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New Jersey Nets Game 41 Preview January 18, 2009

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Hey coach, how to fire this team up? Just log on to the Internet and let the players read this article.

Dear New Jersey Nets,

I wanted to thank you for helping the Celtics. I know you’ve been watching your division rivals struggle lately. You probably saw what we saw: a sluggish team that struggled with the things they had done well for a long time. So we all really appreciate you rolling over and dying in the second half. The chance to rest our starters is really huge right now.

If that’s not enough? How about this video?

Vince Carter after having two crappy games musn’t be feeling too good about himself today, so maybe you know? And Rondo, wait till you hit a hundred jumpers before you can say you’re better than Devin Harris, KG? He’s just a punk, Find someone your size, douche bag.


New Jersey Nets Game 37 January 13, 2009

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The Nets are already without Yi, have a game time decision for Devin Harris, and now Bobby Simmons? Now Vince Carter will have to play out of his mind for the Nets.

The starting five would be a complete mess if Harris and Simmons are not able to start tonight, Ryan Anderson is already starting in Yi’s place. and now Trenton Hassell is going in for Simmons, and if Devin isn’t going to play, with Keyon Dooling starting, the bench is going to be really thin and I don’t like the way it is going.

Is anyone intrigued at playing against Nenad Krstic? Hell no.

I don’t think we’re well equipped enough to face the Thunder actually, with a starting front line of Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, Nick Collison, Chris Wilcox. I seriously think that with all the injuries we have on the team, a depleted bench would be the last thing we need against the Thunder.

If Ryan Anderson starts tonight he will be the third youngest player to start for the Nets, behind Brook Lopez.

New Jersey Nets Game 35: Sacramento Kings January 6, 2009

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Words are not needed when you’re pleading for a victory, but maybe a video is.

New Jersey Nets Game 34: Miami Heat January 4, 2009

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MIAMI HEAT (17-14)

Devin Harris didn’t had a very good outing in the last game against the Hawks, but the good thing in this game is that we’re not playing at home anymore, ahoy good sunny Florida, which is also why I won’t see a repeat of the 8 turnover performance by Harris.

The last two times we played against the Heat this season, the story has always been about Dwyane Wade, whether it’s him scoring 19 in the fourth quarter or it’s him scoring 8 in the last two minutes, the Nets’ or in fact the entire league’s success in beating Miami comes indirectly off containing the scoring and playmaking ability of Wade.

I actually thought this team has no even got one player who can outright shut Wade down, but there are players who can slow him down, but again by putting players like Hassell on Wade, we’re giving up too much offensively just because we want a guy who can slow Wade down, and maybe throw him off by a bit.

What we could do is just let Wade do everything he wants, but obviously he can win the game by himself, the key is to force the other players on the team, especially the starting four minus Wade to step up and play. The Heat bench which IMO, is superior compared to the Nets bench when it comes to putting up points in a hurry, therefore the key to this game is just playing defense, we played them four times already this season (including pre-season), we know what they can do, we need to close out the game better as well, because in the two losses before this, that was what failed us in the end. GO NETS!


Yi three lines: over 3 threes > 25 minutes, Nets win, 5 threes < 20 minutes, Nets lose

New Jersey Nets Game 33: Atlanta Hawks January 3, 2009

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Coming into this season, we would still think that the Hawks would always be a promising team which couldn’t quite deliver the results, but boy this season, 21 wins already? that’s like three fourths of their win total less than half way into the season, and what is worse for today’s match up against the Hawks? They’re red hot winning their last six, while we are 4-6 in the last 10 while also dropping our last two.

Did I mention that Josh Smith is back in their line up? Our first two wins against them IN Atlanta, AWAY from home was played when the Hawks stuttered a bit while losing Smith, but now playing at HOME against an upcoming team like Atlanta with their key player back? I don’t know about this.

With Keyon Dooling out for the team as well, it looks like CDR will see more minutes as well as Maurice Ager, they had minutes during the game against Detroit and they did good generally, bringing energy and defense onto the floor and also a lack of offensively ability from both guys, but they were not prepared to get like more than 15 minutes of burn during that game, but this time I think they will be and the performance will also be even better. But then again with Keyon out, Devin Harris would be playing more minutes than ever and this would also mean that if Harris is out of the game, Carter would be manning the point, which is kind of an advantage for us.

However with Carter so pissed about that ejection he got on the game against the Pistons, it would be a good tonic for him to come out of the game strong, make a statement, refer to video

Yeah, I would love to see Al Horford do that against VC or anyone tonight!


Yi three lines: over 3 threes > 25 minutes, Nets win, 5 threes < 20 minutes, Nets lose

New Jersey Nets Game 31: Chicago Bulls December 30, 2008

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gotta love the Bulls damnit

Yes people, we’re back at home again trying to WIN at home again after only doing it 5 times in 16 games, and after that crushing home loss against the Bobcats, I am seriously not expecting much from today’s game other than the team coming out strong and play hard.

I really can’t understand the problem of the Nets’ home struggles, I mean it’s easy to blame the fans for not showing up, but is that all to it? The Nets’ are shooting reasonably worse than what they do on the road and they score 7 points less in every home contest.

And with Luol Deng out for the Bulls, this could and would be a glorious chance for us to grab a big win here in the Izod, It would be brilliant to see Derrick Rose play against Devin Harris on both ends, but at the end of the day, it would be the story of which backcourt came out to play.

As far as my estimation goes, I think this game is again Yi’s “breaking out” game, I expect maybe a double double from him and hopefully a Nets win! GO NETS

New Jersey Nets Game 30: Boris Diaw turnover party December 28, 2008

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Can someone just step up to play early? I mean we would be way better than 14-15 if anyone would provide at least 1% better than the energy we started against the Cats yesterday, can we start the game by getting the ball inside to Brook Lopez? We know no matter what, Carter and Harris is going to bring it, so it’s up to the other guys to provide the team with support.

I don’t understand the genius in starting Trenton Hassell but if Frank is going to continue with that, he has to make sure he puts Hassell on a short leash, and Chris Douglas-Roberts needs to get minutes!

This game is again I must say crucial, we can ill afford to go 14-16, let alone 15-15. We need a win, GO NETS!

Er, Yeah.

New Jersey Nets Game 29: Bobcats, Blog Resurgance! December 27, 2008

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First pre-game preview in a year? almost a year? who the hell cares? We’re back that’s it.


Thats a Nets fan right there.

In the quarterly review we totally noted that the Nets need to start winning at home if we are to prove ourselves as a playoff team, I mean come on, 5-10? 5-10? I just don’t know how bad can we get, that’s why this game against the Cats is crucial. I don’t want to sound so desperate but this game is almost a must win for us, Charlotte obviously isn’t one of the best teams in the conference, but they are playing decent as of late, and the Nets haven’t 3 losses in the last 5 in various fashion, whether it’s a blow out, a meltdown, or a lapse of defense, we had them all in the three losses.

Oh? Did I mention that this is a home and home series against Charlotte? crap, this could easily get us to 7-10 or 5-12, I’d pee in my pants thinking of having a 5-12 record at home. Given Charlotte’s defensive capabilities, I mean they don’t score much but they sure as hell don’t allow opponents to score that much either. Their glut of good defensive guards is going to present our backcourt with kinds of troubles which I would love to see how they can adapt to it on court.

What we need from the Nets from this game is the intensity to start the game, forget about the crappy crowd, if they aren’t there, they won’t be there, We just have to focus on our game and execute whether if it’s on defense or on offense, bear in mind that we are facing a team that plays the slowest pace of basketball that you can find anywhere in the NBA together with the lowest output of 91 ppg, therefore it’s easy to assume that the Cats aren’t going to score big on us, but this team’s defense is still a work in progress so that kinda balance out the books.

It would be interesting to see which Yi shows up tonight because I kinda think that this is a game that Yi could take advantage of being guarded most probably by Diaw or Sean May, Yi’s face up game could be the key in deciding whether the team wins or not. Brook Lopez going against Okafor would be another matchup I am interested in, seeing Lopez play against an elite defensive player, yeah.