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Buckle Up, Vince Carter is the Distributor September 30, 2007

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I’m sure everyone has already gotten the ill news of Marcus Williams falling to some evil invisible injury that’s gonna leave him sitting for three weeks, but on a more important note, who’s gonna step up for Marcus Williams? We’ve, well myself at least, have always worried that Marcus wouldn’t be good enough to play behind Jason Kidd, but what I didn’t thought about was who’s going to play behind Marcus. Bernard Robinson? ya, send me some ass.

What’ve the team’s got left is Robert Hite, and obviously Hite is a shooting guard in a dwarf’s body, so asking him to play point guard for 20 minutes would spell the team S-E-L-F D-E-S-T-R-U-C-T-I-O-N, but you can’t ask Jason Kidd to play 48 minutes a game, taht’s impossible. Hmm, What choices are we left with? Impossible to sign a PG to cover Marcus, since it’s just two weeks, and we have no roster space. (I was half thinking Jamal Tatum seriously.)

Welllll……, that can only leave us with one last choice. Yea, It had to be him, Vince Carter playing the point, we saw him do that to okay effect against the Cavaliers and with Robert Hite untested as a point guard. Vince Carter could very well see alot of minutes at the point, which also means we get to see more of Antoine Wright, oops.

And for those who have no idea what the hell happened to Marcus Williams, let’s have a small recap..

New Jersey Nets guard Marcus Williams has a fractured fifth metatarsal bone in his right foot and will undergo surgery, the team announced on Friday.

OCT 2nd. people.


Looks like There’s no Kirilenko and Cheese September 28, 2007

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FIVE FUCKING DAYS OF WAITING, I’ve waited for FIVE FUCKING DAYS for that damn trade to happen, but it didn’t happen, so I’d say we still have the 2nd best Big Three in the East, second to of course Bozton’s trio.

Yes the preview’s on the way, but before I’ll show you something why Boston will not win the East or the Atlantic.

That won’t happen when you’re showing videos of Ray Allen from 5 years ago dude. SHOCK ME!

Andrei is a bitch but I would love to have him on my team September 23, 2007

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Yes, Andrei Kirilenko is a whiny bitch who speaks Russian and hell knows what the heck is he talking in his language to himself everyday. But, one thing You, me, we, they, cannot deny is that Andrei Kirilenko is a special player, just watch Eurobasket and it will show you just how good he is and was.

Everyone knows about how “unhappy” he is at Utah, but if you don’t, here’s a peek

“Last year, we had a conversation with him,” Kirilenko said, “and [Utah coach Jerry] Sloan said, ‘Andrei, if you don’t like something about the way I conduct training you could always break the contract with the Jazz.’ So that’s exactly what I want to do now!”

Basically anyone with brains wouldn’t leave a 53 million dollar contract on the floor and just walk, but then again you never know about Andrei. Anyway, just that you know, now that the Andrei Kirilenko to Washington stuff died a few days ago, here comes some news that puts AK-47 (ammoless) in a straight up deal for the Nets’ very own Richard Jefferson.

You gotta feel bad for RJ, I mean he’s been involved in trade talks after trade talks and his reaction? donate 3.5 million dollars to U of A, now that’s class. The Nets were desperately terrible in their defense after topping the league in 2005, with Kirilenko we can return to that status with his defense and of course provide the team with a LEGIT shot blocking presence in case Sean Williams doesn’t show up.

RJ’s been here for a very long time, I mean he was one of the originals when I started supporting the team, so his presence together with Kidd and reluctantly Collins, gives me hope that the team could still scale the heights that they reach back in 2003. But now, come to think of it, If we are going to shake things up slowly, this is the deal to start off with.

Besides, it should be noted that RJ missed tons of playing time over the last couple of years so to me, so the trade for Andrei Kirilenko should leave those injury worries to another team, and by trading for AK, we ge a dude who can slide over and play some 4 if Larry wants to play small ball so it’s all good. Seriously, Kirileno maybe a headcase but man, he can play defense that’s for sure.

(edit: I’m lazy to upload pictures so you guys can check this out, http://realgm.com/src_checktrade.php?tradeid=4217225.)

Empty Title #2 September 23, 2007

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Just to get all of us hyped up for the coming season.

EMPTY TITLE (because I can’t think of one) September 22, 2007

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THIS BLOG OWNER IS OFFICIALLY BACK AT WORK, not that I’ve actually mentioned anything about a holiday BUT STILL GLAD TO BE BACK.

So, some Happy Birthdays to a couple of friends out there and so on, will be working on the season preview soon enough and some player projections. MISS YA JASON!

(final random picture for the month)



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It’s Official And I’m Starting this alright, so hop on the bandwagon. I know the roster is full with Malik Allen signed through the veteran’s minimum, but dude, 15 includes Mile Ilic and Ilic is a walking time bomb, who knows maybe he will explode in let’s say 5 seconds after you finishde reading this and has his booty sent back to Serbia (SORRY DARKO) Which means, there’s always space fo one more right? MAN, THERE’s always space for one more character like Rod Benson on the team.

ROD THORN PLEASE SIGN ROD BENSON, I’ll be sending you an open letter shortly.

I turn around and one of coaches says “Dont put me in the blog.”



Don’t You Just Love Youtube and Jalen Rose? September 9, 2007

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Vintage.. VInce Carter

You know what this video proves?? This just proves that Jalen Rose is a better presenter than Reggie Miller!!

I’m not Dead Yet September 8, 2007

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You know what? I feel like an NBA rookie right now, after your first season, ‘MOST’ rookies would feel like they’ve gotten thru their first hurdle so the off-season is a time to chill and relax, while veteran players would work their asses off to get better, rookies just don’t get that feeling yet.

I am a rookie (blogging wise), so after a long season that saw the Nets crash out in the second round of the playoffs, I’m chilling and relaxing compared to the other veterans (blogging wise) who continue on working and so on, in another sense, I’m just lazy.

Anyway, my last post, which was on the 25th of August, which featured Rodrique Benson on the Nets’ training camp roster. Now the team has Mateen Cleaves on board, well, in case you’ve forgotten poor old Mateen, here.

News surrounding Allan Houston’s comeback with us Nets evaporated just like how news regarding Jermaine O’Neal did so there won’t be anymore extra water around the CAA next season, nor will the team be labeled as OLD.

No, We didn’t get O’Neal, but we got somebody that is lesser known and certainly a better option than Jason Collins, Malik Allen ladies and gentlemen, hmm , let’s see, 6-10, 255, has a reputation for being tough and also of a good defender, which usually means he’s offensively challenged, has career average of 6 ppg and 3.3 rpg, and if you’ve forgotten how’d he look like,
Here you go.

The New Jersey Nets organization just need to give Darko Milicic a big FAT KISS, because Milicic did what he did going gangsta on television and earning Serbia a one year ban from international competition, which means Nenad Krstic does not need to represent his country at the Beijing Olympics and also get more time to work on his game this off season as well as the next. Thanks Darko.! Rape the ref’s daughter GO!