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Hey This Nightmare Could Happen May 31, 2007

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You know all this bullshit about Kobe Bryant getting traded, or he demanded a trade, wanted Jerry West hired or whatever, just proves that even the NBA Playoffs are losing it’s edge, i mean it’s the Finals and no one is giving a damn how good Daniel Gibson is doing (okay, maybe some did), or how the Jazz struggled playing against the Spurs. Instead all the buzz is around a guy who is generating buzz because he’s demanding a trade.

For me, i hope Kobe rots in L.A, like rot in L.A, damned forever, never to ever win another championship ever, staying with a team which is going to be mediocre forever until the end of his career, of course he still has that three rings, but that’s about it, individual accolades are all he can hope for.

Anyway, Lang Whitaker from SLAM has this interesting article on how Kobe Bryant could be on every single team in the NBA depending on the deals made,

NEW JERSEY NETS: If LA wants a marquee name, they go get Vince plus Richard Jefferson. Not sure how well the Triangle works when the shooting guard refuses to drive to the basket. The Nets could team Kobe, Kidd and Krstic. Terrified to think of what nickname the New York Post would give those three.

By doing that deal, i would probably sulk in front of my computer everyday, and think of how tormenting it is blogging about my favorite basketball team and in it their star is one of the players i loathe the most.

Lang Whitaker again, came up with another trade idea,

Kidd goes to L.A., and Bynum goes to Jersey. Soon. The Bynum Brigade might need to establish an East Rutherford chapter.

(And while we’re at it, I hear Vince is going to be heading to Orlando.)

Could this all be wrong? Of course. Maybe I’m getting played like the rest of the media was. But I don’t think it’s wrong. If I’m right I’ll remind you about it often. If I’m wrong, I’ll delete this post.

So Kobe gets Kidd, Orlando gets Vince, and the Nets get Andrew Bynum and a reduced payroll while they prep for their move to Brooklyn.

Just throwing this rumor out there. Discuss…


Youtube Throwback: Kenny Anderson May 30, 2007

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If only Derrick Coleman weren’t that lazy, IF!!! ladies and gentlemen, and Ed O’Bannon? lol..and Drazen Petrovic? i miss you here!

Youtube Throwback: Kenyon Martin May 29, 2007

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I’ll have to resort to posting videos like this for a couple of days, firstly, it’s because i’ve just passed my exams with okay colours, and secondly just imagine how good this team right now, would be if K-Mart is still here with the team, man, Cavs? we could be playing the Pistons right now and winning, but alas, it’s all in our minds only, i’ll just have to keep imagining, enjoy the video, and mroe serious posts in maybe 2 days.

LeBron James – Baron Davis Encore May 29, 2007

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Words are not neccesary, just behold the plays

Monday Morning Link Dump May 28, 2007

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There’s alot of things going on this few days, so to fill off my off season without any action, i’ll start posting some personal stuff and also some other boat-crap, but for now, let’s get your mouse’s’ ready to CLICK.

-NY Post reports that Knicks are willing to get their hands on Vince Carter through a sign and trade deal, which also means Stephon can cry on Carter’s forearm, and have him on his show! the more the merrier isn’t it? and then there’s Steve Francis going bowling with VC, this is fun.(abit old though)

-A Brooklyn beer brewer is Big on the team, and he sees the team moving over to Brooklyn as nothing but GOOD.

-Vince Carter, Nenad Krstic, Jason Collins, Mikki Moore, Lawrence Frank, Tim Capstraw and Marcus Williams will hold their annual camps at various locations, let’s do a breakdown
Vince Carter – teaching kids to er, choke themselves?(yes, i’m still bitter)
Nenad Krstic – language barrier anyone?
Mikki Moore – groaning and scowling at opponents?
Marcus Williams – SULK?
Tim Capstraw – interesting to see how he works with kids
Lawrence Frank – DUH~
Jason Collins – showing them the Sucko-meter, that’s what
(and if bad isn’t your calling card? Jason Collins has two sessions!WTF?)

Jason Kidd returning to Team USA, and he isn’t the only one. Besides he would get the chance to see how playing with Greg Oden actually makes you feel older, as in 35 going on 100?
I’m not big on Kidd joining the national squad as you can see how Elton Brand and gang was only able to shrug off their rustiness late in the season, and Kidd isn’t exactly 15 years old, so you know.

-Having trouble deciding whether Vince Carter should stay or go? having problems because your’re engulfed by both sides? jus like me i would add, well here’s you antidote, It’s Kelly Dwyer VS Chris Mannix

Stephon Marbury Encore

Hooplah’s Nets’ Plays of the Season #5 May 27, 2007

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Player: Jason Kidd, Richard Jefferson
Against: Cleveland Cavaliers
Difficulty: 4/5, grabbing the basketball between 2-3 big guys dribbling out and passing a no look to RJ for the flush.

Rebuild or Hold Out? May 26, 2007

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I don’t call this season a dissapointment, because from what i’ve seen, i’d rather say that last season was a fluke, the 49 wins from last season, total fluke. Which in turn, gave the team, the fans, everyone including myself, false hope that coming into this season, this team could actually contend for a championsip, which is totally not the case.

So, do we scrap the team and rebuild all over again, or we keep the team for another year and see what happens? If someone asked me this question two months before, I would probably say that resigning VC in the off-season is the number one priority for the team, but my mind totally swayed somewhere during the Conference Semis, when he choked the team out of it’s breath, so if you ask me now, i would probably say trade the damn fucker.

Look, John Stockton was still going strong and leading a team deep into the playoffs until what? 40? Jason Kidd has a chance to do the same thing with this team, with or without VC, but for Kidd to get that elusive ring, Carter has to go, definitely.

Let’s just say the team gambles on a rebuilding effort, throw Vince Carter out of the drain, we still have Richard Jefferson on two crooked knees right? and Kidd, Krstic, we’ll just have to figure out how to fill up that 2 guard spot, but VC is definitely not our man, and by letting VC walk, it’s not really a rebuilding effort, letting Kmart go was definitely a bigger blow than this could possibly be.

Hooplah’s Nets’ Plays of the Season #4 May 26, 2007

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Player: Vince Carter
Play: Buzzer Beating 35 footer bomb
Against: Utah Jazz
Difficulty 4/5, you need to beat the buzzer and hit the shot way far beyong the arc.