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Da Nets skins The Celts November 30, 2006

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-30th of November 2006 against the Nets..woot!!

Paul Pierce frustrated?…not the 1st time we;ve seen this actually theres more..

okaiz…lets see, frustrated, frusty, frustrated..from left 2003-2004,2004- 2005, 2005-2006, Paul Pierce is frustrated..!!! but why??? well simply because the Boston Celtics suckHE IS DAMN RIGHT!!!

New Jersey Nets regular season record: 6-9
comment : dismayed by the record, overyjoyed by the win and Hassan Adams



Witty Wits November 30, 2006

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Good Guys
– Ge Li , Yi Yue, Zi Tuan and the Liang Prince + de guey lou tunnel digger

Bad Guys
– Zhao army commander (he’s not bad actually), Liang King
– sometime before China was unified..

Favourite scenes
1) Ge Li shot a modified arrow with abit of help from the sun..wow
2) the archery competition between Zi Tuan n the prince, especially when the last arrow that was launched by Zi Tuan..smack in the face for the prince
3) Ge Li walking onto the top of the hill overlooking the city of Liang
4) Ge Li (again) slashing the horse’s belly with a dagger…sliding down n brrrrrrzzz…geng
5) Ge Li retaking Liang with de help of guey lou..
6) the Zhaos attacking thru a barrage of hot air balloons..hot air balloons ancient techonology??i mean not so ancient gua

Saddest Scenes
1) Zhao soldiers getting shot at even though they’ve surrendered..
2) Zi Tuan’s shooting crippled
3) Yi Yue got her tongue cut off or sumthing like dat la haha
4) Yi Yue drowning in the cell

Funniest Scenes –
Liang Prince shot to death by his own archers..dumb general Niu

Shitty and Disliked Scenes
1) Zhao soldiers getting burned to death..lame
2) The king of Liang drinking everyday at his palace..pathetic
3) Battle scenes really could have been better..the best part would have been the Zhao soldiers moving around and the fuel bombs exploding around the Zhao troops
4) Liang king getting all the adoration from the people although he didnt do anything to help the cause..asshoLe
5) Liang king smirking towards the Zhao commander when arrows where shot towards the room he was in..KNN

Overall it’s good la, Andy Lau still proves that he’s the bomb, the rest of the cast did really well i think..i heard it has a $16 million budget!!!where did all the money go? buying arrows? improve the CGI on the battle scenes mah!! Fan bingbing looks nice!! better than shes been in other movies..Best Chinese movie this year ba.

Numb3rs? November 29, 2006

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wow…half a day into this new blog n i’ve already forgotten my password, imagine if it’s my bank account number…it’s so freaking hard for me to remember passwords, so my passwords are all in a unified form for ATM pin to any online game accounts or email adds, they’re all the same u get my password u get my life

2.10am in the kitchen

Da Milk

Kaya..peanut butter i have it all, cornflakes n milk, woo..lol..dats my supper KWA..maybe more later..=.=

The Electrocutionary Death Theory November 29, 2006

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The Electrocutionary Death Theory

okay, this was sumthing i tot about when i went for dinner and it was raining at the same time…so it goes like this, its raining alrite, and its raining damn heavily, so the whole ground is wet and covered with water.. and there’s people walking on the ground..so what happens if the lightning strikes? let’s say it strikes the ground..like the picture above..by then the electricity would transfer to the legs of the people walking on the ground rite?..what would happen to them? would they end up dead? BTW the blue color thingy is water…