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KG a Boston Celtic, Does It Rhyme? July 31, 2007

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Unbelievable isn’t it, a month before this, the deal was dead, done and dusted and even the man himself said that no way he was going to somewhere like Boston, but then came the shocker, that would probably define next season, unpredictable.

This has got to be the mother of all trades really, nothing can top this one, nothing the Zach Randolphes, the Wally Sczerbiaks could do to top that, and on top of it, this freaking deal maybe one of the biggest trade steals ever (beaten only by the Vince Carter trade). Danny Ainge just amended his reputation of being an asshole by just getting this deal done, well you can’t say the same for Kevin McHale of course. Sparks will always fly will two dunces meet up together and one of them will always end up being the biggest ever loser, and that’s McHale.

Why? First of all, the Celtics get to finally throw Sebastian Telfair off to some team and let them polish his guns rather than keeping his nameplate somewhere around the locker room. Not that Telfair isn’t a good player, he’s got issues, and add him up with Ricky Davis? the nutter heads are always better than one.

Then there’s Theo Ratliff, who had always been a shot blocking presence and also a non-existence in the offensive end, he was solid for a few years back with the Sixers but then, he’s a has been. Gerald Green had shown signs of stardom in his two seasons with the Celtics, highlighted by his 10.3 ppg during the season, but if anyteam were the look for a role model for inconsisteny, Green’s your man, ya the retort is that he’s still young and still developing, but is he a sure thing? I mean I know KG is the real deal, but is Green the real deal?

Ryan Gomes is a hard worker, plays his heart out for the team, works hard to get better and all, but the Wolves already have a player in Ryan Gomes’ shoe, Craig Smith, although currently Gomes is a rather more advanced version of Smith, wouldn’t Gomes’ arrival impede the growth of Smith?

The same goes with Al Jefferson, who was a boderline All-Star in my opinion, but then again, he isn’t a sure thing, and when Al Jefferson is the best player you would have to give up for a former MVP, I think that’s a fair price to pay. The bottomline of all the harp I’ve just typed above is, the Celtics got a steal, no doubt about it, they’re not giving away all of their talented young-ies, they still have Tony Allen and Rajon Rondo with them, they got rid of a cancer, an old dude, an inconsistent guy, and a borderline All-Star for a future Hall of Famer.

ALL OF THAT ABOVE, brings us to the MAIN TOPIC of this post, how good will the Celtics be? they’re after all in the same division as the Nets, and it’s all common rule to always peek at your neighbours and check out what they’re doing. The Celtic roster stands at 8-9 players, and I figured that their starting five would consist of the “Big Three” (again), Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins, and the guys off the bench would be Gabe Pruitt, Tony Allen, Brian Scalabrine and Glen Davis.

Is that a championship caliber lineup? I’d say NO, and that’s not because they’re our rivals or whatever, they just aren’t, the number of players they gave up, by my count it’s 7 players for two (Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett) basically screwed up the depth of their team and exept for th starting five, they look scarily thin. and then the chemistry issue comes in, KG, Jesus, Pierce, they’d all been the man for their team fr the past few years with no proper sidekick or whoever, and now they’re all stacked up together in this team, I mean having to superstars and choosing one to take the final shot is hard, but three? wow.

Ray Allen would have experience playing with another big three before, KG has always been accomadating but is Pierce a person who would give up his scoring after so many years of carrying the team and so on…I’m intrigued really.


For Those Who Had Never Seen Jason Kidd Dunk Before.. July 29, 2007

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and it’s not just a simple flush…screw you AW

UPDATE** yea, I found this a week too late

Why are those people interviewing him thursting the recorders towards him? and what is that dude in the white shirt doing? AND boy, a clean shaven head = YOUNG-ish~ look, he looks 25 seriously. Oh, and he called Colangelo to be on Team USA? amazing..I’d tought if he would have a grudge against ayone, that would be him, but hey, he has a grudge on Joumama right? Oh is that done an dusted already?

Sean Williams Redux July 29, 2007

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I haven’t actually seen Sean Williams in action yet, except for 15 second clips of him blocking and dunking the basketball, but then again, just seeing him play in those 15 second videos and listening to people going on and on about how good he is defensively, I’d already set a bar for him that is like THAT HIGH, and it would really dissapoint me if he fails to match that standard I’ve set for him.

But then again, Do I actually have the right to even judge or predict how good or how bad is he going to play? Do I have the right to criticise him when he fails to live up to my expectations?
TARRYTOWN, NY - JULY 27:  Sean Williams #51 of the New Jersey Nets poses for a portrait during the 2007 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot on July 27, 2007 at the MSG Training Facility in Tarrytown, New York.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2007 NBAE  (Photo by Steve Freeman/NBAE via Getty Images)
I’d already noted numerous times on numerous blog entries that Sean Williams would come into the team and be the piece that could help us checkmate the entire league into submission, but yet, would he just be another Maceo Baston? or the next Kenyon Martin? The lines are clearly drawn here, either he’s a fan favorite, or the next Yinka Dare.

As biased as I am, I’m still ready to insert Sean Williams as my starting center immediately, It’s not just because I don’t like Jamaal Magloire, he has yet to convince me that he’s NOT “soft”, but wouldn’t it be better that the team let Williams start and see how he does for the first ten games? if he excels in the role that he’s been given, then hooray, if he doesn’t, we would still know how good can he be and gauge him from there.

I know this is a crap article but somehow I just found the words to correctly describe the Nets’ frontline, WHAT WE LACK IN QUALITY, WE HAVE IT IN QUANTITY.

(EDIT: I know this may sound hypocritical (I think I am anyway), BUT if Sean Williams isn’t starting, I hope Magloire starts over Jason Collins, for the love of god really, I’d really need to come up with someting against him all over again.)

Pinpointed Dashes and Uncommonly Scattered Bullets July 25, 2007

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Life in College is not good at all, never good, never will be, first of all the traffic on the way there, the amount of money being used everyday (NOTE: only spent 2.60 on chocolate milk today, milagro), the stress (blah), the lecturers, the annoying road thugs (DUH!), and so on, and the fact that I’m poor enough to have to park my vehicle (I resent the word cars*) 500+meters away from college sucks.

KobeBryant은 암컷 이다

No Idea what the hell is that? well, maybe the word Kobe betrayed the words a little, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Have any idea how playing in a ball game against Vince Carter would be like? pro pick-up, well, try this.

One, he shoots jumpers left-handed as well and with the same range as he does with his right.

SERIOUSLY THIS SITE NEEDS A POLL, and I’m hell bent on starting one, say right now, ya everybody(I guess) knows that WordPress (was about to type Wikipedia then) doesn’t support embedded Java stuff, so if I have to count the votes manually, I WOULD; So, for the first poll since Hooplah Nation moved over from blogger…the question is.. Is Mikki Moore a LIAR? I’m always bitter. pun.

No, I’m not showing this video because Kobe Bryant hit the game winner, I’m not doing this to emphasize on how Kobe got his dunk attempt blocked by Lebron, no, I’m not focusing on how good Kevin Durant can be, or what shape Jason Kidd is in, by the way, he looks great although for those shorts bursts and all. The purpose of showing the video, is for the sake of all Team U.S.A fans, the first step to victory is…. Get Rid Of The Skin Tight Jerseys;

Tight Top and Baggy Shorts leads to CONSPIRACY THEORY #1, it’s actually part of the plot to make opposing teams feel irritated and annoyed by the jerseys and somehow affect their performances, after-all it’s all about psychology.

I’m having my only class of the day, WA(Writing Academically)<-distorted on purpose, in aout 7 hours from now, and I haven’t slept for a day AND, the lecturer of the subject is a punch hole full of crap, It’s like the guys who went all the way to sell Kobe’s video for $1.20 per view. AND, she looks like Dinah from Alice in Wonderland, POSITIVELY SO, horrible..

Za ljubav treba imati hrabrost, which roughly translates to “I have no idea what the hell is that”, Kidding, it’s actually Nenad Krstic’s interview with some Seeeerrrbbiiiaannn newspaper, Blic, yes BLIC. It’s eerie to see Jason Kidd as Krstic’s sports’ idol and have a girlfriend fo four years.

I’m totally immersed with YUI at the moment, I mean totally, ya you’d go through the process of wow, if only I knew Japanese and yada yada yada. I’m way past that, I’m on another level guys.

My favourite quote from the David Stern press conference?
  “This is an isolated incident.” Ya right, which leads us to CONSPIRACY THEORY NO.2, All Games were fixed and it’s part of Stern’s (I hate world domination) plan to create a big news coup to generate publicity for the league.

MY PLEA TO NBA TEAMS AND GMS..SIGN JAMES WHITE!! PLEASE!! you can waive him after the All-Star weekend if you please, I just wanna see him in the Dunk contest.

Daisuke Matsuzaka = the BOMB, Barry Bonds like what? 753?

It’s Official July 24, 2007

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Just to make this news have a thread of its own, as we all know, Lawrence Frank got the desired extension he wanted; How do one actually describes Frank? well, he’s a great coach and he led the Nets to the playoffs in all four years at the helm here in E.R, but the catch is, he’s never coached the team past the second round, he’s 18-20 in the playoffs FYI.

My concern has always been to live for the moment,” Frank said. “I just do my job and eventually I’ll get evaluated properly. I don’t worry about things I can’t control.”

It sounds like he didn’t see that coming or something, but the contract is around 4 million per year, and he’s still only 36.

Career Record: 157-129
Playoffs Record: 18-20

LINK to Frank Interview

New Jersey Nets and the Deathly Hallows July 24, 2007

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Ten or More reasons why the New Jersey Nets will end next season as the NBA champions, and of course, to sooth the masses’ criticism, I will duly come up with another Ten or more reasons why NOT..

We’ll start today’s countdown from TEN – SIX, why? so I could save more content to allow me to post regularly, by and the way, I’ll be posting moeand more random stuff right maybe until the new season starts, so get a hold of that, this is getting PERSONAL.

Starting the countdown at Ten, Jason Collins takes out his magic wand and gives it a swish.
TEN #10- You know, It’s aways a peasure to have Jason Collins anywhere near somewhere, so he takes his spot at number ten here, why? because with the influx of biggies coming into the team, Jack Cro’s minutes is going way down, which could only mean one thing..Ws!!

At Nine, Vince Carter discovered the wizarding world and plays the wizardy sport, Quidditch.
NINE #9- Yes, he played the game and he hated it, and somehow through some weird spellcasting by some random members of the audience, Vince Carters learns the mantra of “now or never”, and decides to go all out, result? 90% of his shots in the 2007 season are within the paint
P.S : Clutch while knowing “now or never”

Richard Jefferson learns something at Eight, It’s never too late to get married, but it’s going to be too late to win a championship if you don’t hurry
EIGHT #8- RJ WILL break out of the shadow casted by both Kidd and Vince Carter, but in a certain day, he woke up and told his future wife, “chups, we ain’t getting married till I get that ring.” Thus, he wanted to ork hard for his marriage in order to shed that gay tag.

Hassan Adams comes back to haunt us at Seven.
SEVEN #7- Hassan Adams is haunting the team, everyone is scared, but hey, Rod Thorn has a sidejob that no one ever knew of, he’s an exorcist, thus bringing in important philosophy to the team, Believe in the Impossible. Magic isn’t it.

Lawrence Frank was transferred to Hogwart’s School of Wizardry to teach Muggle Studies and his favorite chapter of the text book is “Is there an age limit for basketball coaches?”
SIX #6- Upon returning from Hogwarts, Frank was given a payrise, a hefty one I must say, no wonder Mikki Moore left, they’re overpaying a coach rather than him, anyway, t new deal gives Frank two more years (at $4.2 million and $4.4 million) beyond the 2007-08 season, which means it will be extra motivation?

to be continued…tsuzuku..

Tim Donaghy who? July 23, 2007

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April 10, 2007
New Jersey 96, Washington 92

Even spread

Fouls: Nets 28, Washington 26

The Associated Press reports that Washington players felt they were treated unfairly and writes, “The game was full of head-scratching calls.” In a game where fouls were being called on the slightest tap, the Wizards’ DeShawn Stevenson did not draw a foul on two drives in the final minute.

New Jersey Nets' Vince Carter (15) looks for an option before being fouled during the third quarter of an NBA basketball game against the Washington Wizards, Tuesday, April 10, 2007 in Washington. Carter scored 31 points as the Nets won 96-92.
Hmm….Which game was it??? Well, It’s actually a historic game, here’s part of the review

Vince Carter was excellent today, not because he scored 31, because he shot only six threes and was 13-13, perfect from the line, the total opposite from the three pointers he attempted two days ago, he was absolutely dominating in the fourth and also he bettered his franchise record of 1,911 points to 1,931, something even Stephon Marbury can’t do.

Well, basically I have nothing against Tim Donaghy, first of all he only refereed one controvesial Net game, and still the Nets won in that game, so I really wouldn’t have that much complaints. 

But then again, controversies such as this are bound to happen somehow, I mean it’s going to happen no matter how you prevent it, look at football (soccer for those faint hearted), match fixing, or however you would name it, it’s occurence is like child abuse, it happens everyday, and yeah, for the first time, it’s shocking, and it’s a bitter pill to swallow but after that initial period of shock, I’d think that anyone would come to their senses and agree that this is all part of the playbook.

No, i don’t mean it in a bad way, it’s just that the league office could either make or break their reputation on how they manage this situation, it’s not how sticky it becomes, it’s how efficient the league will be in the future, people would be all over the place talking about this fracas, but I’m not worried about this at all, after all, no matter how big an egolomaniac David Stern is, he’d stll be the best in the business, so rest assured this thing is done and dusted.

Jamaal Magloire’s the MAN July 22, 2007

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Viva Las Vegas baby, anone live-blogging the USA- Serbia match? man, I’m falling in love with Patrick Beverly.