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Regular Season Game One: New Jersey Nets – Chicago Bulls Open Thread October 31, 2007

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This is it, three months and this is finally IT, there’s no no.24 on the Bulls roster, okay maybe there is, but that 24 isnt the 24 everyone’s wanting to see. But still the Bulls are one of the main contenders in the East, that’s why it’s a tough tough tough opening game for our boys at the IZOD. 

Can I say that the Bulls have abit in common with the Nets? as in a team that does not have any inside presence? yes we can have all the Jamaal Magloires (Nets) and Joe Smiths (Bulls) in the world but surely adding two guys like that won’t make your frontcourt intimidating all of a sudden. But the comparisons doesn’t end there, we have the same big three core as they do, they have Gordon, Hinrich and Deng, and we have Carter, Kidd, RJ, same positions same big three. You’re going to argue that they have Andres Nocioni, but hey we have Bostjan Nachbar same height, both can shoot and rebound abit. Thabo Sehfolosha the defensive specialist? we have that in Antoine Wright. and the fucking list goes on and on and on right down to the point that boths teams have youthful looking white coaches.

Why am I putting that in perspective? well, that’s because of all that, it’s just going to mean that the game tonight would not be a pretty one, yes, the Nets are going to play in their brand new motion offense, but last I remembered the Bulls are quite a defensive team as well, so it’s gonna be a long struggle, but it would be nice to see who gets the first stone dropped on the starting center “war” we have here. My bet is on Collins because the Bulls have another equally outstanding center at their expense on the offensive end, hehe.

1. who is going to start at center?
2. Are we going to see that stagnant offense that marred the team so much last season?
3. Do we care about defense?
4. What can we expect from the new boys?
5. What can we expect from a just recovered Jason Kidd?

no projections because I’d need to see how things go to make my predictions sound pro-ish.


CHECK NU LINKZ #6 October 31, 2007

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Golden St. Warriors
Golden State of Mind

Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Lakers
Forum Blue & Gold

With Malice

Phoenix Suns
Bright Side of the Sun

Sacramento Kings
Sactown Royalty

CelticsBlog NBA Page

Finally They’re gone October 30, 2007

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Mile Ilic’s overdued stayed here with the Nets is finally over, hurrah for the Jenkins and the Hites; oh yeah so is Bernard Robinson’s stay, way to get traded when you injured huh.  add in some cash and Rod Thorn oved the over for David Wesley, who started his career with the Nets, from the New Orleans Hornets.

I’d say Hornets they need an inside presence like Ilic’s, he’s tall, he can block shots, make some hook shots, bah, just kidding, he’s probably gonna get waived or a buyout or sorts. Bernard Robinson could be quite a player if he could recover from his injuries he could be the defensive stopper Bernie Bickerstaff envisioned him to be when he was at Charlotte. So good luck to the both of you and hello David Wesley.

With that trade that leaves the roster set with 15 players, and with David Wesley likely retiring or maybe have his contract bought out, which means we still have one more space on the roster (that’s assuming Wesley leaves), Jared Jordan or resigning Robert Hite anyone?

Edit: Oh, btw, One thing I really respect about Wesley is how he wears Bobby Phills pants under his own (which means he’s wearing two shorts) in every game he plays, what a way to pay respect to a player who was one of my favourite players in NBA Live 2K, although he’s one of the reasons Phills is dead right now.


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First of all, I never noticed the sudden inflx of JC mixtapes around youtube, because if you looked back at previous posts since February, I’ve been using the same youtube video of JC whenever I need him to be humiliated or something, but this sudden incursion of videos had me going, and man, this is good, let’s start the countdown.


The first ever Collins video, that’s why it’s here.

Title: Jason Collins NJ NETS Warrior
Description: Nets Warrior who does the little things for the past 6 years and puts his body on the line…for us fans…

It’s a long video, no highlights but just ictures of Collins doinghis thing (I wonder what thing)

Title: Jason Collins better than Eddy Curry
Description: Jason Collins laughs at Eddy Curry

Jason Collins laughing at Eddy Curry for doing what he does best.

Title: Jason Collins Mix
Description: Jason Collins Mix

Even Jerome James had his own mix, why can’t Twin have his? well, he’s got one now.

Title: Hack a Collins
Description: Jason Collins gets fouled like shaq but makes his freethrows atleast!
The Mother of all Collins videos, you hav to watch to believe. THIS IS THE SHIT, certified by Hooplah.. Nation. GOLD PLATED STUFF.

Deathmatch: Jamaal Magloire / Jason Collins October 29, 2007

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Round ONE
Making the case for Magloire
He gives us a dimension that’s a little bit different, He’s a rugged old-school center who can get your team into the penalty early and have a physical presence around the basket.
– Lawrence Frank

I realize that the only way you get better is putting in the work, There are always things you could be doing to get better.
– Jamaal Magloire

That’s sounds like effort?
Which surely means he’s going to shoot better than 2-10 right right??

Making the case for Collins
“Twin’s earned the right to have the job,” Frank said. “If someone wants the job, like Jamaal or Josh Boone or Sean Williams, they have to take it from Twin. But Twin is coming to camp prepared; he’s got a great basketball IQ, he’s worked extremely hard.”

Hmm. okay… but Magloire’s working really hard, what does this mean?

Everybody on each individual team has a role to play. For this team to be successful, I know what my role is. And we’ve had some suc cess here.
– Jason Collins

He basically meant my role is the starting center spot.

Round TWO
Love for each other

“We have great depth this year. There are a lot of guys who are capable of doing a lot of things, Malik shooting, Jamaal down on the low block, Sean or J.B. using their athleti cism. It’s important for all of us to continue to push each other to get better because it’s only going to make the team better.”
– Jason Collins

“I think we’re dangerous because we have balance, We have [Nenad] Krstic and myself that can score and you have the two wings [Vince Carter and Richard Jefferson] and Kidd. I think we’re as good as any other team out there.”
– Jamaal Magloire

Oops, don’t think Jam mentioned Collins anywhere here, but scoring isn’t something that Twin has heard of. He actually implmented his desired starting lineup here, Nenad, Jam, Kidd, VC, RJ.

Bring on the stats

Jamaal Magloire
Best Season: 13.6 ppg, 10.3 rpg, 1 apg, 1.2 bpg, 47.3 FG%, 47% eFG%, 75.1 FT% (WTF?), All-Star
Previous Season: 6.5 ppg, 6.1 rpg, 0.4 apg, 0.8 bpg, 50.5 FG%, 50.5 eFG%, 54 FT%
Career Stat: 9 ppg, 7.1 rpg, 0.7 apg, 1.1 bpg, 48.2 FG%, 66 FT%

Jason Collins
Best Season: 6.4 ppg, 6.1 rpg, 1.1 apg, 0.9 bpg, 41 FG%, 65 FT%
Previous Season: 2.1 ppg, 4 rpg, 0.6 apg, 0.5 bpg, 36 FG%, 46 FT%
Career Stat: 4,2 ppg, 4.7 rpg, 1.2 apg, 0.6 bpg, 41 FG%, 66 FT%

Let’s summarize things up, Jamaal Magloire’s worst season 2006-2007 season, was Collins’ best season, while Collins worst season was Olive Miller’s worst season. Both had their worst stats produced last season, but obviously Jam won this one by a clear margin.

Round FOUR
Bring on the videos

Jason Collin’s dunk

Jamaal Magloire’s 180 blind dunk


I’m Sorry Robert, I didn’t expect this too October 29, 2007

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Man, I could have swore on my balls that Robert Hite was going to be on the roster come game day against the Bulls, but apparently Thornski’s Serbian connexion is still going on strong; by refusing to waive Mile Ilic eventhough he’s a joke and the team’s frontcourt are as stacked as those trains in India.

But come to think of it, I kinda have the feeling that Hite bought this onto himself, with that game against the Sixers where he shot 0-10, and had 4 TOs, that may just be the game the Nets needed to waive him, but Hite’s a good player and it is our loss for not being able to keep him, he could have brought so much in terms of offensive production, something like a much more athletic Eddie House. Ah, this is just so like Hassan Adams all over again.

excerpt from Nets Daily blog
August 2007 – Signed Robert Hite to a partially guaranteed contract. (C)
Hite looked more like an NBA two guard than Adams in the summer league and he only cost the team $25,000. When Marcus Williams went down with a broken foot, Hite’s fate was sealed. The Nets needed to find a third string PG desperately. He gets waived by the Nets the day after Adams is waived by the Cavs.

So now the roster’s set at 15 players, with 7 frontcourt players which I shall categorize them in;
Can’t Shoot FTs: Jamaal Magloire, Jason Collins
Athletic: Sean Williams, Josh Boone
Shooting Bigs: Malik Allen, Nenad Krstic

8 Backcourt players which includes Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, Richard Jefferson. They’re followed by reserves (key reserves) Bostjan Nachbar, Antoine Wright, Marcus Williams, Darrell Armstrong and Bernard “I cannot be waive because you guys owe me money” Robinson. We basically know who’s going to be on the IL for most of the season, sy Ilic and Robinson, but who’s the other one?

CHECK NU LINKZ #5 October 27, 2007

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Washington Wizards
Bullets Forever 
Orlando Magic
Believing in

Third Quarter

Miami Heat
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Crazy from

the Heat
Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks

Charlotte Bobcats
Bobcat Bonfire

CelticsBlog NBA Page

Pre Season Game 7: FNALLY WE END WITH THE KNICKS October 27, 2007

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Antoine Wright and Nenad Krstic are both in contract season so I expect big things from them this season, but what’s that gotta do with this game preview against the Knicks? why, because the Knicks are a piece of joke that’s why there’s nothing better to say when we play against them except for Eddy Curry and Z-Bo enjoys donuts, and we get to see Jason Kidd in action for the first time this season.

Rod Thorn wants flexibility at the end of next season, but wait, what about this season? you have to waive another dude man, wuld it be Mile Ilic? or Bernard Robinson? or hopefully not Robert Hite; If Antoine Wright leaves at the end of this season, I’d be very dissapointed, A&W’s my man for two years, and although he’s abit blah at times, I love him, but if he doesn’t deserve the new contract I want him to have, then I wish him luck somewhere else. The Krstic situation is a no brainer, they have to pickup his contract option or it’s franchise suicide.

Hey, why are we talking bout next season when we have a pre season game in our hands against the Knicks? Well because no one cares bout the Knicks? hope to see Vince blocking more of David Lee’s shots tonight. Cheers, Charles Barkley likes us, even though the entire world don’t.