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Pre Season Game 7: FNALLY WE END WITH THE KNICKS October 27, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Antoine Wright, NBA previews, NBA talk, Nenad Krstic, New Jersey Nets, New York Knicks.


Antoine Wright and Nenad Krstic are both in contract season so I expect big things from them this season, but what’s that gotta do with this game preview against the Knicks? why, because the Knicks are a piece of joke that’s why there’s nothing better to say when we play against them except for Eddy Curry and Z-Bo enjoys donuts, and we get to see Jason Kidd in action for the first time this season.

Rod Thorn wants flexibility at the end of next season, but wait, what about this season? you have to waive another dude man, wuld it be Mile Ilic? or Bernard Robinson? or hopefully not Robert Hite; If Antoine Wright leaves at the end of this season, I’d be very dissapointed, A&W’s my man for two years, and although he’s abit blah at times, I love him, but if he doesn’t deserve the new contract I want him to have, then I wish him luck somewhere else. The Krstic situation is a no brainer, they have to pickup his contract option or it’s franchise suicide.

Hey, why are we talking bout next season when we have a pre season game in our hands against the Knicks? Well because no one cares bout the Knicks? hope to see Vince blocking more of David Lee’s shots tonight. Cheers, Charles Barkley likes us, even though the entire world don’t.



1. mrclm - October 31, 2007

Jerome James could likely eat as many donuts as Curry and Z combined. Sonics fans are still thanking Isaiah for that one!

Big Chris

2. netsophobia - October 31, 2007

yeah man, Jerome James is the king of them all LOL,

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