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Shocking News : Jason Collins just Passed Away March 31, 2007

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As much as we love this to be true, Jason Collins just passed away hours ago, after choking himself while trying to eat meatballs, he was having dinner with Mile Ilic who had apparently poked fun at Jason’s inability to produce while on the floor, diners at the restaurant heard Ilic said something like “you’re impotent on the court” before Jason Collins who was enjoying his meal of meatball bolognaise, choked on his balls and struggled to breath.

Eyewitnesses said that Ilic was still poking fun at Collins even when he was gasping for air on the floor, he was heard saying something like “haha, JC, your impotence on the court made you yourself choke.” Ilic was not answering his calls at the time of publication, our condolences go to Jason’s family members, Jason Collin’s fans (if there was any EVER), Jarron Collins, and the meatballs, A funeral service will be held at Stanford next week, when they get rid of the meatballs.

R.I.P Jason Collins




Game 73 : New Jersey Nets – Philadelphia Sixers preview March 31, 2007

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New Jersey Nets 33-39
Philadelphia Sixers 29-43

The Sixers are thinking playoffs, i’m thinking maybe next season, The Sixers have two, crucial games against the Nets and New York, i’m hoping they lose them both (evil), ok maybe a win against the Knicks would do us good, (yo Seth!), anyway, the Sixers are hot as of late, and the Nets isn’t, and anyone with a decent memory would have remember the WALLOP the Sixers gave us back in February.

Vince hurt his knee early on against the Pistons but he came back and shot a brick in the end of regulation. The Sixers frontline aren’t that scary but it’s still better than any frontline that has Jason Collins as their starting Center, other than that, we are almost a notch better than the Sixers in every department, that is if Andre Iguodala decides to cut up RJ and turn into multi dimensional mode to kill us off. Kyle Korver and Boki Nachbar in the stalwarts of the bench battle?

Josh Boone will be on another tear if there is any chance of him playing 20 minutes plus, but i do hope he gets the start though; Vince Carter will be in a myriad trying to figure out whether should Skippy make an appearance today, but this win will kick us back into 7th place, and a lost will leave us hanging with the Pacers, so i really hope the team bucks up, and avenge that ugly defeat the last time the teams met. GO NETS, Go Willie Green, pile up the Cans

Lines for the Game
Final Score :
Nets by 5
VC projection : 31, 3 threes
Jason Kidd projection : 11, 10, 6
Jason Collins projection : 5 points, 6 rebounds, 3 TOs
Matchup of the Game : Vince Carter vs Cousin Skippy, Josh Boone vs Steven Hunter

Game 72 : New Jersey Nets – Detroit Pistons review March 31, 2007

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i wasn’t going nuts when the Nets were down by three with less than 15 seconds left, instead i was FAIRLY calm, calm to an extent of not wanting to watch the fucked-up three chucked by VInce and going to the toilet. I could have said that i half heartedly expected that to happen because the team’s struggles during the fourth are known to everyone, but i couldn;t help and think of what would have been if we played AVERAGE defense.

– the third quarter is what the Nets should be playing like the entire season, but the thing is they are only showing it in patches the entire season
– the fact that we outrebounded a good rebounding team is pratically out of me, the 19 offensive boards are way above the season average
– Vince was hot early, but again was not assertive enough when the team needed him the most.
– Josh Boone 60 points in his last 3 games and shooting a combined 26-32 from the field, and he showed that he can dominate even when playing against one of the best teams in the East, oh and did i note that he scored 60 in 80 minutes combined?
– probably the best game Jason Collins’ has played in about a month
– RJ wasn’t settling for anymore three point bombs

– i have no idea on whats going on deep inside Lawrence Frank, does he hate rookies? is he tempting them with minutes? Josh Boone was playing magnificient ball and what he did was he pulled JB out and put freaking Collins in during the fourth when Boone was totally on fire? totally out of me.
– who’s guarding Antonio McDyess? the Detroit frontline shot a combined 21-28 from the floor, and Tayshaun Prince’s long arms are giving RJ a hell loads of problems.
– you can’t really win when your opponent shoots 50% from trey, and they had 11 more FT makes.
– Chauncey Billups 14 FTs and 14 assists? but Jason doesn’t really have the footspeed to catch up with CB 4 anymore really
– once again it’s the fourth quarter again turning the Jersey grandplan into into rubbles, 39 points in the fourth, hey, we aren’t playing against the Suns or Warriors, it’s Detroit for god’s sake, 39 is definitely a NO-NO.
– thanks to our defense, The Pistons get to set season highs for points in a half, points in a quarter, and 3-pointers in a game with 12.

Lines of the Game
Final Score : New Jersey Nets 105 – 110 Detroit Pistons
VC line : 27 points, 7, 6, 4 threes
Jason Kidd Line : 10, 8, 9, 5 TOs
Jason Collins Line : 4 points, 6 boards, 2-5 FTs

I actually picked Duke, for the love of Nuts March 31, 2007

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In the spirit of the Final Four, i am showing everyone how bad my picks were, they were a joke seriously, i actually picked Duke to reach the Final Four although i knew they won’t. My only correct pick was OSU reaching the Final Four and i picked Kansas for the championship. Anyway if anyone wants to see how crappy my picks were, here you go
the red obviously outnumbers the green..terible picks on my part.

OSU is going to beat Georgetown although Jeff Green wil have another big night, UCLA are going down to the Gators.

Kelly Dwyer and a bag of Nuts for myself March 30, 2007

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Big letdown
Diaw, Carter lead list of most disappointing players

2, Vince Carter
Basketball, more than any other professional team sport, allows players in contract years a chance to significantly alter their financial outlook. Usually this isn’t a perk for the team that currently employs the contract-year athlete. But for the New Jersey Nets, who were 22nd in offensive efficiency last season, a revved-up and gunning Vince Carter could do nothing but help the bottom lines for both franchise and player alike. Instead, VC has floated, showing signs of inspired play, but usually preferring to let the game come to him (especially in the fourth quarter, sadly), and let the game stay far, far away from him on defense.

you know why i hate Kelly Dwyer for writing that?

Because he was spot on, i mean totally SPOT ON on the issue, the numbers are there for Vince but he isn’t assertive enough to lead New Jersey when the team needs him, especially down the stretch where we know who needs to takeover, but he just doesn’t show up. Vince Carter IS the most dissapointing player in the NBA this season hands down, and especially when he’s in a contract year. He doesn’t deserve second on the list, Boris Diaw does, Vince deserves first.

On other issues, Eddie House, the team’s best three point shooter, has to say goodbye to the team for the rest of the season, because of a partial tear to his hip and he suffered a mild concussion.
New Jersey Nets trainer Tim Walsh talks with Eddie House after House hit the floor after a foul by Indiana Pacers' David Harrison during second quarter NBA basketball Wednesday night, March 28, 2007 in East Rutherford, N.J. The Nets beat the Pacers 118-94.
The outlook doesn’ look good for the Nets especially during this stretch of the season, but as much as i hate to admit this, Eddie House is a crucial part of the rotation because of the instant offense he brings (as in jacking up shots in a hurry), so i can see his minutes going to Boki or Marcus Williams, Hassan Adamswill get a chance to crack the rotation again (just hope he doesn’t starts), but the problem is, with Eddie House out, he who averages 3 threes attempted per game, will the Nets still continue with it’s perimeter orientated style of play? or will Lawrence Frank change the plays around.

Game 71 : New Jersey Nets – Detroit Pistons preview March 30, 2007

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New Jersey Nets 33-38
Detroit Pistons 45-26

There couldn’t be a better time to play the Detroit Pistons. It’s better than going in with a loss, but we have things covered here, a 1.5 game lead over Orlando for the 7th seed, which is a kind of insurance so even if we lose against the Pistons (big possibility), we still have that 7th seed.

The Pistons just lost one a tough one against the Bulls yesterday, and the Nets are coming off their biggest win of the season, so it would be really exciting to see whether our team can beat a top tier team in the East, and show that we are capable to hang with the “Elites” in the Eastern conference.

I can already envision Josh Boone starting at the PF slot, anf this would be the game where we could see how good Josh Boone really is, i mean this game is against a top tier team, and with Rasheed Wallace guarding him, another breakout performance will probably seal him as the steal of the draft.

But the Key to beating the Pistons is our offense, because we know how inconsistent the Nets’ defense can become so i have no doubt Detroit will have any problem scoring, unless they come up with another shooting performance Ala Indiana. Our offensive struggles of late (before the Indiana game) showed how flawed the team were, so if we were to win the game today the offense has to kick ass, and stop shooting crazy amounts of threes.

Our bench will be playing an important role as well, because the Pistons have a deep bench which is quite similar as the Nets, guys like Dice, Maxiell and Flip Murray will be a big threat.

Go Nets! cheers

Lines for the Game
Final Score : Pistons by 10
VC projection : 24, 2 threes
Jason Kidd projection : 11, 10, 6
Jason Collins projection : 2 points, 4 rebounds
Matchup- of the game : Jason Kidd – Chauncey Billups

edit: oops, did i say there’s no Rip and C-Webb? and we got no Eddie House, who is probably out for the rest of the season.

Game 71 : New Jersey Nets – Indiana Pacers review March 29, 2007

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a fine victory, that’s what i can say, OK, I’m ecstatic becuase this is the largest win margin of the season, and to think that the team has to wait until the 71st game of the season to blow out another team by more than 20 says THAT much about New Jersey this season, but still the team beat the Pacers, and Orlando lost, so we are back in as the 7th seed.

The game was physical at best, with Eddie House sufering a mild concussion and Boki on the receiving end of a flagrant. The bench too was excellent, scoring almost half of the teams points, Josh Boone and Marcus Williams i love you guys (for now).

There’s no The GOOD and The BAD review because i’m in a hurry, so thank heavens that i found a clip on how the Nets dismantle the Pacers.

Lines for the Game
Final Score : New Jersey Nets 118 – 94 Indiana Pacers
VC Line : 13 points, 8 boards, 4 assists
Jason Kidd Line : 12 points, 8 boards, 6 assists
Jason Collins Line : 0 points

Mike Dunleavy wasn’t kidding when he said : Hi, I’m a Draft Bust March 28, 2007

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Loony Collins, and Dunce Dunce = Dream Team