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Is Carter to Cleveland possible? January 19, 2009

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Two straight blow out losses to the Celtics means? I don’t know what that means but apparently it meant something to the big players on the Nets. I mean Nets Daily has this news about Carter going to the Cavs in exchange for Wally Sczerbiak and his expiring contract, a check on the trade possibilities on the REAL GM TRADE CHECKER shows that it is possible for us to move Carter to Cleveland.

It would be a straight on swap, Cavs get Carter a strong shooting guard, who is still in his prime although slowly fading, but still delivering, and Nets get Sczerbiak and also gets rid of Carter and his big contract for one that is expiring this season, strengthening the push for a big 2010.

But the thing is, Is this even worth it? yes we know we lost two games by a combined total of 53 points, but so what? What did you actually expect from us? The Raptors have had higher expectations than us and now they’re rock bottom in the Atlantic? What gives?

Aren’t we giving out judgement way too fast? I know the trade deadline is like a month away from now, but come on, after a start that was against all odds, you’re going to dismantle a team that gave us that much promise based on two games? Two freaking games against the defending assholes? This is just crazy, and it shows a lack of faith on the team, stop thinking about 2010, Carter’s contract expires on 2011, so by 2010, we would still have enough cap space to sign either You Know Who, or You Know What. What are they even trying? to sign the entire free agent class?

Cleveland Trade Breakdown

Change in Team Outlook: +14.9 ppg, +2.1 rpg, and +3.8 apg.

Incoming Players
Vince Carter
6-6 SG / SF from North Carolina
21.5 ppg, 4.9 rpg, 4.7 apg in 36.7 minutes
Outgoing Players
Wally Szczerbiak
6-7 SF / SG from Miami-OH
6.6 ppg, 2.8 rpg, 0.9 apg in 19.6 minutes
New Jersey Trade Breakdown

Change in Team Outlook: -14.9 ppg, -2.1 rpg, and -3.8 apg.

Incoming Players
Wally Szczerbiak
6-7 SF / SG from Miami-OH
6.6 ppg, 2.8 rpg, 0.9 apg in 19.6 minutes
Outgoing Players
Vince Carter
6-6 SG / SF from North Carolina
21.5 ppg, 4.9 rpg, 4.7 apg in 36.7 minutes

Ryan Anderson chin up? January 12, 2009

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According to Fred Kerber, Ryan Anderson will start the Nets’ next game against the Thunder (6-32) replacing Yi, who fractured his finger last Friday, he played well coming off the bench early on, replacing Najera, which started the season on the injured list, but hit the injury barrier in December with a bad back which in turn dropped his shooting accuracy from 52% from downtown in late November to 36% in January.

Look Ryan Anderson clearly needs to play to gain his feel, confidence, his shot and whatever back, but to the point of starting him? I’m just thinking that we’re giving up way too much rebounding and defense by just starting Anderson, yes, yes Frank doesn’t want to disrupt the rotation because Najera’s doing well off the bench, but come on! Anderson is good I know, but Boone would be better off starting at the four, even if there is no viable back-up for Brook Lopez.

See Lopez could play the four and Boone could go down to the five, reason being? Brook Lopez has a workable jumper, that’s what all fours need, he may not be suitable to play the four but it’s not like asking him to convert to PF, it’s just one game, and for what it’s worth, Anderson can back Lopez up giving him substantial time to alternate between the four and five with Najera picking up the rest of the minutes split between Boone, Lopez, and Anderson, that wouldn’t cracked that rotation hard would it? And mind if I state the obvious, when Ryan Anderson started the season off the bench playing on fire, we were actually 11-8 at one point no? (although with Yi)

What my point is, I just don’t feel comfortable with Anderson starting the game, I think the team should let him come off the bench playing 20-25 minutes and slowly let him prove his way to the starting lineup, Yi’s out for 6 weeks, not 6 hours. He’s got time to prove himself, so right now let some one else who deserves the start, to get the start, and that guy is Josh Boone.

two months in, and already a mix.

Luck hates Yi January 11, 2009

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Looks like Yi’s push for an All-Star bid is over, obviously the basketball god didn’t want Kevin Garnett to lose anymore sleep over the fact of whether would he be an All-Star or not, so what’s the simplest way of ensuring that? Break Yi’s finger of course.

Yi’s who is averaging 15.3ppg and 7.3rpg in January together with two games over 20 before his injury, it’s hard to say whether could he keep up with his current form when he comes back from his injury but one thing is for sure, we’re going to miss him.

At first it was reported that Yi was going to miss 3 weeks of action but reports say now that Yi could be out for as long as 6 weeks with a fractured fifth finger, add in the injuries of Ryan Anderson and the personal problems of Stromile Swift, it could be time to recall Sean Williams (more on him later) as the frontline is getting thinner by the minute.

Actually this injury could be a blessing in disguise, as in all things, because in his rookie season, he play decently until after the All-Star break, which he proceeded to struggle like mad, but now, he will be able to rest his entire body four to six weeks until after the break, which would be crucial if the team were to push for a play-offs berth.

Big loss on all fronts January 10, 2009

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We lost the game after Bobby Simmons decides to taunt the shit out of all the Milwaukee players, and forgot about his job, letting himself slip and giving Luke Ridnour the game winning floater.

We lost even though Vince Carter again had his best game of the season, and the bench played very well even though its a 9 man rotation.

We lost even when the team shot lights out from the perimeter to come back into the game, we lost even with 30 assists, a season high. We also lost even though we shot 53% from the floor.

We even lost Yi, who was just starting to show some consistency, and well on his way to another 20 point game in the third when he somehow broke his pinky, and his probably going to be out for a month.

Big loss this is, this kind of performance usually warrants a win, we just didn’t get the break, and Bobby Simmons was excellent until the final play, really.

New Jersey Nets Game 34 Review: Blocked shots? January 5, 2009

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We didn’t have Devin going into the game, which was like a shocker for me because it was a game-time decision not to play against the Heat. However, he’s listed as day to day with his sore hamstring, so it is possible that he could be back in uniform against the Kings tomorrow.

What Devin didn’t bring to the floor, Keyon Dooling compensated for all of it, but the only drawback was the bench didn’t compensate for the loss of Keyon Dooling, we just need enough people to step up, and Brook Lopez, even though it was a decent outing on his part, he got his shot blocked like a thousand times in this game by Dwyane Wade? what happen to him?

But the story of the game is always the same, we just can’t stop Dwyane Wade, when he asserts himself, we’re just not there to stop him, he scores he passes, the team just sits and watch, trying hard but alas to no avail. Heck he nearly even won the game in regulation just with his defense, the two blocks at the end on Lopez and Carter?

But at least we had the highlight of the game, and Dooling was incredible, clutch, I mean he totally showed he can step into Devin Harris’ shoes any time any day.

Play of the Year for Keyon Dooling


D-Wade, it’s all about D-Wade

New Jersey Nets Game 34: Miami Heat January 4, 2009

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MIAMI HEAT (17-14)

Devin Harris didn’t had a very good outing in the last game against the Hawks, but the good thing in this game is that we’re not playing at home anymore, ahoy good sunny Florida, which is also why I won’t see a repeat of the 8 turnover performance by Harris.

The last two times we played against the Heat this season, the story has always been about Dwyane Wade, whether it’s him scoring 19 in the fourth quarter or it’s him scoring 8 in the last two minutes, the Nets’ or in fact the entire league’s success in beating Miami comes indirectly off containing the scoring and playmaking ability of Wade.

I actually thought this team has no even got one player who can outright shut Wade down, but there are players who can slow him down, but again by putting players like Hassell on Wade, we’re giving up too much offensively just because we want a guy who can slow Wade down, and maybe throw him off by a bit.

What we could do is just let Wade do everything he wants, but obviously he can win the game by himself, the key is to force the other players on the team, especially the starting four minus Wade to step up and play. The Heat bench which IMO, is superior compared to the Nets bench when it comes to putting up points in a hurry, therefore the key to this game is just playing defense, we played them four times already this season (including pre-season), we know what they can do, we need to close out the game better as well, because in the two losses before this, that was what failed us in the end. GO NETS!


Yi three lines: over 3 threes > 25 minutes, Nets win, 5 threes < 20 minutes, Nets lose

Sean Williams NBDL Update #1 January 3, 2009

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Sean Williams’ first game with the Colorado 14ers was indeed a very good one, well first he played 18 minutes, which is way more than he can get if he’s still in the Nets, and second the 14ers won, so yeah it’s a good day at work for Sean.

Of course of course, It was Sonny Weems (Denver send-down) and former Net guard Eddie Gill who won the game for the 14ers, but its not like Sean did nothing in his 18 minutes, in fact he did what he was supposed to be doing when he’s playing for the Nets,

18 minutes, 6 points on 1-4 shooting, 4-4 FTs (!!), 4 rebounds (2-2) 4 blocks, 1 assist, 3 fouls

That’s what we’re talking bout isn’t it, the blocks man, it just needs to keep coming, he just needs to get more confidence, and getting to know more about where he should be on the floor at some time and stop picking up cheap fouls. Good start to his NBDL career for Sean.


New Jersey Nets Game 33: Atlanta Hawks January 3, 2009

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Coming into this season, we would still think that the Hawks would always be a promising team which couldn’t quite deliver the results, but boy this season, 21 wins already? that’s like three fourths of their win total less than half way into the season, and what is worse for today’s match up against the Hawks? They’re red hot winning their last six, while we are 4-6 in the last 10 while also dropping our last two.

Did I mention that Josh Smith is back in their line up? Our first two wins against them IN Atlanta, AWAY from home was played when the Hawks stuttered a bit while losing Smith, but now playing at HOME against an upcoming team like Atlanta with their key player back? I don’t know about this.

With Keyon Dooling out for the team as well, it looks like CDR will see more minutes as well as Maurice Ager, they had minutes during the game against Detroit and they did good generally, bringing energy and defense onto the floor and also a lack of offensively ability from both guys, but they were not prepared to get like more than 15 minutes of burn during that game, but this time I think they will be and the performance will also be even better. But then again with Keyon out, Devin Harris would be playing more minutes than ever and this would also mean that if Harris is out of the game, Carter would be manning the point, which is kind of an advantage for us.

However with Carter so pissed about that ejection he got on the game against the Pistons, it would be a good tonic for him to come out of the game strong, make a statement, refer to video

Yeah, I would love to see Al Horford do that against VC or anyone tonight!


Yi three lines: over 3 threes > 25 minutes, Nets win, 5 threes < 20 minutes, Nets lose