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if only…i said IF ONLY… December 28, 2006

Posted by netsophobia in Randomness.

okaiz, maybe u needa click on that pic to see it clearer, but if only the Nets played this well, IF ONLY, lol, maybe they shud sack Lawrence Frank and hire me instead, GMs u heard that?? i’m for hire yo…cut the popcorns, i’m for real..let’s see Jason Collins, the man who can’t do anything but stand on the court, is averaging 11.3 and 9 even 2.3blocks as well, boy, i bet he’s dreaming of that statline in his dreams, Vinsanity averaging 48!!! wows, well not really wow he took half of the shots in the team lol, oh further down is Marcus Williams averaging 16.5 ppg and 14.5 apg, believe it..


too bad virtual gaming doesnt transcrpt to reality, like i said, HIRE ME!!!, -.-, so since the Nets are 11-18 and playing like popsickles getting licked, my suggestion is, dun bother improving on our play, yea no post- season, no playoffs, hey look at the bright side yo, maybe if we could re-sign Vinsanity, and then, maybe we sucked enough to land our in the lottery and then maybe we could get Greg Oden with the 1st pick in the draft…ok thats a long shot but hey think about it




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