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The Streak ends at Five January 26, 2009

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The game against Memphis was our best chance the win something at last and the team didn’t dissapoint, outplaying Memphis for most of the game and finally coming out with an important win, to get to 20 wins at last.

For the first time this season, the Nets totally outplayed somebody in the fourth quarter, although given the fact the it’s the Grizzlies; It’s always important to get the feeling of dominating a quarter especially crucial quarters like the fourth, it’s like getting the team to be able to turn on the switch that could propel them from playing good in a quarter to playing excellent.

Carter started out hot while Memphis opted to go one on one on almost every possession, maybe it’s Johnny Davis’ way of sabotaging the team because he wasn’t named as head coach for the rest of the season, in his mind he’s probably going, who the hell is Lionel Hollins?

Although it was a good win, Devin Harris himself admitted that the team had bouts of complacency during the game, letting the Grizzlies back into it during the third quarter and early in the fourth, “When we had a big lead, we could have pushed a little bit further, but we let them get back in the game”. But the effort showed in the fourth ensured the victory and thank god, we’re now 20-24.


New Jersey Nets Game 40 Review January 17, 2009

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For three quarters the Nets looked like a team capable of doing alot of things but in the last 5 minutes of the fourth, the Nets’ just looked overwhelmed, fatigued, and generally incapable of stopping anything that the Blazers were throwing at them. Not Jerryd Bayless, Not Travis Outlaw, they were not able to stop abyone from scoring in the last few minutes.

The team shot tremendously the entire game but somehow we just didn’t made them when it mattered most, Vince was probably still recovering from the shock of witnessing a plane crash, everyone played an almost perfect game, it seemed impossible for us to lose in the third because we were playing that well, we were neck and neck with the Blazers.

It also looked easier when Steve Blake wasn’t playing, which meant that they would be short at the PG position, but then again, it’s just like the Nets, which Brandon Roy, a great passer who is capable of playing PG, it allowed Jerryd Bayless, an undersized scoring guard to come in and play the SG, and it was his introduction to the game that turned it around for them. 23 points and 11-11 FTs? Unfathomable.

This team just needs a really strong perimeter defender that is fast enough and can hold guys on the other team from scoring, we’ve seen it in so many previous games, and today it’s the same thing all over again, a 6-7 wing scoring all over us, this time it was Travis Outlaw. We have guys who are average defenders, but they’re just not good enough, Trenton Hassell was once a decent defender, but now he rarely gets on the floor, and when he does, he’s not able to do anything.

The much hyped out battle between the two rookie centers was, well just hype. Brook Lopez again consistent with his performance, coming up with 17 points, 6 rebounds and the daily 2 blocks, Ryan Anderson had his second consecutive game in double figures, but he hadn’t boxed anyone out for the entire game, 2 rebounds from the PF spot is Ruffin-ish.

Eventhough it’s a tough loss, it was still a decent performance from the team, 19-21 is not too bad at the moment, I just hope that this mini run of losses would give the team more character and somehow strengthen their resolve to start winning on the road again.

New Jersey Nets Game 39 Review January 15, 2009

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Come on, 32 isn’t that bad, if you think of the few positives that we can take from the game.

Well, Carter who was apparently reported that he was going to be a game time decision really should have stayed at home for this one, a 4 point, 1-10 shooting dud from him isn’t really the best way to boost his chances for an All-Star berth.

We were neck and neck with champs for two quarters, going into the half only down by 10, but again, again, again and again, we lost it at the third quarter, which totally blew the game open, and we blew ourselves out of it. 18 points was the gap alone in the third quarter, and Paul Pierce alone had 18 in the third, it’s just totally mind boggling that we just allow ourselves to get steamrolled in this fashion.

For all four quarters we were outrebounded, outscored, outshot, and totally outplayed by the Celtics, and seriously tonight, we looked like a team that’s headed for the lottery rather than the playoffs. This game just made me hope that the few close games we squandered early on in the season does not come back and haunt us when we need wins in the coming months.

Brook Lopez and Ryan Anderson, the two rookies were the only bright spots and in a really forgettable game, both of them combining for 26 points, which were more than the two scoring duo in the league managed to produce. CDR also got to play which was great news, and so did tattoo-less Ager.

Let’s just hope this team would take this loss and a personal thing and take it all out in the next game against Brandon Roy and the Blazers because the four games left in this stretch, just shows us where we are right now as a team, and if the playoffs are serious ambitions, this is the real barometer test.

New Jersey Nets Game 37 Review January 14, 2009

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Well, looks like everyone that should start the game for the Nets started, and the end result was pretty good as well, aside from Carter’s apparent game winning jumpshot being canceled off by an ill advised time-out by Coach Frank, we move to four straight home wins after starting 5-12 at home.

Brook Lopez was the story of the game last night, 31 points and 13 rebounds, and his mandatory 2 blocks. Everything Lopez did, he did it confidence, his low post moves, his jumpshot, his free throws, everything looks perfect for Lopez at the moment and it’s paying dividends for the team. I have to say for a player his age, he plays the pick and roll really well, being able to finish strong with dunks and he always just seems to be at the right place at the right time, timely offensive rebounds and being able to finish with it are the reason he has his 31 points tonight.

I actually thought we’ve got the game in the pocket after a strong third quarter which saw us coming back from behind to take the lead. A 16-0 run stretch which saw the Thunder turn the ball numerous times, 3 steals by Carter in that span, but OKC came back strong in the fourth behind Durant to tie the game, before the “game winning” jumper by Carter.

Carter just took over in OT, scoring 7 to finish with 21 and 6 steals, his 2nd career high in as many games. Devin Harris who was a game time decision, showed no signs of his injury with 17 and 8, showing off his speed again, going coast to coast on certain occasions. Ryan Anderson in his first career NBA start, didn’t fare well shooting the basketball, 3-13, 0-4 from three, but he showed great hustle with 9 rebounds, 5 on the offensive end, I could say he warrants a start in the next game against the Celtics.

All in all it’s a solid win for the team, 9-12 now at home, we just need to keep winning home games now since we’re entering the toughest stretch of the season, starting tomorrow against the Champions Boston.

still got it

Big loss on all fronts January 10, 2009

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We lost the game after Bobby Simmons decides to taunt the shit out of all the Milwaukee players, and forgot about his job, letting himself slip and giving Luke Ridnour the game winning floater.

We lost even though Vince Carter again had his best game of the season, and the bench played very well even though its a 9 man rotation.

We lost even when the team shot lights out from the perimeter to come back into the game, we lost even with 30 assists, a season high. We also lost even though we shot 53% from the floor.

We even lost Yi, who was just starting to show some consistency, and well on his way to another 20 point game in the third when he somehow broke his pinky, and his probably going to be out for a month.

Big loss this is, this kind of performance usually warrants a win, we just didn’t get the break, and Bobby Simmons was excellent until the final play, really.

New Jersey Nets Game 36 Review January 9, 2009

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Can you believe that it’s actually three straight wins at home already? Can you also believe that a good start at home actually contributed to the win? It is also unbelievable that the all the starting score more than 9 points. What’s more incredible is that Yi has 2 straight games topping 20 points, And Brook Lopez, you’re a big guy, and you’re showing it, 5 dunks tonight, completely changed our minds on how many times you go rejected against the Heat. This is a good win for us no doubt.

Before the game, I thought this game would be a slog without Devin Harris, who of course leads the team in scoring and assists, but again Keyon Dooling proved that he can hold his own tonight, having to play 40 minutes, he ran the team pretty well and again played some solid defense, and showed some great hustle to get the basketball.

Without Harris, it would also mean that Carter would be playing as the point in certain stretches of the game, and did he respond to it, 12 assists, a bunch of them in pick and rolls with Lopez, and kick outs to Simmons and Yi. VC is just as good as anyone in playing the pick and roll, we saw that before with Carter and Boone, now Carter’s doing it with Lopez, just some easy easy basketball, and that simple basketball won the game for us.

Memphis did help us by starting off slow and missing a ton of early shots, but to their credit, they kept the game close and started to creep into the lead in the third, but tonight is just our night, Najera playing his first game with over 15 minutes, pushed the lead back up to double digits in the third by hitting two awkward looking jumpers which would make Mile Ilic proud.

Yi, for the first time this season showing some consistency that had been missing all the long, again in this game, no over-reliance on his jump shot but rather going in and out, playing in the post, and then coming back out for some pick and pops, Lopez and Yi did combine for 6 blocks, but you have to consider this, does Theo Ratliff with his facial features look more intimidating or both Yi and Lopez? But in all, a great win at home which boosted our home record to a still less than respectable 8 – 12.


New Jersey Nets Game 35 Review January 7, 2009

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The Nets might as well play without Devin Harris, because he didn’t have his speed with him today, but that didn’t stop Harris from dishing out 7 assists in 18 minutes, key to the Nets win.

Yi suddenly remembered where the low post is and showed us something we haven’t seen through out the entire year, and played underneath the basket showing some nice up and under moves, some old school behind the back basketball, and to top that up with 13 rebounds, while playing some real defense we haven’t saw since the Dirk Nowitzki shutdown, best performance of the season so far for him.

It’s also worth noting that the Kings’ woeful performance from their starting five resulted in the loss, Kevin Martin alone had 36 compared to the 33 by the five.

However, decent defense by the Nets, aided by the Kings’ crappy shooting allowed us to limit them to only 36 points after the half, after the hot start by Martin that helped the Kings to a big lead, the Nets fought back with great defense on Martin, 12 points after the half, and slowly cut back into the lead, which stopped at 2 after three quarters.

The defining moment of the game was a 3 possession span where Carter took over, first a drive which led to a pass, a Hayes three, then another drive, the same position, which the defender didn’t help in case of a kick out, led a to Carter dunk, and he finished it off with a three, which sealed the game for us. From down 2, we went to up 6 in a span of 2 minutes.

It still wasn’t pleasant to see Brook Lopez struggle that much on the floor against average defenders that he really should beat, but Brad Miller’s bruising defense really punk’d him out, but the 5 offensive rebounds were decent, and he’s got a nice back up in Josh Boone as well. Nice win for the Nets.

New Jersey Nets Game 34 Review: Blocked shots? January 5, 2009

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We didn’t have Devin going into the game, which was like a shocker for me because it was a game-time decision not to play against the Heat. However, he’s listed as day to day with his sore hamstring, so it is possible that he could be back in uniform against the Kings tomorrow.

What Devin didn’t bring to the floor, Keyon Dooling compensated for all of it, but the only drawback was the bench didn’t compensate for the loss of Keyon Dooling, we just need enough people to step up, and Brook Lopez, even though it was a decent outing on his part, he got his shot blocked like a thousand times in this game by Dwyane Wade? what happen to him?

But the story of the game is always the same, we just can’t stop Dwyane Wade, when he asserts himself, we’re just not there to stop him, he scores he passes, the team just sits and watch, trying hard but alas to no avail. Heck he nearly even won the game in regulation just with his defense, the two blocks at the end on Lopez and Carter?

But at least we had the highlight of the game, and Dooling was incredible, clutch, I mean he totally showed he can step into Devin Harris’ shoes any time any day.

Play of the Year for Keyon Dooling


D-Wade, it’s all about D-Wade