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New Jersey Nets Game 40 Review January 17, 2009

Posted by netsophobia in Jerryd Bayless, Portland TrailBlazers, Recap, youtube.

For three quarters the Nets looked like a team capable of doing alot of things but in the last 5 minutes of the fourth, the Nets’ just looked overwhelmed, fatigued, and generally incapable of stopping anything that the Blazers were throwing at them. Not Jerryd Bayless, Not Travis Outlaw, they were not able to stop abyone from scoring in the last few minutes.

The team shot tremendously the entire game but somehow we just didn’t made them when it mattered most, Vince was probably still recovering from the shock of witnessing a plane crash, everyone played an almost perfect game, it seemed impossible for us to lose in the third because we were playing that well, we were neck and neck with the Blazers.

It also looked easier when Steve Blake wasn’t playing, which meant that they would be short at the PG position, but then again, it’s just like the Nets, which Brandon Roy, a great passer who is capable of playing PG, it allowed Jerryd Bayless, an undersized scoring guard to come in and play the SG, and it was his introduction to the game that turned it around for them. 23 points and 11-11 FTs? Unfathomable.

This team just needs a really strong perimeter defender that is fast enough and can hold guys on the other team from scoring, we’ve seen it in so many previous games, and today it’s the same thing all over again, a 6-7 wing scoring all over us, this time it was Travis Outlaw. We have guys who are average defenders, but they’re just not good enough, Trenton Hassell was once a decent defender, but now he rarely gets on the floor, and when he does, he’s not able to do anything.

The much hyped out battle between the two rookie centers was, well just hype. Brook Lopez again consistent with his performance, coming up with 17 points, 6 rebounds and the daily 2 blocks, Ryan Anderson had his second consecutive game in double figures, but he hadn’t boxed anyone out for the entire game, 2 rebounds from the PF spot is Ruffin-ish.

Eventhough it’s a tough loss, it was still a decent performance from the team, 19-21 is not too bad at the moment, I just hope that this mini run of losses would give the team more character and somehow strengthen their resolve to start winning on the road again.



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