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Is Carter to Cleveland possible? January 19, 2009

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Two straight blow out losses to the Celtics means? I don’t know what that means but apparently it meant something to the big players on the Nets. I mean Nets Daily has this news about Carter going to the Cavs in exchange for Wally Sczerbiak and his expiring contract, a check on the trade possibilities on the REAL GM TRADE CHECKER shows that it is possible for us to move Carter to Cleveland.

It would be a straight on swap, Cavs get Carter a strong shooting guard, who is still in his prime although slowly fading, but still delivering, and Nets get Sczerbiak and also gets rid of Carter and his big contract for one that is expiring this season, strengthening the push for a big 2010.

But the thing is, Is this even worth it? yes we know we lost two games by a combined total of 53 points, but so what? What did you actually expect from us? The Raptors have had higher expectations than us and now they’re rock bottom in the Atlantic? What gives?

Aren’t we giving out judgement way too fast? I know the trade deadline is like a month away from now, but come on, after a start that was against all odds, you’re going to dismantle a team that gave us that much promise based on two games? Two freaking games against the defending assholes? This is just crazy, and it shows a lack of faith on the team, stop thinking about 2010, Carter’s contract expires on 2011, so by 2010, we would still have enough cap space to sign either You Know Who, or You Know What. What are they even trying? to sign the entire free agent class?

Cleveland Trade Breakdown

Change in Team Outlook: +14.9 ppg, +2.1 rpg, and +3.8 apg.

Incoming Players
Vince Carter
6-6 SG / SF from North Carolina
21.5 ppg, 4.9 rpg, 4.7 apg in 36.7 minutes
Outgoing Players
Wally Szczerbiak
6-7 SF / SG from Miami-OH
6.6 ppg, 2.8 rpg, 0.9 apg in 19.6 minutes
New Jersey Trade Breakdown

Change in Team Outlook: -14.9 ppg, -2.1 rpg, and -3.8 apg.

Incoming Players
Wally Szczerbiak
6-7 SF / SG from Miami-OH
6.6 ppg, 2.8 rpg, 0.9 apg in 19.6 minutes
Outgoing Players
Vince Carter
6-6 SG / SF from North Carolina
21.5 ppg, 4.9 rpg, 4.7 apg in 36.7 minutes

Finally They’re gone October 30, 2007

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Mile Ilic’s overdued stayed here with the Nets is finally over, hurrah for the Jenkins and the Hites; oh yeah so is Bernard Robinson’s stay, way to get traded when you injured huh.  add in some cash and Rod Thorn oved the over for David Wesley, who started his career with the Nets, from the New Orleans Hornets.

I’d say Hornets they need an inside presence like Ilic’s, he’s tall, he can block shots, make some hook shots, bah, just kidding, he’s probably gonna get waived or a buyout or sorts. Bernard Robinson could be quite a player if he could recover from his injuries he could be the defensive stopper Bernie Bickerstaff envisioned him to be when he was at Charlotte. So good luck to the both of you and hello David Wesley.

With that trade that leaves the roster set with 15 players, and with David Wesley likely retiring or maybe have his contract bought out, which means we still have one more space on the roster (that’s assuming Wesley leaves), Jared Jordan or resigning Robert Hite anyone?

Edit: Oh, btw, One thing I really respect about Wesley is how he wears Bobby Phills pants under his own (which means he’s wearing two shorts) in every game he plays, what a way to pay respect to a player who was one of my favourite players in NBA Live 2K, although he’s one of the reasons Phills is dead right now.

Andrei is a bitch but I would love to have him on my team September 23, 2007

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Yes, Andrei Kirilenko is a whiny bitch who speaks Russian and hell knows what the heck is he talking in his language to himself everyday. But, one thing You, me, we, they, cannot deny is that Andrei Kirilenko is a special player, just watch Eurobasket and it will show you just how good he is and was.

Everyone knows about how “unhappy” he is at Utah, but if you don’t, here’s a peek

“Last year, we had a conversation with him,” Kirilenko said, “and [Utah coach Jerry] Sloan said, ‘Andrei, if you don’t like something about the way I conduct training you could always break the contract with the Jazz.’ So that’s exactly what I want to do now!”

Basically anyone with brains wouldn’t leave a 53 million dollar contract on the floor and just walk, but then again you never know about Andrei. Anyway, just that you know, now that the Andrei Kirilenko to Washington stuff died a few days ago, here comes some news that puts AK-47 (ammoless) in a straight up deal for the Nets’ very own Richard Jefferson.

You gotta feel bad for RJ, I mean he’s been involved in trade talks after trade talks and his reaction? donate 3.5 million dollars to U of A, now that’s class. The Nets were desperately terrible in their defense after topping the league in 2005, with Kirilenko we can return to that status with his defense and of course provide the team with a LEGIT shot blocking presence in case Sean Williams doesn’t show up.

RJ’s been here for a very long time, I mean he was one of the originals when I started supporting the team, so his presence together with Kidd and reluctantly Collins, gives me hope that the team could still scale the heights that they reach back in 2003. But now, come to think of it, If we are going to shake things up slowly, this is the deal to start off with.

Besides, it should be noted that RJ missed tons of playing time over the last couple of years so to me, so the trade for Andrei Kirilenko should leave those injury worries to another team, and by trading for AK, we ge a dude who can slide over and play some 4 if Larry wants to play small ball so it’s all good. Seriously, Kirileno maybe a headcase but man, he can play defense that’s for sure.

(edit: I’m lazy to upload pictures so you guys can check this out, http://realgm.com/src_checktrade.php?tradeid=4217225.)

KG a Boston Celtic, Does It Rhyme? July 31, 2007

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Unbelievable isn’t it, a month before this, the deal was dead, done and dusted and even the man himself said that no way he was going to somewhere like Boston, but then came the shocker, that would probably define next season, unpredictable.

This has got to be the mother of all trades really, nothing can top this one, nothing the Zach Randolphes, the Wally Sczerbiaks could do to top that, and on top of it, this freaking deal maybe one of the biggest trade steals ever (beaten only by the Vince Carter trade). Danny Ainge just amended his reputation of being an asshole by just getting this deal done, well you can’t say the same for Kevin McHale of course. Sparks will always fly will two dunces meet up together and one of them will always end up being the biggest ever loser, and that’s McHale.

Why? First of all, the Celtics get to finally throw Sebastian Telfair off to some team and let them polish his guns rather than keeping his nameplate somewhere around the locker room. Not that Telfair isn’t a good player, he’s got issues, and add him up with Ricky Davis? the nutter heads are always better than one.

Then there’s Theo Ratliff, who had always been a shot blocking presence and also a non-existence in the offensive end, he was solid for a few years back with the Sixers but then, he’s a has been. Gerald Green had shown signs of stardom in his two seasons with the Celtics, highlighted by his 10.3 ppg during the season, but if anyteam were the look for a role model for inconsisteny, Green’s your man, ya the retort is that he’s still young and still developing, but is he a sure thing? I mean I know KG is the real deal, but is Green the real deal?

Ryan Gomes is a hard worker, plays his heart out for the team, works hard to get better and all, but the Wolves already have a player in Ryan Gomes’ shoe, Craig Smith, although currently Gomes is a rather more advanced version of Smith, wouldn’t Gomes’ arrival impede the growth of Smith?

The same goes with Al Jefferson, who was a boderline All-Star in my opinion, but then again, he isn’t a sure thing, and when Al Jefferson is the best player you would have to give up for a former MVP, I think that’s a fair price to pay. The bottomline of all the harp I’ve just typed above is, the Celtics got a steal, no doubt about it, they’re not giving away all of their talented young-ies, they still have Tony Allen and Rajon Rondo with them, they got rid of a cancer, an old dude, an inconsistent guy, and a borderline All-Star for a future Hall of Famer.

ALL OF THAT ABOVE, brings us to the MAIN TOPIC of this post, how good will the Celtics be? they’re after all in the same division as the Nets, and it’s all common rule to always peek at your neighbours and check out what they’re doing. The Celtic roster stands at 8-9 players, and I figured that their starting five would consist of the “Big Three” (again), Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins, and the guys off the bench would be Gabe Pruitt, Tony Allen, Brian Scalabrine and Glen Davis.

Is that a championship caliber lineup? I’d say NO, and that’s not because they’re our rivals or whatever, they just aren’t, the number of players they gave up, by my count it’s 7 players for two (Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett) basically screwed up the depth of their team and exept for th starting five, they look scarily thin. and then the chemistry issue comes in, KG, Jesus, Pierce, they’d all been the man for their team fr the past few years with no proper sidekick or whoever, and now they’re all stacked up together in this team, I mean having to superstars and choosing one to take the final shot is hard, but three? wow.

Ray Allen would have experience playing with another big three before, KG has always been accomadating but is Pierce a person who would give up his scoring after so many years of carrying the team and so on…I’m intrigued really.

I Heard it’s Kevin Garnett for Lebron James February 22, 2007

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Fred Jones – Portland TrailBlazers
Juan Dixon – Toronto Raptors
trade impact : 3/5

Fred Jones was touted a mini Vince Carter (because they were both Slam Dunk champs) when he first signed for Toronto, for the marriage didn’t work out that well, as he was supplanted by Jose Calderon and T.J Ford, and even Anthony Parker and Mo Peterson, so off he goes to Portland, where he could backup Brandon Roy and provide more athleticism to the Blazers backcourt; Juan Dixon on the other side gives the Raptors a combo guard that could spell both guard positions, and it gives them a guy who can put up big buckets in a matter of minutes.

Anthony Johnson – Atlanta Hawks
2nd Round Draft Pick – Dallas Mavericks
trade impact : 2/5

this to me sounds like a good trade, Atlanta gets Anthony Johnson, who has playoff experience, big game experiences, crunch time experience, so that’s alot of experience, remember his 40 point explosion against the Nets last season in the playoffs? ya, where is he going to help the Hawks at? veteran leadership, someone to cool their heads during some important stretch or something (Atlanta are only 5.5 games behind the 8th seed in the East); and another good thing is Dallas gets to get rid of Johnson who really hasn’t seen much playing time on the team, so it’s a good deal for both sides, and it gives them another chance to draft another Jose Juan Barea.

– the Jason Kidd deal to the Lakers are all but dead so Jason stays, and so does Vince, what i see is the Nets gets back the stability now that they know no one is getting traded, but still the team performance will go up and down up and down until Richard Jefferson actually returns to the court.

– the Hibachi grill is on at the Verizon and Mike at BulletsForever has the feed.


What’s The Situation Down Here?? February 22, 2007

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Chances are that Jason Kidd are getting traded to the Lakers right? well, NO, now there’s another twist to the trade tale, apparently the Clippers are involved in the talks as well, with Shawn Livingston and Corey Maggette part of the package for Kidd, and so are the Warriors joining the fray offering Jason Richardson and Adonal freaking Foyle, but still the chances of a trade involving Jason are probably close to zero now, as for Vince after the performance he putted up against the Hornets, that should rise his stock ABIT for before the trade deadline, but the deal involving him to the Clippers are no good, and i dont like the fact of a straight Jason Richardson Vince Carter swap, maybe a Rashard Lewis deal would be good.

Here’s abit of the trade roundups

“The Clippers also were said to be a possibility for Kidd in a straight-up deal
involving Corey Maggette and Shaun Livingston, though the same source said L.A.
was unwilling to part with Livingston

“The Nets’ possible trade of Jason Kidd has made almost as much news as Britney
Spears’ self-inflicted haircut. But figure Kidd stays around longer than
Britney’s latest look.

“the chances of Jason Kidd being dealt appeared to be lessening