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Caron Butler or BUST January 31, 2007

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its January 31st, tommorrow the’s big day, we’re gonna know who’s in and who’s not, but before the coaches do, i’ll list out my probables, just for the sake of reaching there first

the West…
– its actually opening up this year because its not that crowded, i mean the west is still crowded with phenomenal forwards, but still its an open race

Steve Nash – the best player over the last three years had to be here or its a sin
Shawn Marion
Carmelo Anthony – 15 game suspension not gonna stop the fact that e is the leading scorer in the NBA
Josh Howard
Dirk Nowitzki – if he doesnt make its a tyranny…a conspiracy
Deron Williams – 9.1 assists?
Carlos Boozer – early season MVP candidate

on the fence : Amare Stoudemire, Tony Parker, Elton Brand

The East..

Caron Butler – 21 , 8, 4 speaks volumes
Vince Carter – after all those heroics and he’s not in,???
Chauncey Billups – someone from the Pistons had to make it
Dwight Howard – no brainer
Jason Kidd
Joe Johnson – repping the -0.500 teams
Al Jefferson – 14ppg 11rpg? im not sure about this

on the fence : Richard Hamilton, Rasheed Wallace, Luol Deng, Ben Gordon


VINSANITY is STILL HERE January 30, 2007

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Gilbert did it, so Vince Carter decides that he would do it too, after three straight one point losses and buzzer beaters, now its New Jersey Nets turn, and how ironic it is, first Agent Z3ro did it against the Jazz, now its the Vince his turn, and boy Vince looks good…

and i seriously have a problem with all the people around saying Vince Carter has regressed and no longer a star player…what the heck? last i check VC is shooting better than the 43% he shot last season, he’s averagin more assists and points, 1.9 threes against 1.1, just because the Nets aint winning and he got voted out of the all star team in two weeks doesnt mean he’s not a good player anymore, in my opinion, he has become a better passer and he’s almost unstoppable down the low block, the past two games just showed how good VC is, 40 and 33, welcome back Vince

10-15,3-4 from three, 10-13 FTs, 33 points 3 rebs, 3 assists, and the buzzer beater, PotD no doubt, Vince

“The basketball gods had to shine on us some time”-Vince Carter

– Eddie House seriously needs to review his game, either he shoots the Nets to a win or he shoots the Nets out of it
– Marcus Williams had 12 points and 6 assists in 16 minutes, Cliff? 2 points in 18, and he played zero D…
– i wonder why Josh Boone isnt gettingthe minutes he deserves

edit: KG came in close with a 44 point performance to snap the 17 game winning streak of the Suns, but it had to be Vince

19!!!19!!!19!!!19!!! January 29, 2007

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Renaldo Balkman had 12 points, 8 rebounds, 4 steals and 2 blocks in????

Sam Cassell had 21 points and 7 assists, including 5-5 from the 3 pt line in????

Dan played 19!
Daniel Gibson had 6 points 5 assists and fouled out in????

Damon Jones had 5 points and 2 threes in????

Deshawn Stevenson had 4 points and 5 assists in????


the Wizards won their second straight after holding off their bogey team the Celtics 105-91 to go 26-17

– Gilbert Arenas shot is troubling him consecutive 38% shooting performances, not good
– Antawn Jamison is falling in love with the outside shot, well if he’s making it, it’s good but if he aint, he’s gotta know what he did for a living, utilizing his soft touch and a knack to get offensive boards to score
– Caron Butler has some serious problems with his D, and that coukd affect his chase for an all-star reserve spot, in the last two, he has been massacred by Tayshaun Prince and Ryan Gomes down the block
– The Big Three combined for 78 points
– the fact that the Wiz won the last two games was down to the fact that jarvis Hayes played for only 8 minutes in both of them
– Roger Mason 0 points in 17 minutes? what is he doing there?
– Wiz won again in gold

the Nets have a big game tomoro at the Jazz as they conclude their 5 game roadtrip, a win would put them 2-3 and the way the Jazz are playing right now, win 1 lose 1, chances are good as the Nets are actually playing good basketball and losing narrowly in the first 3

King VS the Balk January 28, 2007

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yea, i know you guys have no idea what they are talking bout since there’s no audio whatsoever, but since i know lipreading, i’ll tell you what those two cats said

RB24 : yo, you wanna come in my house, alrite your house and score on me? take that sucka
Lebron : what the fuck? what? what? what? who the hell are you? are you just one of those fans masquerading as a player?
RB24 : you don’t know me??? i’m the no.20 draft pick for god’s sake
Lebron : err, sorry i only know who’s the no.1 draft pick
RB24 : what??? are you dissing me? oh im gonna put my hands on you, watch out, you saw what Nate can do..
Lebron : urhhs, get away from me, your hair is gross, ewwww, stinks

ref : pittt pitt pitttttt, enough! techs for you two
Lebron : what? who is that guy with the hair?
ref : he’s Renaldo Balkman
RB24 in the background : RECOGNIZE!!!
Lebron : huh? i have no ide..oh wait.. i think i saw him in this video

Lebron : he’s the batman?

inspiration from? January 28, 2007

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well we know about jason kidd kissing and touching his ass or whatever free throw routine that is, is something like saying hi and spreading goodwill towards his wife and kids


Jason’s new FT shooting routine will be called the kiss my ass Joumama routine


its Sunday loverboys and its awesome January 27, 2007

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all i had to do was knock vince carter out and i did!

of championship rings and MVPs January 27, 2007

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STEVEN NASH really is demanding isnt he
“There’s no rings for streaks, We’ve had a tendency to really take people lightly and not be as focused as we need to be, and I think you saw that again from us tonight.”
i would wonder how the Nets would give up 2 division titles for 2 15 win streaks this season

“It’s hard to feel real proud about it because we haven’t been playing as well as we can for much of the streak.”
so what happens if you guys start to play hard?


“We have to take one game at a time and take care of business, and we haven’t been doing that, We just have to step up and play. Everyone has to do their job and everybody has to want to be here and everybody has to want to play. I’m getting sick and tired of this. I’ve never been five games under .500 in my career. It’s embarrassing.”- Rashaun O’Neal

or maybe hes embarrasing himself? complacency from winning the championship is not good for someone that is fat but then again….

25-17 January 27, 2007

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wizards playing with gold unis again, oh no not Tom Tolbert….what happened to Sean Elliot?

1st quarter outlooks
cwebb solid shooter? well he is
brenda is soft!!!
cwebb 4 pts!!!
antawn nice layup
rippy scores
pistons up 9-5
tom tolbert talks too much, wiz usually win in gold unis!!
woah nice reverse layup by antawn
Deshawn Stevenson AND one!! and hits the FT 12-11
cwebb’s jumper is fugly
nice wiz defense for maybe their first 24 sec violation
the agent is 0-2
Kara Lawson is fat!
Caron got blocked?
17-15 Antawn 10 points
Agent scores!!! 17-17
long three missed by gilbert
yaya you wouldnt let those go i know Tom, you’re just being ironice
whats with the repeated heat checks?
Pistons dancers are trying to seduce Hayes WTF?
sheed hits!! antawn cant guard sheed!! how bout hayes..
antawn strong start!!

2nd quarter
foo! jamison what a shot! 16 for antawn
etan thomas = noob hands
hayes stole the ball! !@#@#&*^& wow
omg jarvis BIG BRICK
mcdyess travels give him a tech u cant whine remember???
lindsey cant guard agent z3ro, sweet jumper 37-29, arenas has 6
hayes hits, miracle
black presidents steeals and asisted somebody!
Etan Thomas showing the hair!!! 2 points
38-35 5.49 left and Tom Tolbert is still talking

McDyess has 9!
Tom Tolbert has to stop repeating that he talked to Gilbert before the game, we know!!!
Tayshawn Prince long two..AND ONE!
Caron has zero points?
Pistons +14 at the boards? the heck?
for a chance to win tickets to the nba finals blablblabla
ANTAWN!! 18!! 47-43
Billups is a guy who deosnt look for his own shot? who r u kidding tom?
5 secs left..agent z3ro buzzer beater??
GILBERT ARENAS IS GOD!! deep pullup for the buzzer beater!! the world through Gilbert’s eye indeed
whats with the happy birthday tune on the backdrop
Kara Lawson fat?
48-46 halftime score…

-Caron has zero points and are taking bad shots
– Tom Tolbert is noisy
– i can’t wait to see Mash’s twinkling eyes
– Mash rocks

3rd quarter
BIG 3 looks more like BIG 2, nice!
whats the guy doing???
puh, its the baldie halftime show.. Tom Tolbert?
Stevenson GRIT!!!
Antwan cant check Sheed!!!
aiyte Rip is good
Deshawn Stevenson airballes and hits
Brenda is soft!! hits both FTs
Wiz first lead since i dunno when, 53-52
Gilbert!!!! hits
Mark Jones talks alot of crap as well maybe influenced by Tom Tolbert
Sheed is bullying Antawn!!
chauncey 0-4!!
Arenas 2 in a row!! 17 pts
what in the name of marcus hayes? what in the name of jarvis hayes is mark jones talking bout??
Agent misses a layup Antawn hits a 3
Swin Cash HOT!
JAMISON 2 in a row!! 23! 5 point largest lead of da game
who is c-webb trying to fool with that kind of fake

i gtg for a toilet break i wun cover the last 2.21 have fun!

4th quarter
ouh Wiz leading by 8!
shoot it Gil, y pass, bad TO
JIM CLARK says Washington basketball, *to a chorus of boos*
9 point lead!!
u made me laugh Carlos, i wonder wheres Flip Murray
Agent is playing rough,
Carlos Delfino……
arenas 19 8-23
Gilbert sweet pass,bad shot, Antawn offensive board AND ONE!
Billups the trey got it 81-77 oh no it’s getting close
are they underestimating Caron? just becos he cant score doesnt mean he cant defend, Tayshaun will never beat him one on one stop posting him up
again Tayshaun, alrite nice pass to sheed for 3
ARENAS!! woohoo off balance three
again n again posting him up, but Billups hit the three, this is not good
NOBODY can stop Gilbert Arenas, i love the three spins on the waist
nice jumphook by Tayshaun on the post up again
washington lead down to 1, 90-89
Eddie Jordan looks baffled
Tom Tolbert should stop yapping about how effective Tayshaun is
92-92 BIG BLOCK BY c-webb
RIP SCORES 94-92 this is not happening!!
hohohoho! Antawn jamison the dagger!!
95-94, 35 secs left
CARON BIG play goes to the line for 2
97-96 tense!!
10 secs left..shot isssss offffff
Wiz ice it ihope Caron shoots 2
99-96 5 secs left, if only they had the Agent
off the board nad miss, WIZ WIN!!!

errr, that means Eddie Jordan is going to be the All-Star team coach? Who is gonna play at PF? Wade?
– Gilbert shot 38% again
– Jamison had 36
– keys to victory – Jarvis Hayes played only 8 minutes
– Gilbert has hit 13 buzzer beaters!!

Wizards WIN 99-96
i’m 1-1