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news just before the eve December 31, 2006

Posted by netsophobia in Randomness.

good old basketball blogganations informed us today that the Mr. one man show, Michael Jordan has officially join the old school club once again and thus clearing himself off the excess baggage for the past 17 years..in short Michael Jordan is splitting up with his already former wife, Juanita, so pop up the champagnes and wines, the bachelor party is on again…

Prince lookalike no?

my reason for the divorce
Jordan: hey wife,where are you?
Wife: hey babe, i’m here
Jordan: wtf??ur Prince? what are u doing here? i did buy ur cds
Wife: hey, i’m ur wife Juanita
Jordan: no freaking way man, we’re getting a divorce, i’m not sleeping with Prince

in other news not related to marriages
hours after the Nets state address, Mikki Moore conjured up some Mikki magic to stop Lawrenzo Frank from waiving him by going 9 of 9 from the field for 20 points and oso 8 boards, 5 offensive boards, so the Nets are on a 2 game winning streak after netting the T-wolves in for a 100-92 win

mooring magic

Luol Deng scored a career high just a game after being clonked in the jaw by James Posey, he had 32 on a 15-19 shooting night, and the Chicago Bulls beat the Cavs led by King James‘s 33 which wasn’t enough, the Bulls win 103-96

xtra info: Luol Deng was born in WOW,Sudan, WOW



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