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Game Recap, Half Spirited Musings, Big Announcement, Red Soxs Suck December 7, 2007

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Yeah, we lost to the god damned Knicks, wow, and Jason Kidd’s on a strike, double wow, why is Kidd on strike? well, they said he’s basically sick with the team’s direction and doesn’t like to play on a team of loozers, that is us Nets, yo man, I can feel you dude, I know you want a championship, but man you can go on a strike supporting anti whaling organizations in Japan while we got beat by someone like Jamal Crawford..

Oh Jason said he had migraines? well, because the media’s been spreading shit about how Kidd is trying to force a trade or maybe getting a new contract, so I believe he’s got a migraine no shit alright, besides, he’s Jason Kidd, he’s the Nets, if anyone on this league wants to sit out a game or two, Jason Kidd is the one, and if he’s really sick and tired of this team, why wouldn’t he be?, Vince Carter’s playing at a low level, RJ’s been good but really doesn’t change things, I have Kidd’s back over this issue, fuck those shit, but still it’s not a good thing to happen, because every fucking December now, this team has to deal with whether should they blow the fucking team up or trade Kidd, and now I’m reaching a point after seeing how this season is heading, yeah maybe we should. But we can only think about the worse only when this team is buried real deep in the standings.

Outstanding. Kidd hasn’t always been an altar boy in his six-plus years as a Net. There was his transparent execution of Byron Scott a couple of years ago. There was the regularity with which he and his ex-wife used to hijack Page Six. There were the comments a few weeks ago, on the West Coast, where he talked about his frustrations at the Nets’ inability to retain their place of prominence among Eastern Conference teams.

I’ll let you guess where that quote came from..

Yes, yesterday’s loss to the Knicks was terrible terrible terrible, because they had no Curry no Marbury no shit, and we still lost, but one can’t help symphatizing the team when your starting point guard is Eddie Gill and your back up point guard is nobody. FREE SEAN WILLIAMS!

On other news, I’m going on a vacation, until the 12th, which means this site would probably be dead for a couple of days, which I hope by the time I return, Jason Collins would be dead, and this team is hoppe 12-10.


Regular Season Game 19: New Jersey Nets – New York Knicks December 5, 2007

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Erm, I don’t know how to start this post, I’ve used all possible ways to describe the Knicks, from ruthless vulgarity to comparing them with donuts to bashing columns, I’ve ran out of ways to describe my hatred so basically I’m just going to say the Knicks SUCK, emphasis on the caps there you see.

Seriously, will anyone feel for Stephon? loing your own dad sucks but, It’s crazy Stephon Marbury, no dissing, but if his insanity’s going to stop or slow down a bit, his dad’s death is probably a good thing for him. WOW, I just typed something nice about the Knicks and it didn’t leave a bad taste in my mouth, oh okay there it is.

The Knicks have probably the gayest frontcourt in the league, with fartboy Zach Randolph tipping the scales at I dont know how much, add in Jerome James and Eddy Curry the scale probably would have broke, anyhow, anything, please do not sign Kiki Vandebitch to the Nets, we deserve better than a guy who only knows how to keep ranting about how Michael Redd is the best kept secret in the league, fuck you. I don’tcare if we go on a 3 game losing streak later I just wanna beat the Knicks.


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First of all, I never noticed the sudden inflx of JC mixtapes around youtube, because if you looked back at previous posts since February, I’ve been using the same youtube video of JC whenever I need him to be humiliated or something, but this sudden incursion of videos had me going, and man, this is good, let’s start the countdown.


The first ever Collins video, that’s why it’s here.

Title: Jason Collins NJ NETS Warrior
Description: Nets Warrior who does the little things for the past 6 years and puts his body on the line…for us fans…

It’s a long video, no highlights but just ictures of Collins doinghis thing (I wonder what thing)

Title: Jason Collins better than Eddy Curry
Description: Jason Collins laughs at Eddy Curry

Jason Collins laughing at Eddy Curry for doing what he does best.

Title: Jason Collins Mix
Description: Jason Collins Mix

Even Jerome James had his own mix, why can’t Twin have his? well, he’s got one now.

Title: Hack a Collins
Description: Jason Collins gets fouled like shaq but makes his freethrows atleast!
The Mother of all Collins videos, you hav to watch to believe. THIS IS THE SHIT, certified by Hooplah.. Nation. GOLD PLATED STUFF.

Pre Season Game 7: FNALLY WE END WITH THE KNICKS October 27, 2007

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Antoine Wright and Nenad Krstic are both in contract season so I expect big things from them this season, but what’s that gotta do with this game preview against the Knicks? why, because the Knicks are a piece of joke that’s why there’s nothing better to say when we play against them except for Eddy Curry and Z-Bo enjoys donuts, and we get to see Jason Kidd in action for the first time this season.

Rod Thorn wants flexibility at the end of next season, but wait, what about this season? you have to waive another dude man, wuld it be Mile Ilic? or Bernard Robinson? or hopefully not Robert Hite; If Antoine Wright leaves at the end of this season, I’d be very dissapointed, A&W’s my man for two years, and although he’s abit blah at times, I love him, but if he doesn’t deserve the new contract I want him to have, then I wish him luck somewhere else. The Krstic situation is a no brainer, they have to pickup his contract option or it’s franchise suicide.

Hey, why are we talking bout next season when we have a pre season game in our hands against the Knicks? Well because no one cares bout the Knicks? hope to see Vince blocking more of David Lee’s shots tonight. Cheers, Charles Barkley likes us, even though the entire world don’t.

Pre Season Game 3: Everyone hates Richard Jefferson, but he’s back for more October 19, 2007

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Yeah baby, guess who is back scoring like crazy; who? none other than public enemy number 1 Richard Jefferson. In fact everyone was shooting the ball well except for good old Antoine Wright, who seems to have hands like Oliver Miller’s

Eddie Gill is really making a good case for himself come opening tip but Darrell Armstrong except for the turnoff (5 TOs) prove to be the better man and the older dude. 8 assists beats five everyday.

rare sight

Vince Carter only managed 6 threes before being pulled out of the game, but the man who surprised me the most no doubt is Nenad Krstic; 5-5 from the field including a three? wow. Interesting development. Robert Hite is turning into a very good picku so is Malik Allen, but then again…

Do you think Jason Collins would beat Eddy Curry in a FT shoot out? both of them suck.

Now you know why Antoine Wright misses so many shots

Richard Jefferson: 25 points, 8-11FGs, 2-2 3pt, 7-11 FT
Vince Carter: 22 points, 7-10 FGs, 4-6 3pt, 4-6 FT

Pre Season Game 3: FUCK the Knicks and grab her ass October 18, 2007

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Here’s some Krispy Kremo Knicks Collabo

Eddy Curry – Glazed Chocolate Cake
why? well, because he’s the fattest of them all; and the glazed choco cake looks the most fattening as you can see on the top left donut.

Zach Randolph – Chocolate Ice Kreme Filled
he’s fat with substance hence kreme filled

Stephon Marbury – Powdered Cake
if you have a look at the powdered cake, you can see that it’s white with powdered sugar, which can be mistaken for drugs, which Marbury is obviously on due to his luncay on television.

Nate Robinson – Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles
Kids all like candy spinkles, and Nate here is a kid, with a bozo attitude.

The last game against Charlotte was crap, the third quarter collaspe was totally crap as well, we played like lottery chumps and Charlotte played like playoff contenders, but this game against the Knicks is important, it’s against another Atlantic conference foe, and after seeing Boston dismantle New York, gotta give the Cs some respect; that’s why we have to beat the Knick’s ass down to show them we can do the same.

Five Questions and thoughts to ponder going into the game
– Can we see more of Sean Williams?
– Whoever shuts down Eddy Curry tonight will have the best chance of starting during the season
– Can Eddie Gill stop turning the ball over?
– Is Bostjan Nachbar o a scoring streak or a shot hogging spree?
– Jason Kidd Sexual Assault; Yay or Nay?

The Knicks will love this.

Marty Burns does not like New Jersey, BUT I do August 4, 2007

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Now my take on the East, I don’t know whether Marty Burns is on crack or whatever, but come on man, Jersey? eighth? who is he kidding? I don’t know how to say this, but I know the teams limitations, so I won’t go on an ignorant typing spree and say that the team is the best in the East or whatever because the fact is they are NOT.

We’re NOT BETTER than
The Cleveland Cavaliers – or LeBron’s team? they killed us on the rebounding end during the playoffs, which I think their dominance over us will continue; no matter how many rebounding bigs we sign. Magloire isn’t going to blow us away by grabbing 10+ rebounds per game, not with Jason Kidd in the line up NO. Our back court is better than theirs definitely, but their frontcourt will kill us totally.

The Detroit Pistons – I hate to say this but for me, the Nets can’t seem to beat Detroit, even though they’re on a bad patch, we can’t seem to take advantage of that. their bench got deeper and their starting five is still a five man group who can impose their will on any game any time.

The Toronto Raptors – The reigning Atlantic division champs and I expect them to stay the champs, Ya, they didn’t made any big moves to shore up the team or anything, but hey, when you’re already good, what can you still do to change it? Why change things when nothing’s wrong right? what they did was ala Spurs, tweak the bench but not the starting five, that was what the Spurs did and that got them championships, and in Toronto’s case, It will win them the division crown, Jason Kapono + Juan Dixon + Bargnani = deadly.

The Chicago Bulls – They’re basically the same as Toronto, if nothing’s wrong don’t fix it. They’ll basically be the same team last season and will also have an improved Tyrus Thomas taking over from P.J Brown, deep backcourt with Shefolosha and Duhon, scary.

The Washington Wizards – Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison ARE a more productive trio compared to the Nets’ big three, but team wise, we’re a better defensive team, a pretty much balanced team, abit better on half court sets, and abit more consistent. Besides they have some dude named Michael Ruffin on their bench, who is basically the second coming of Popeye Jones, minus the production.

The Boston Celtics – I have no idea how many times have I already said this for the past few days, but unless Boston miraculously finds a way to get somebody other than Glen Davis as their first frontcourt option off the bench, there’s a bunch of exmaples of “big threes” failing to get the job done, example? the Bucks, and of course our very own Nets. Besides that, you have to play in that gelling factor, they can’t say whatever they want about how they like each other, but nothing counts until they produce on the court, MAKE ME EAT ME PETTY WORDS.

The Miami Heat – ONE WORD, OLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Find me another team who has a team as old as them, I mean AS OLD AS THEM, they have some young guys who can play, Dorrell Wright, Wayne Simien, but the problem is, Pat Riley doesn’t play them and he likes to stick with guys like Antoine Walker and yada yada yada, even though the thorough fact is that they can’t produce, this is the year we’ll kick their asses.

The New York Knicks – Overweight big men, Blah.

The Orlando Magic – Would probably go on a big run the close the season on during the season, but Rashard Lewis will be hoisting a ton load of threes.

The Indiana Pacers, Atlanta Hawks, Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia Sixers and the Charlotte Bobcats – Surely one of these teams will surprise, or maybe TWO.


What’s New in The Atlantic Division July 5, 2007

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The Nets drafted Sean Williams and re-signed Vince Carter, we all know that, but in the mean time, our foes around the division got better as well, that’s an understatement because the number of stars around the teams are double the number of last season’s, basically right now the Knicks are contenders to make the playoffs, the Sixers probably won’t suck that much, Boston would have two All-Stars on their team, the Raptors went from strong to abit stronger, and of course then there’s the Nets.

New York Knicks
No matter how you look at it, the Jigs stole one hell of a deal from Portland, basically you’re giving up a malnutritioned 7 footer who shootes too much and a also a Nate Robinson sized tumor in exchange for a premiere 20/10 guy in the league, that’s good business anyhow you see it.

Wilson Chandler isn’t much of a prospect in my eyes, but since Isiah had a wee bit of success in the draft, as in David Lee and Renaldo Balkman, I’ll give him to benefit of the doubt that Chandler will not end his first season like how ermm…Michael Bradley did.

Possible Outlook: A starting line-up of Stephon Marbury, Jamal Crawford, Quentin Richardson, Z-Bo, and Eddy Curry, sounds really tasty on paper, Krispy Kremez, but everything looks good on paper, Curry and Randolph are both black holes, put them on a tande and you get possibly a 0:4 assists to TO ratio, Randolph will have to live with less shots and accept and interview on Marbury’s frickin’ show.

Throw in the fact that they have a very strong bench, David Lee, Mardy Collins and yes, Nate Rosbinson, yes they have quite a squad out there, but then again, they have Jerome James and Isiah Thomas

Favorite Outlook: Randolph, Eddy Curry and Jerome James, the three big fat uncles, bwent fishing at some nearby swamp, tagging along, their little nephew Nate Robinson. So the three “Fatsketeers” saw this Dunkin Donut outlet and went berserk, leaving their  nephew outside the store picking fights with everyone.

Philadelphia Sixers
Thaddeus Young
, they said they need his shooting or whatever, Derrick Byars is a steal, Jason Smith WILL be a bust, and also another guy aptly named Herbert’s on a Hill, four rookies, and one of them’s a bust.

Derrick Byars is one of my favorites in this year’s draft, and seeing him on the Sixers team makes me feel like.. feel like… Qyntel Woods all over again, anyhow, the Sixers looking at Andre Iguodala as a saviour as just playing themselves, A.I is a star, he is a good player, but he isn’t a franchise player, YET, Andre Miller and guys are heading towards to correct path, adding in a collection of experience, athleticism, and youth, they’re heading towards the correct path, they just need time to grow.

Possible Outlook: Probably struggle their way onto another limping record during the All-Star Break before charging back for a grandstand finish, Iguodala will probably be an ALl-Star or maybe bubble All-Star team player, Jason Smith would have proven that Nick Fazekas is a better prospect and player.

Favorite Outlook: Derrick Byars, Thad Young, and Herbert Hill all breaking into the starting lineup alongside Iguodala and Andre Miller, ya, they’ll play small ball, and Byars will just jack up threes. Iguodala + Young + Miller = lots of alley-oops.

Toronto Raptors

BC (Before Colangelo), this team would have probably sucked their way through the draft process (drafting Rafael Araujo), or swam their way through the Free Agency (Rafer Alston? Lamond Murray?). But now, After Colangelo, he’s got himself Carlos Delfino in exchange for two draft picks, and then signing Jason Kapono through FA. By the way, BC hates the draft or what? he traded away Phoenix’s draft pics, and now he’s doing the same with the Raptors?

Possible Outlook: Build on their spetacular season and successfully defends the Atlantic crown, Chris Bosh turns into the second coming on Tim Duncan and brings the team to the brink of say the Eastern Conference Finals, Kapono shoots the bullets out of the crowd and Juan Dixon sulks somewhere in the arena. Hi Kris Humphries, you suck.

Favorite Outlook: They go the Clippers way of life, and struggles throughout the entire season, ending wth a mediocre or bad record, and leads everyone to believing Bryan Colangelo isn’t god in disguise, he’s Lucifer, and Sam Mitchell will be brought to the gallows.

Boston Celtics

HAHAHA, that’s it, way to go Danny, way to fucking go and screw up whatever’s left of your sorry franchise, and trade for Ray Allen? look, your team at least had something goin with Delonte West, Tony Allen and all the young guys on the team, basically if you wouldn’t want to trade Al Jefferson, then trade Paul Pierce, something’s gotta give, but not the 5th pick, that team just went from servicable to bad. They’re going to be undersized for good, AL Jefferson will have to play Center, Ryan Gomes will have to make way for Pierce to slide over to the 3. Ray Allen’s going to sell some jerseys and make some shots, but he isn’t going to brng this team to the promiseland. maybe lotto land. 

Possible Outlook: The Celtics starting FIVE, 1- Rajon Rondo, 2- Ray Allen, 3- Paul Pierce, 4- Ryan Gomes, 5- AL Jefferson, looks good right? except for the fact that bot of their All-Stars are injury prone, okay maybe Pierce isn’t but Allen’s going to miss his fair share of 10-20 games every season, maybe they will scrape into the playoffs or stay in the race until something happens, some bad injury happens, but maybe they won’t at all.

Favorite Outlook: ending the season 20-62, or worse or partially better, so that they could get the number overall draft pick and spend it on O.J Mayonaisse, and with that I can conclude their season with a nice, EVEN JESUS COULDN’T SAVE BOSTON. (Sorry Adam if you’re reading this, it soudns a bitharsh I know.)

I won’t be doing the Nets, why? because I don’t want to be have to sort of blogging bias, so I would save the Nets for later, because I know that I would eventually end up being bias eventhough I’ve said I won’t. Try me.