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Rod-reek Benson > Mikki Moore and long overdued thoughts August 25, 2007

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Yup, He’s the guy who made that video awhile back, he’s the guy who scolded Mateen Cleaves and regretted it. He’s the real king of the basketblogosphere, and he’s invited to be in the Nets’ training camp, He’s Rodrique Benson and he’s > than Mikki Moore.

I believe having the best blogger in town gives the team :
a) a discreet team personality
b) a different and more fun loving locker room i suppose
c) more scoops

It’s only going to get better when you get stuffs like this coming out from him

Actually the biggest connection of all… I have a relative on the team. A cousin. Second cousins I believe, but I don’t exactly have a family tree handy to figure it out. I know this may seem a bit shocking, but it’s true. I am related to Jason Kidd. It has never been publicized for a variety of reasons, but If I was to get signed by some chance, it would be tight to play with someone of the same blood line. The problem with this is that I’m pretty sure he has no idea of our relation. It will be truly funny how this all comes about. Do I walk up to him and be like “Yo, oh sweet you’re at camp too? That’s tight man. By the way, you’re my cousin. So, what’s for lunch?”It’s only going to get better when you get stuffs like this coming out from him

-In other news, the Jermaine O’Neal trade over the Jersey IS OFFICIALLY DEAD, and RJ can rest easy by donating another 3.6 mil to his alma matter, and so can Vince.– James Posey is not generous enough of a man to drop his head and sign for that paltry LLE of ours, come on.

– Team USA just shredded Virgin Islands off their virginity with Kobe Bryant sitting on the bench? and that LBJ behind the back pass to Kobe in the Venezuela game was sick.

– My birthday just passed like nothing happened.
Cheers, on hiatus again.


Lazy Post on the Preseason Schedule August 16, 2007

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7:30 PM

@ Philadelphia


7:00 PM

@ Charlotte


7:30 PM



7:30 PM

@ Boston
(DCU Centre –
Worcester, MA)


7:30 PM



7:30 PM



7:30 PM

@ New York

So We get to play Boston twice? Good? Yes, New York twice? Good? abit..Philadelphia twice? What the Fuck? who are they kidding? Looking forward to see how Boston fucks up, and how the Twin Calorie Tower holds up, and the youngish movement in Phila. Not to mention the Gerald Wallace – Jason Richardson dunkathon.

On Top of The Premiership for the First Time in a decade. August 13, 2007

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That’s right suckers, Toonie’s leading the league for the first time in very long time, and how clinically did we finish off Bolton? I mean man, game was over before the second half even started. Oba Martins scored what would b to me the Goal of the Month, or at least the first week, N’Zogbia is back killing poeple in set pieces, the back four looks solid and everything’s good right now.

not photoshopped!

Sick Goal by Martins, sorry for the quality tho.

Other Observations
– Michael Chopra an old boy scoring his first goal for Sunderland, who has sucky beer and sits below our ass.
– Jens Lehmann sealed his mark in blunderin folklore with that superb pass of him, sights of Fabien Barthez

classic stuff, courtesy of the Arsenalist

– Marcus Hahnemann Is out of this world, and Nani looks like a 16 year old forced to play amongst men
– Chelsea sucks and they should have drew, Derby County will go down.
– Manchester City looks utter delicious, especially the new guy Rolando Bianchi

Nenad Krstic, Marcus Williams, Richard Jefferson < Jermaine O’Neal? PART TWO August 11, 2007

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In Part One, I discussed about the possible team lineups and so on with Jermaine O’Neal in the team. How would I say this, but by actually trading for O’Neal, I actually believe that the team is taking a step backwards rather than the opposite, all the moves we’ve done now are to enforce our interior and by trading for O’Neal, it contradicts with all of the moves.

Like I said before, O’Neal is a man who loves his jumper, his calling is his 18 footer which he could knock down most of the time, but read this, in his 11 year career, he has never shot over 50% not even once (his best was a 0.486 for Portland), and for a 6-11 big man that’s not saying much. I’m not hitting on O’Neal, he’s good but is he really that good? I mean trade talks for O’Neal fell dead the day they wanted Marcus Williams on the deal, but now it’s back up rolling just because the Celtics got Garnett and Nets’ fans wanted the team to move along the same direction of the Celts, which is Get O’Neal.

Comparison Between Jermaine O’Neal and Nenad Krstic
Nenad Krstic, 7-0 (2.13m), 260lbs (117kgs)
16.8 ppg
6.8 rpg (2.o orpg, 4.8 drpg)
Percentages : 52% FG, 71% FTs
Effective FG%: 52%
1.8 apg, 0.4 spg, 0.9bpg
Player PER: 15.8

Jermaine O’Neal, 6-11 (2.10m), 260lbs (117kgs)
35.6 mpg
19.4 ppg 
9.6 rpg (2.2 orpg, 7.4 drpg)
Percentages: 43.6% FGs, 74% FTs
Effective FG%: 43%
2.4 apg, 0.7 spg, 2.6 BPG
Player PER: 21.8

(Note: Krstic played only 26 games last season, so I would suggest that a handicap be given to him as to subject fairness in this comparison thing, but then again, you would wanna bash me for saying Nenad Krstic > Jermain O’Neal….soon.)

Comparing Mechs and Nets #1 August 11, 2007

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Mech Chosen: ARX-7 Arbalest

Net Chosen: Vince Carter
Let’s start off with the Arbalest, it’s from the anime Full Metal Panic, has tons of potential and ability, it is the best mech in the show, a could fight five fully equiped Venoms (equaivalent to the Arbalest, but evil) and so on and on. Vince Carter, a seven time All-Star, a man who could take over any game any time anywhere, if he has the correct mindset. A complete player I must say.

Comparison: ARX-7 Arbalest: The Arbalest has a very powerful tool, weapon on it. It’s called the False Axis Repulsive Field Generator System a.k.a Lambda Driver, it can relay the thoughts on the pilot’s mind, for example: I’m facing Jason Collins and I wanted to shove him into his toilet seat, the Driver would automatically relay my thoughts and create energy to perform that task, okay, in a way easier to understand, for example someone shoots me with a missile, and I have no way to run away from it, but all I want is to prevent the missile from hitting me, then the Driver would create a force filed taht would protect the Arbalest from the threat. Here’s the catch tho, although useful, the Lambda Driver malfunctions 60% of the time.

Comparison: Vince Carter: Carter’s biggest weapon on the offensive end is slashing owards the hole, a trait that he could perform which such ease it makes climbing Everest look easy, his abiility to drive and dish are also top notch. But then again, his biggest flaw? he doesn’t look to drive to the hole 60% of the time, instead he’s content with off balance jumpers and three pointers from 35 feet. It’s like a man who owns a Ferrari but decided not to drive the car over 60 mph.

Conclusion: The Arbalest although inconsistent, managed to wok things out in the end and saved the day, like all mechs do in the end, As for Carter, WE, as in me, you, they, who, she, it, would never know whether Carter would continue to spike us with consistent numbers and not important plays.

Overall Likeliness: 8/10, The traits are just too similar, except for the fact that the ARX-7 poved to be useful in the end..

Mike Bacsik, Enjoy your place in History August 8, 2007

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Open Letter To Mike

Hey Mike,

I’m terribly sorry for you, I mean I do feel sorry for you, but hey, look at the positive side of things, at least you were almost famous right? I mean you’ve got your place in history now, and you have a well earn title to go with your place, your’re the “WHERK” aka Whacked by the Home Run King, and you’re a courageous guy, I have to admit this but I really do admire your guts, and yet I feel sorry for you, 5th inning, 2-2 with a Double already, why didn’t you just walk him and let someone else do the honors? But no, you’d thought Bonds wasn’t gonna slam your ball out to abyss or anywhere and you challenged him with a lame fastball. You were just so brave…I believe and hope that you could get a medal for your actions, you’re a HERO! at least to somebody.

As a parting present I present you this


Nenad Krstic, Marcus Williams, Richard Jefferson < Jermaine O’Neal? PART ONE August 8, 2007

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For anyone that still thinks that the Jason Collins, Nenad Krstic, Richard Jefferson deal could still be done, sit back on your toilet seat please, I think that I’ve said before that the deal doesn’t work because the salaries don’t match.

So, it’s time to think of a new deal heh? after seeing how Boston seemingly grabbed Kevin garnett by throwing their entire squad at Minnesota, I’ve figured if we were to get O Neal, we might as well do the same. Nenad Krstic, RJ, Marcus, everyone, just throw them all in and get O Neal, ya screw the team up, let’s go berserk and built the team around an oft-injured 28 year old PF whose forte is hitting 17 footers, and pretty much shoot 40-47% for the season.

Jermaine O’Neal, is NOT, WILL NOT, WILL NEVER EVER, make the team better, I am serious about this, for the last two seasons, he’s either busy geting himself suspended or injured, that’s a guy you want to man your low post? shoot me. He isn’t going to get younger or better, Presumably we’re going to get the fat side of Jamaal Tinsley shifted over here to New Jersey, which means, we’re getting a gun toting PG and a PF who shoots jumpers, ah but we get to get rid of Jason Collins. =.=
Nets Rotation with Jermaine O’Neal
C – Jamaal Magloire,
PF – Sean Williams, Josh Boone, Jermaine O’Neal
SF – Bostjan Nachbar, Bernard Robinson
SG – Vince Carter, Antoine Wright,
PG – Jason Kidd, Robert Hite, Jamaal Tinsley

Nets Rotation Without Jermaine O’Neal
C – Jamaal Magloire, Jason Collins
PF – Nenad Krstic, Sean Williams, Josh Boone
SF – Richard Jefferson, Bostjan Nachbar, Bernard Robinson
SG – Vince Carter, Antoine Wright
PG – Jason Kidd, Marcus Williams, Robert Hite

So… Err… seriously, does this team look better with Jermaine O’Neal? I mean first of all I wouldn’t want Bernard Robinson to back up anyone, and Tinsley as a back up point? he’s way too inconsistent and his shooting percentage is worse than Michael Ruffin’s. We’ll have nobody to backup Magloire and don’t talk about Josh Boone doing that because he can’t. For me I seriously believe that this team would actually turn worse if we make the trade, worse as in WORST.

To be continued….
(edit: yup, a blog owner who types are counted as editors as well, and I’m lazy so I’m doing this in parts.)

Reason No. 127234787846837423489375340 Why Jason Collins Should Not Be Starting August 6, 2007

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Yup, There you have it, 1-12 from 8 feet of the basket, and 43% within 3 feet of the hole, I have no idea how to describe this. Anyway, I stole this idea from Bullets Forever, have a nice day.