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Devin is an All-Star, Vince isn’t so he sprains his ankle in protest? February 1, 2009

Posted by netsophobia in Injury Updates, Nets News, Vince Carter.

Yeah, that’s generally what happened, but what’s the good news? we won? for only the second time in 10 games? wow, I seriously had no idea that the after effect of Carter going down with an injury would actually spark the team to play so well.

Down 12 in the fourth, without literally their best player on the team, their leader, yet by some divine stroke of luck and defense, the Sixers couldn’t even bribe a basket for 10 minutes, Carter showed the resilience of a team leader when he tried to come back to the game twice and that effect rubbed off on the team, rather than lying down and letting the Sixers steam roll them over, they came back had big plays offensively and defensively, the game winning block by Trenton Hassell, Brook Lopez’s dominating performance in the fourth, an improbable victory totally, with a huge cost tho, Vince Carter could be out for a month, Bobby Simmons for two weeks maybe, and without Yi, we would be very short on the wing.

But one thing is for sure, Devin Harris’ play has been very spotty for the last 8 games or so, after the second half benching by Frank, he’s only topped 20 points on 2 occasions, and his shooting numbers are all down, and so is his turnover numbers. Hopefully his first trip to the All-Star game could rejuvenate his game and he can come back stronger for the second half of the season, because this is the most crucial time of the year, and we need him at his best, especially when without Carter.

Doug Overton and CDR should have patched things up already, so this could probably be the break he’s waiting for, he’s been on the bench the entire season and literally not playing alot of minutes, but this time, Frank would be forced to give him or Ager some time on the court, and we can finally gauge their value on the team.



1. Sami A - February 3, 2009

I’m just glad we won a game. Philly’s perimeter shooting just went into the tank.

The refs almost lost the game for us, but thank god it didn’t work. Because that Thaddeus Young steal on Harris towards the end was crap. Devin was mugged and there was no call.

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