tired of this team, why wouldn’t he be?, Vince Carter’s playing at a low level, RJ’s been good but really doesn’t change things, I have Kidd’s back over this issue, fuck those shit, but still it’s not a good thing to happen, because every fucking December now, this team has to deal with whether should they blow the fucking team up or trade Kidd, and now I’m reaching a point after seeing how this season is heading, yeah maybe we should. But we can only think about the worse only when this team is buried real deep in the standings.

Outstanding. Kidd hasn’t always been an altar boy in his six-plus years as a Net. There was his transparent execution of Byron Scott a couple of years ago. There was the regularity with which he and his ex-wife used to hijack Page Six. There were the comments a few weeks ago, on the West Coast, where he talked about his frustrations at the Nets’ inability to retain their place of prominence among Eastern Conference teams.

I’ll let you guess where that quote came from..

Yes, yesterday’s loss to the Knicks was terrible terrible terrible, because they had no Curry no Marbury no shit, and we still lost, but one can’t help symphatizing the team when your starting point guard is Eddie Gill and your back up point guard is nobody. FREE SEAN WILLIAMS!

On other news, I’m going on a vacation, until the 12th, which means this site would probably be dead for a couple of days, which I hope by the time I return, Jason Collins would be dead, and this team is hoppe 12-10.


Regular Season Game 19: New Jersey Nets – New York Knicks December 5, 2007

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Erm, I don’t know how to start this post, I’ve used all possible ways to describe the Knicks, from ruthless vulgarity to comparing them with donuts to bashing columns, I’ve ran out of ways to describe my hatred so basically I’m just going to say the Knicks SUCK, emphasis on the caps there you see.

Seriously, will anyone feel for Stephon? loing your own dad sucks but, It’s crazy Stephon Marbury, no dissing, but if his insanity’s going to stop or slow down a bit, his dad’s death is probably a good thing for him. WOW, I just typed something nice about the Knicks and it didn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth, oh okay there it is.

The Knicks have probably the gayest frontcourt in the league, with fartboy Zach Randolph tipping the scales at I dont know how much, add in Jerome James and Eddy Curry the scale probably would have broke, anyhow, anything, please do not sign Kiki Vandebitch to the Nets, we deserve better than a guy who only knows how to keep ranting about how Michael Redd is the best kept secret in the league, fuck you. I don’tcare if we go on a 3 game losing streak later I just wanna beat the Knicks.

Regular Season Game 18: They do read this damn Blog December 5, 2007

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Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James (L) jokes with New Jersey Nets Jason Kidd during the first half of their NBA basketball game in Cleveland December 4, 2007. REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk (UNITED STATES)
Hey Jay, wanna come over to my team? I can work out a package for us to play together
Kidd: I dont know man, I mean your team is a piece of shit without you and I don’t wanna play with Damon Jones or someone named Boobie, ew
LeBron: look, they’re all small fries, I can get them waived, you only need to say yes
Kidd: Er, I hate Eastern Europeans too
LeBron: Not a problem, one blink of an eye, and they never existed
Kidd: I don’t like South Americans
LeBron: We’re retracting back the offer to resign that fro
Kidd: Then I don’t think I’m coming
LeBron: Why?
Kidd: That would just leave me, you Drew Hair Gooden and fucking Larry Hughes? no thanks

Obviously Obviously that some people at the Net do read this blog because they fucking responded to somethings taht I ranted about yesterday want some proof? I’ll show you some.

Proof number one
Richard Jefferson read this damn blog and went out there, bullied the Cavs who were without LeBron with 36 points and totally painstakingly shot me in the heart and telling me fuck you, I’m mean.

Proof number two
Ed Stefanski signed those crap shit players and now he’s off to Philly running away from his sins

Proof number three
After SIX FUCKING STRAIGHT DNPS, Jamaal Magloire finally got minutes with 20, more than the expected five or less,he responded with a double 7 and continues to show us that practice doesn’t make perfect, 1-4 from the line, Collins showed him up tonight

Proof number four
Malik Allen went out and shot more jumpers trying to piss me off but he redeemed himself by grabbing nine boards and blocking 2 shots wow.

Proof number five
Fucked up Collins is going trigger happy, since when does he start taking 18 foot jumpers and have six shot attempts per night? he even made 75% of his FTs, that’s virtually impossible, something that only happends when you watch Peter Pan, and Collins is Peter Pan, maybe he’s playing well because he got his tooth back from the tooth fairy.

Proof number six
Unnamed backups like Eddie Gill stepping up in garbage time although I did not mentioned their names yesterday, I obviously held a grudge against them

Proof number seven
Larry Frankfurters finally got his act together and played those players that he should have played, yeah the Cavs are without LBJ, but this rotation got us into one of our best shooting games of the season, and that’s saying a fucking whole lot of stuff.

Proof that they do not read my blog no.1
Vince Carter obviously wants people from PNG to call him a slut, but the good thing is he finally broke out of his trance by going 3-5 from three point land tonight, still he sounds like a worn out almost max half franchise player who is eating too much and not asserting himself.

Proof that they do no read my blog no.2
Who’s the man that was suppsoed to be on Shannon Brown? this fuck made Devin Brown look more idiotic than he already is, why isn’t anyone on him? nobody’s guarding him and we’re letting him run loose? we’re only lucky he settled for three pointers more.

Proof that they do not read my blog no.3
Antoine Wright got injured, yeah right, what’s next? Jason Collins got a bum testicle?

Am I happy bout the W? Of course I am, any wins on the road are pluses, and the home woes, it’s gonna settle down somehow, I actually think that our form at home is actually due to the new name of the damned building, we goes to the IZOD, how dumb does that sound? that doesn’t even sound like a winning building, although SBC Center sounds equally lame, Why do they even bother giving arenas such generic names, things like that just wastes peoples memory to remember them, I probably wasted around 10 megabytes from my brain just to type and remember all this shit.

Obviously somebody forgot to leave a memo for the Cavs to ask them not to fucking throw the game away when it’s still a game, but then again when your team leader’s Eric Snow and Damon Jones, all you can do is just shut up and man up and lose the game, the troll Pavlovic didn’t even had a say in his own toilet case.


Vaguely Introducing…. December 4, 2007

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Yeah, I’ve been talking bout Jason Collins’ toilet seat for almost a year now, but nobody has seen what it’s like, and it’s even in one of my trade proposals, so what is this toilet seat like? must be something glamourous considering the amount of money he conned right out of Rod Thorn’s armpit. here goes.


Regular Season Game 18: New Jersey Nets – Cleveland Cavaliers December 4, 2007

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Look, I know that’s a bad outburst of sorts, but dude, we’re 1/5 into the season but the team’s still having lineup issues? I deserve that outburst, I got my rights, I watch the Family Guy and I hate George Bush, sue me. Anyway, over the years, well, after Damon Jones signed with the Cavs, we get to see his relationship with LeBron dwindle, from having that gayish handshake to almost kissing each other..

To LeBron finally adknowledging that Damon Jones’ talents are better suited for playing in that professional league in Tahiti, and to the point where LeBron ends any verbal contact with Jones thru a simple yet defnining word, well two words, fuck off.

Maybe LeBron was pissed at Damon Jones trying to chew a piece of his market, you know, the China shoe market, the Nike Zooms vs the Damon Jones brand, 1% is alot in China, somewhere like a million maybe, imagine a million people wearing Damon Jone’s signature shoe, it’s like Earth being invaded by mutated toilet seats right out Jason Collins’ apartment window. Scary. Next thing we’re gonna know is Damon Jones launching his own apparel brand and calling it Jonesihana, challenging top brands like GAP and whatever. Ew

I bet nobody knew that the last time these two teams met, Isiah Thomas was up somewhere calling some roughed up nut sack to rough someone up, and if anyone would bother the guess who the person is, the answer would come out glaring at you, Aleksandar Pavlovic, wow, big deal. dude can’t even keep to his word to play in Europe and heck he resigns for maybe even less, all hail Varejao! Remember the time when LeBron said that anybody on his team would be successful, well we’ve got a perfect example already, look at Larry Hughes, he suck but obviously he’s enjoying life right now with the money that was supposed to be Michael Redd’s, instead he’s got all the money now and he’s using them to buy more lotions because he thinks that the Sun in Ohio is to hot for his liking, he misses D.C for fucks sake, Free Larry.

Drew Gooden is probably the classiest of players among the Cavs, look he doesn’t wear weird suits, he doesn’t suck, he doesn’t act hurt like someone, he isn’t Lithuanian, and most importantly he doesn’t bite his fingers like he hadn’t ate anything for a century. BUT, he does have his ultra weird hair sense that could only possibly come out from a Cleveland Cavalier. Damn, no wonder Bron rooted for the Red Sox. Nobody told Homer Simpson that he was actually like Big Zy when he was young, just that he turned out yellow and had a big belly to go with.

Ignore all the crap above, We all know that the Cavs suck (wll, at least I know), BEAT THE CAVS, whom I hope are playing without LeBron who probably is depressed because he couldn’t bite his sprained finger or something. Besides, the Cavs are in a losing streak of their own, plus without Lebron James, their team is err err errr errr as good as ours, well although technically we’re no longer the lowest scoring team in the league but our offense still suck and their defense is excellent, so all the luck from heaven and hell to the Nets to save me from sidebar updating duty for another day, Good lord.

Regular Season Game 17: Beatdown and Where the hell is Jamaal Magloire? December 4, 2007

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AUBURN HILLS, MI - DECEMBER 2:  Jason Kidd #5 of the New Jersey Nets talks with Chauncey Billups #1 the Detroit Pistons during a game on December 2, 2007 at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, Michigan.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2007 NBAE (Photo by Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images)
Billups: Man, your team suck big time, just go to L.A
Kidd: I wanna build my legacy here in NJ, L.A’s no shit
Billups: But don’t you get tired of playing with Jason Collins? I mean you used to get excited playing with athletic bigs like KMart but now Collins? At least you do have Sean Williams now, that’s a consolation
Kidd: Actually, I tried poisoning Jason Collins’ soup more than five times already…
Billups: What the fuck???
Kidd: Yeah, Five times, this season alone.

Fuck the niceties

Okay this is it, Lawrence Frank is a fucking hypocrite, I don’t like to spew out obscene languages (yeah right) but this has gone too fucking far, first you sign a guy to a 4 million dollar contract and all he does is shoot free throws during practice and warm the chairs so Jason Collins could sit on it? I mean What the Fuck? this team’s getting burned on the boards and probably the best rebounder on the team is sitting at the end of the bench sulking and waiting to get into the game and play for like what 5 minutes? even Malik Allen is getting more burn than Magloire and that’s saying alot you fuckhole. Second, you don’t go around talking to the media about how JMag’s got a chance competing for the starting center spot and then sit him down for 6 straight DNPs, that’s just bullshit, remember Marc Jackson? this is on a bigger scale, at least you didn’t half promise a starting role for that prick, but you did for Magloire, man up like a man that you are and stop hiding behind lollipops, at least give us a fucking reason why he isn’t starting; You bitch.

Obviously I would wanna blame the loss on Magloire not playing, but that’s not the case because if Mag’s playing, we would just end up losing uglier. All those crap about Jason Maxiell that’s just bullshit, even if it’s Michael Olowokandi, he could have had his way with this frontline all night, let alone Maxiell, I don’t like to give credit that’s why. Besides, when your starting 4 and 5 had a grand total of 4 rebounds the entire game? Wouldn’t it be better to say that Robert Swift is the best center in the world? I mean Jerome James would look like an MVP playing against this frontline, that’s how bad they were buillied last night, spare me those ferocious dunks from Maxiell or that spacing defense crap that Collins gives everynight, we need big bruisers and athletic bigs like Seano and Mag, not assholes like Malik Allen who just shoots jumpers to death, something like a black version of Brian Cardinal, ugly.

You think I’m being harsh? well obviously I saved all my anger from the Memphis game and typed them all out tonight, you would think that Magloire could at least get some garbage time minutes but NOOO… Lawrence Frank’s had other ideas my friend, he ain’t gonna give Mag no minutes, he’s gonna go small and let Detroit look like the best frontcourt on earth. Shit, I shouldn’t have watched the game, because even if I did, the whole memory recollection of the game was hearing myself saying FUCK each time Jason Collins shot the basketball or did something, whom I have no idea why but is onto some crazy revenge rage and is hell bent on scoring the basketball,  fuck you man, first you dont score for 13 games, you didnt even bothered attempting one, and suddenly you wanna be Desegana Diop getting dunks and touches round the basket? I can only note that Jason Collins was probably pumped up by the fact that his twin, Jarron appeared on the NBA Top 10 Countdown and he was hyped, shit that sounded crazy.

Okay then there’s Antoine Wright and Bostjan Nachbar; look, I know Toine that you’re a reborned player this season, your playing for a contract, you can shoot threes and make them now, but why spoil it at there? people are starting to respect your jumpshot, that’s your weapon show us some A&M stuff by going to the hole, stop jacking threes, by my count that’s 9 straight three pointers you missed? what you’re turning into Antoine Walker? drive to the hole, like please, score inside then outside, not the other way round, you want your contract, you gotta play like you earned that contract man. Same goes to Nachbar, I don’t care how good you can shoot, if you just keep hanging around the perimeter shooting threes, you’re in line to be the next Donyell Marshall, and at least Marshall’s had some strong seasons, you had none, somebody has to limit Nachbar to three 3s per game, just like the game yesterday so taht he doesn’t get to full of himself and starts going Stojakovic on us.

The last time I threw flak on RJ was???? A week ago, correction make it a minute ago, as you can see, everybody including myself is hyped about how RJ’s finally becoming a star that he is, but dude, I don’t know why, you just don’t have that takeover aura in you, yes no doubt you can score, but you gotta have that killer mentality, the brutality, go kill some chickens brutally, get that aura and start scaring your opponents, man no one is respecting yuo right now, look at Marcus Williams, he’s jeering at you and you don’t give no shit, the rumors bout your gay romance didn’t help too. Jason…16 assists well wasted, but the good thing is 35 baskets on 28 assists, that’s teamwork on a losing game, Vince, you just keep that up and people’s gonna call you from Papua New Guinea calling you a slut, and I’m not gonna yap around how delighted I am at Sean Williams’ performance because that’s the least I expect from him now, he’s the saviour of this team.

Can I add that this fucking game against the Pistons just sums up how fucked up Lawrence Frank actually is, just because the team again, struggled to score in the second and third quarter, he’s going to start Antoine again and put Vince on the bench with his Carribean reasoning of Vince can light up the 2nd quarter, which would also avoid those droughts, yo, over here, tell you what, If the team were to take better shots, shoot less jumpers, defend better there wouldn’t be a need to throw the highest paid player on the team to come off the bench, we don’t see Dallas playing Dirk Nowitzki off the bench, stick to you guns, or sweets, just because it didn’t work for one single fucking game, okay maybe a few, that doesn’t mean it’s not going to work in the next game, give it some continuity, your spoiling the synergy of the players, same goes to your fucked up player rotation, don’t be like Don Nelson, you don’t even have a big belly.

I just hate Detroit. and New York, my condolences to you Steph, I hope your dad’s death could smack some sense into you and turn you back into the player that you are er maybe seven years ago? at least no more 4 dimes and 4 assists.


(edit: I don’t hate Lawrence Frank, am just pissed, peace out =))

Regular Season Game 16: Escape from Monkey Island December 2, 2007

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The Nets almost did it in the game against the Grizzlies, and this time they completed it against the Sixers, who led by 15 points at the half but we somehow manage to miss that many clutch free throws to let them back into the game at the end but they didn’t, big wow as they finally win at HOME.

Philadelphia 76ers' Jason Smith, right, blocks a shot by New Jersey Nets' Sean Williams during the second quarter of NBA basketball Saturday night, Dec. 1, 2007 in East Rutherford, N.J.
Sean Williams getting a taste of his own medicine by an unlikely dud. in Jason Smith.       

I can say this is a season of firsts for me, this is the first time I’m happy to see Jason Collins coming up with a loose ball and even bowling someone over. The Sixers defense in the first half was just crazy, and the Nets responded to the defense by playing like Seattle, shooting jumpers early in the shotclock and not getting any penetration at all, the Sixers clamped down the paint and all the Nets coudld do was just chucking up threes and hope that they all fall. Even with the introduction of VC in the second quarter did nothing to help, they were just beyond horrendous in the first half.

With the big game against the Pistons tomorrow, how the Nets would play in this game is important, and their performance in the second half was the way they should be playing against the Pistons, the defense and the offense was the complete opposite of things, who knows what kind of weapon Lawrence Frank was aiming it at the team during halftime, maybe it’s Jason Collins’ toilet seat. wow, then we would have to thank Collins for that wouldn’t it?

The game totally changed in the second half when Jason Kidd started to turn on the engines and led the team in their fightback against the Sixers, and this game is saw Jason Kidd had his best shooting night in a long time 4 threes? did you say 4 threes?? it made Kyle Korver blush and LeBron James suddenly healthy again. Vince Carter in his sixth man role was excellent, and this is slowly turning into a very brilliant idea, RJ will try to the  get into his groove in the first while VC can provide the guns for the second unit, but still 51 million dollars to come off the bench??

PISTONS NEXT, let’s hope we hold them to a 10 point quarter again. oh did I mention Sean Williams had 4 blocks in this game?