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absolutely cocky? January 24, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Denver Nuggets, Gilbert Arenas, Melo, Phoenix, PotD, STAT, Stevie, Wiz.

is Amare Stoudemire triggering some heat right here? cos woo talk about new motivation for Agent Z3ro

“I did hear that they wanted to be the Phoenix Suns of the East, I think there’s only one Phoenix Suns, and we rest in the West. And that’s how it’s going to be for a while.”
spite me!!

Amare..Amare didnt you know that Gilbert Arenas scours the papers everyday for comments like this? next thing we know Arenas is gonna come out with a statement stating he’s gonna posterize STAT with a windmill dunk or whatsoever

but still, The Suns proved why they are the hottest team in the L, and the Wiz showed why the East are a bunch teams with loaded cannons that shoots without aim, Suns had the Wiz beat in the early going and never looked back, Steve Nash showed wy he’s a DOUBLE MVP winner with 27 on 11-13 shooting and 14 assists to earned the PotD yo!

– i know Denver are winning but the last 2 games featuring the Meloson show? the main player that bought them the win was good ole Steve Blake, give him some props! Nuggets overcome Jesus’s 44 to win 117-112
(edit: 34 from RUSTY Melo)



1. blogger190 - January 25, 2007

should it be or would it be amare was just playing around?

2. nicolas cage - January 25, 2007

somebody seems a little overzealous..

3. - - S С‚ Рµ СЂ С’ О± n О№ Рµ - - - January 25, 2007

who? me?

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