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Regular Season Game 17: Beatdown and Where the hell is Jamaal Magloire? December 4, 2007

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AUBURN HILLS, MI - DECEMBER 2:  Jason Kidd #5 of the New Jersey Nets talks with Chauncey Billups #1 the Detroit Pistons during a game on December 2, 2007 at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, Michigan.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2007 NBAE (Photo by Allen Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images)
Billups: Man, your team suck big time, just go to L.A
Kidd: I wanna build my legacy here in NJ, L.A’s no shit
Billups: But don’t you get tired of playing with Jason Collins? I mean you used to get excited playing with athletic bigs like KMart but now Collins? At least you do have Sean Williams now, that’s a consolation
Kidd: Actually, I tried poisoning Jason Collins’ soup more than five times already…
Billups: What the fuck???
Kidd: Yeah, Five times, this season alone.

Fuck the niceties

Okay this is it, Lawrence Frank is a fucking hypocrite, I don’t like to spew out obscene languages (yeah right) but this has gone too fucking far, first you sign a guy to a 4 million dollar contract and all he does is shoot free throws during practice and warm the chairs so Jason Collins could sit on it? I mean What the Fuck? this team’s getting burned on the boards and probably the best rebounder on the team is sitting at the end of the bench sulking and waiting to get into the game and play for like what 5 minutes? even Malik Allen is getting more burn than Magloire and that’s saying alot you fuckhole. Second, you don’t go around talking to the media about how JMag’s got a chance competing for the starting center spot and then sit him down for 6 straight DNPs, that’s just bullshit, remember Marc Jackson? this is on a bigger scale, at least you didn’t half promise a starting role for that prick, but you did for Magloire, man up like a man that you are and stop hiding behind lollipops, at least give us a fucking reason why he isn’t starting; You bitch.

Obviously I would wanna blame the loss on Magloire not playing, but that’s not the case because if Mag’s playing, we would just end up losing uglier. All those crap about Jason Maxiell that’s just bullshit, even if it’s Michael Olowokandi, he could have had his way with this frontline all night, let alone Maxiell, I don’t like to give credit that’s why. Besides, when your starting 4 and 5 had a grand total of 4 rebounds the entire game? Wouldn’t it be better to say that Robert Swift is the best center in the world? I mean Jerome James would look like an MVP playing against this frontline, that’s how bad they were buillied last night, spare me those ferocious dunks from Maxiell or that spacing defense crap that Collins gives everynight, we need big bruisers and athletic bigs like Seano and Mag, not assholes like Malik Allen who just shoots jumpers to death, something like a black version of Brian Cardinal, ugly.

You think I’m being harsh? well obviously I saved all my anger from the Memphis game and typed them all out tonight, you would think that Magloire could at least get some garbage time minutes but NOOO… Lawrence Frank’s had other ideas my friend, he ain’t gonna give Mag no minutes, he’s gonna go small and let Detroit look like the best frontcourt on earth. Shit, I shouldn’t have watched the game, because even if I did, the whole memory recollection of the game was hearing myself saying FUCK each time Jason Collins shot the basketball or did something, whom I have no idea why but is onto some crazy revenge rage and is hell bent on scoring the basketball,  fuck you man, first you dont score for 13 games, you didnt even bothered attempting one, and suddenly you wanna be Desegana Diop getting dunks and touches round the basket? I can only note that Jason Collins was probably pumped up by the fact that his twin, Jarron appeared on the NBA Top 10 Countdown and he was hyped, shit that sounded crazy.

Okay then there’s Antoine Wright and Bostjan Nachbar; look, I know Toine that you’re a reborned player this season, your playing for a contract, you can shoot threes and make them now, but why spoil it at there? people are starting to respect your jumpshot, that’s your weapon show us some A&M stuff by going to the hole, stop jacking threes, by my count that’s 9 straight three pointers you missed? what you’re turning into Antoine Walker? drive to the hole, like please, score inside then outside, not the other way round, you want your contract, you gotta play like you earned that contract man. Same goes to Nachbar, I don’t care how good you can shoot, if you just keep hanging around the perimeter shooting threes, you’re in line to be the next Donyell Marshall, and at least Marshall’s had some strong seasons, you had none, somebody has to limit Nachbar to three 3s per game, just like the game yesterday so taht he doesn’t get to full of himself and starts going Stojakovic on us.

The last time I threw flak on RJ was???? A week ago, correction make it a minute ago, as you can see, everybody including myself is hyped about how RJ’s finally becoming a star that he is, but dude, I don’t know why, you just don’t have that takeover aura in you, yes no doubt you can score, but you gotta have that killer mentality, the brutality, go kill some chickens brutally, get that aura and start scaring your opponents, man no one is respecting yuo right now, look at Marcus Williams, he’s jeering at you and you don’t give no shit, the rumors bout your gay romance didn’t help too. Jason…16 assists well wasted, but the good thing is 35 baskets on 28 assists, that’s teamwork on a losing game, Vince, you just keep that up and people’s gonna call you from Papua New Guinea calling you a slut, and I’m not gonna yap around how delighted I am at Sean Williams’ performance because that’s the least I expect from him now, he’s the saviour of this team.

Can I add that this fucking game against the Pistons just sums up how fucked up Lawrence Frank actually is, just because the team again, struggled to score in the second and third quarter, he’s going to start Antoine again and put Vince on the bench with his Carribean reasoning of Vince can light up the 2nd quarter, which would also avoid those droughts, yo, over here, tell you what, If the team were to take better shots, shoot less jumpers, defend better there wouldn’t be a need to throw the highest paid player on the team to come off the bench, we don’t see Dallas playing Dirk Nowitzki off the bench, stick to you guns, or sweets, just because it didn’t work for one single fucking game, okay maybe a few, that doesn’t mean it’s not going to work in the next game, give it some continuity, your spoiling the synergy of the players, same goes to your fucked up player rotation, don’t be like Don Nelson, you don’t even have a big belly.

I just hate Detroit. and New York, my condolences to you Steph, I hope your dad’s death could smack some sense into you and turn you back into the player that you are er maybe seven years ago? at least no more 4 dimes and 4 assists.


(edit: I don’t hate Lawrence Frank, am just pissed, peace out =))


Marty Burns does not like New Jersey, BUT I do August 4, 2007

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Now my take on the East, I don’t know whether Marty Burns is on crack or whatever, but come on man, Jersey? eighth? who is he kidding? I don’t know how to say this, but I know the teams limitations, so I won’t go on an ignorant typing spree and say that the team is the best in the East or whatever because the fact is they are NOT.

We’re NOT BETTER than
The Cleveland Cavaliers – or LeBron’s team? they killed us on the rebounding end during the playoffs, which I think their dominance over us will continue; no matter how many rebounding bigs we sign. Magloire isn’t going to blow us away by grabbing 10+ rebounds per game, not with Jason Kidd in the line up NO. Our back court is better than theirs definitely, but their frontcourt will kill us totally.

The Detroit Pistons – I hate to say this but for me, the Nets can’t seem to beat Detroit, even though they’re on a bad patch, we can’t seem to take advantage of that. their bench got deeper and their starting five is still a five man group who can impose their will on any game any time.

The Toronto Raptors – The reigning Atlantic division champs and I expect them to stay the champs, Ya, they didn’t made any big moves to shore up the team or anything, but hey, when you’re already good, what can you still do to change it? Why change things when nothing’s wrong right? what they did was ala Spurs, tweak the bench but not the starting five, that was what the Spurs did and that got them championships, and in Toronto’s case, It will win them the division crown, Jason Kapono + Juan Dixon + Bargnani = deadly.

The Chicago Bulls – They’re basically the same as Toronto, if nothing’s wrong don’t fix it. They’ll basically be the same team last season and will also have an improved Tyrus Thomas taking over from P.J Brown, deep backcourt with Shefolosha and Duhon, scary.

The Washington Wizards – Gilbert Arenas, Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison ARE a more productive trio compared to the Nets’ big three, but team wise, we’re a better defensive team, a pretty much balanced team, abit better on half court sets, and abit more consistent. Besides they have some dude named Michael Ruffin on their bench, who is basically the second coming of Popeye Jones, minus the production.

The Boston Celtics – I have no idea how many times have I already said this for the past few days, but unless Boston miraculously finds a way to get somebody other than Glen Davis as their first frontcourt option off the bench, there’s a bunch of exmaples of “big threes” failing to get the job done, example? the Bucks, and of course our very own Nets. Besides that, you have to play in that gelling factor, they can’t say whatever they want about how they like each other, but nothing counts until they produce on the court, MAKE ME EAT ME PETTY WORDS.

The Miami Heat – ONE WORD, OLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Find me another team who has a team as old as them, I mean AS OLD AS THEM, they have some young guys who can play, Dorrell Wright, Wayne Simien, but the problem is, Pat Riley doesn’t play them and he likes to stick with guys like Antoine Walker and yada yada yada, even though the thorough fact is that they can’t produce, this is the year we’ll kick their asses.

The New York Knicks – Overweight big men, Blah.

The Orlando Magic – Would probably go on a big run the close the season on during the season, but Rashard Lewis will be hoisting a ton load of threes.

The Indiana Pacers, Atlanta Hawks, Milwaukee Bucks, Philadelphia Sixers and the Charlotte Bobcats – Surely one of these teams will surprise, or maybe TWO.


The Great Blogger Mock Draft 2K7, Prehistoric Draft year June 21, 2007

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The GREAT BLOGGER MOCK DRAFT 2007, it’s different from the SB Nation Mock Draft, but still it is a mock draft.

Pick #1 
Portland Trail Blazers – Henry –
True Hoop
Greg Oden, Ohio State, Fr, C

Greg Oden: by a whisker. Kevin Durant will punish the Blazers for a decade at least for this pick. He’s a beautiful thing to watch, and if Portland ends up taking Durant, I’m THRILLED. But I just got this GM job and I want to keep it, and I have a feeling that with Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Greg Oden we’re going to be just fine.

Pick #2
Seattle Supersonics  – Chris – Sonics Central
Kevin Durant, Texas, Fr, SF

Kevin Durant

Pick #3
Atlanta  Hawks – Ryan –
Hoops Addict
Al Horford, Florida, Jr, PF

Al Horford: The Hawks are tempted to go with the PG they desperately need but GM McNeill decided to wait until the 11th pick in the hopes that Mike Conley Jr is still on the board. If he’s not there, the Hawks will “settle” for the 2007 Bob Cousy Award recipitent.

Zaza Pachulia is a temporarily solution at best for the Hawks and they are looking for some beef up front to pair alongside Sheldon Williams. Williams is a bit undersized as a starting centre at 6’9″ but with a wingspan of 8’8″ he could be paired alongside Harford who is 6’10” to provide a dynamic rebounding duo.

Pick #4
Memphis Grizzlies – la287 –
Daily Basketball
Brandan Wright, North Carolina, Fr, PF

Brandan Wright: Making his final draft selection as GM of the Memphis Grizzlies, Jerry West decided to add another athletic big man to their roster. “The lottery this year is full of athletic big men, but we feel that Wright can step in right away (no pun intended) and contribute to our team. Wright has the potential to be a major star in this league.”

Pick #5 
Boston Celtics – Jeff –
Celtics Blog
Yi Jianlian, China, Guangdong Tigers, 20, PF

Yi Jianlian: Danny Ainge will be trading for immediate help so he can afford to take the best talent available.  Danny thinks Yi is the best talent available.

Pick #6
Milwaukee Bucks – Jeff – 
Celtics Blog
Mike Conley Jr, Ohio State, Fr, PG

Mike Conley Jr: If Conley lasts this long, he won’t last longer.  He’ll either stay with the Bucks (who are losing Mo Williams) or he’ll be traded to someone that needs a point.

Pick #7
Minnesota Timberwolves- Sonia –
I Heart KG
Corey Brewer, Florida, Jr, SF

Corey Brewer: While looking to build for the future, the team is also in the market for immediate help and Brewer fits the bill. A great defender with a demonstrated knack to be clutch, his work ethic and winning attitude will make him a welcome addition to the team.

Pick #8 
Charlotte Bobcats – Serena – Bobcat Bonfire
Joakim Noah, Florida, Jr, PF/C

Joakim Noah: The Bobcats will take Joakim Noah.  Reason:  This big man could be the next best thing for the Bobcats.  He’s talented, athletic, and he knows the game.  He will add a lot to what the Bobcats already have.

Pick #9 
Chicago Bulls- Fanatical Pupil –
Give Me The Rock
Spencer Hawes, Washington, Fr, C

Spencer Hawes: The Bulls really wanted Joakim Noah, but what can you do? Julian Wrights was definitely a consideration, but without any trade proposals on the table (yeah, I know we didn’t do that), Hawes fills the need for the Bulls and is talented enough to warrant the number nine position. Wright probably is the more talented player overall, but with Deng and Tyrus Thomas already on the roster, he would have created a logjam at the 6-9 SF-wannabe-PF position.

If Hawes can do what PJ Brown currently does, he was worth the pick.

Pick #10 
Sacramento Kings – Tom Ziller –
Sactown Royalty
Jeff Green, Georgetown, Jr, PF

Jeff Green: provides immediate help not only at small forward (should Ron Artest retire), but also for Sacramento’s underpowered frontcourt. Green can fill in immediately at power forward, and his passing ability should help take pressure off of Kevin Martin and Mike Bibby. With some youngish defensive specialists at SF already (John Salmons, Francisco Garcia) we went with Green over Julian Wright with a nod to offense and size.

Pick #11 
Atlanta Hawks – Ryan –
Hoops Addict
Acie Law IV, Texas A&M, Sr, PG

Acie Law IV: Are you kidding me? Law’s still on the board? Atlanta would be all over him like a fat kid on a smartie.I thought for sure that not filling a need (point) would doom but Hawks but they lucked out by getting the Bob Cousy Award winner from last season. I remember last year the Raptors targeted Bargani as their target and there was talk they could trade down and still nab him – however BC was set on Bargnani as his man so he stuck with Bargnani with the #1 pick. I still believe the Hawks will pull something similar and nab Conley at #3 but if they are able to wait for a PG with the #11 pick and nab Law the Hawks may have a chance to be one of the East’s elite teams in a couple years. However, this is Atlanta we are talking about…

Between adding a double-double candidate in Horford to pair with Sheldon Williams and Josh Smith in the frontcourt, the Hawks now have their backcourt tandem in Law and Joe Johnson and things are looking bright in A Town.

Pick #12 
Philadelphia Sixers – Jon –
Passion and Pride
Julian Wright, Kansas, So, SF/PF

Julian Wright: His athleticism is off the charts and his game is still developing, but he can play both forward spots and will make an impact at the next level.  The only question is his jumpshot, which can be worked out with practice.  He will create all kinds of matchup problems with his quickness and length.  He is best suited to the small forward position where he can overpower people, but his ability to outmaneuver power forwards is just as noteworthy.

Pick #13 
New Orleans Hornets –
Keith Dardis 
Al Thornton ,Florida State, Sr, SF

Al Thornton: Chris Paul needs a mature, athletic running mate to dish the ball to. Chances are that the Hornets will lose Desmond Mason to free agency. Thornton can come in and contribute right away. He will most likely be put in the small forward slot, immediately making the Hornets a big team with David West and Tyson Chandler down low. Thornton creates matchup problems by being a 6’8″ forward with three-point range.

Pick #14 
L.A. Clippers – Steve Perrin  –
Clips Nation
Nick Young, USC, Jr, SG

Nick Young: With the 14th pick in the 2007 draft, the Los Angeles Clippers select Nick Young of the University of Southern California.  Young is a terrific athlete who can get his own shot, and has good range on his jumper.  His workouts have been impressive, displaying an ability to finish and shoot the NBA three as well.  With Cuttino Mobley in his 30’s and Corey Maggette’s future uncertain, the Clippers need to add athleticism and shooting range on the wings, and Young does both.  Plus, he’s an LA product who actually wants to play for the Clippers – seems like a perfect fit.

The Clippers still need a point guard given the uncertain situation with Shaun Livingston’s knee and Sam Cassell’s age, but with the best two point guards already off the board and Javaris Crittendon a couple of years from helping, Nick Young on the wing is the best choice for the Clippers.

Pick #15 
Detroit Pistons- Matt –
Detroit Bad Boys
Rodney Stuckey, E. Washington, Fr, SG/PG

Rodney Stuckey: provides instant offense off the bench, something the Pistons have lacked in recent years. He can play both positions in the backcourt, filling Carlos Delfino’s void at the two and giving the team a semi-respectable backup at the point for the time first time in years. (Sorry, Flip Murray) Had he gone to a bigger school, he probably would have been gone already, so the proverbial chip on his shoulder is also a welcome addition to a frequently complacent team.

Pick #16 
Washington Wizards – Pradamaster – 
Bullets Forever
Derrick Byars, Vanderbilt, Sr, SF/SG

Derrick Byars: While the Wizards’ biggest need is probably an intimidating presence in the middle, that’s not going to be found with the 16th pick.  Rather that draft another second-rate big to add to the cirque du soleil of second-rate bigs on the roster, the lack of depth on the wing should be addressed.  Byars is the perfect fit for this Wizards team, having played in the Princeton offense while at Vanderbilt.  He’s a solid all-around performer that, in addition to his scoring, plays excellent defense, which this team really needs.  He’s also an excellent shooter, a strong ball-handler, and a fantastic passer for his position.  I’m personally shocked that he isn’t getting more attention.  

The main criticisms  with Byars seem to be that he does a lot of things well, but nothing spectacularly.  Hmm…sounds a lot like the 2006 Rookie of the Year, doesn’t it?

Pick #17 
New Jersey Nets- sirnanzy (your’s truly) – HOOPLAH NATION
Tiago Splitter, Brazil, Tau Vitoria, 22, C

Tiago Splitter: New Jersey selects Tiago Splitter from Brazil with the 17th pick of the draft, Splitter are one of the few centers left in the draft who can score with his back towards the basket, he’s also a very proficient offensive rebounder, something the Nets needed to improve on immeadiately.

He’s also very proficient in the open court, which is an important trait when you’re on the same team with Jason Kidd, he will definitely be a huge upgrade over Jason Collins, in fact almost any center would be better than Collins.

Pick #18 
Golden State Warriors- GSOM –
Golden State of Mind
Thaddeus Young, Georgia Tech, Fr, SF

Thaddeus Young: Getting Young to get even younger? Why?

Yes, Young is another project and the Warriors are littered with enough youth, but what’s a GM supposed to do this late in the draft? None of the trades the Warriors were mock-offered made any sense. Therefore you take the best player available even if he’s a project. The Dubs will need to swing some trades and make some key signings to take the next step to perennial playoff team in the loaded Western Conference and Young makes it easier to part with some of that youth. It’s a chess move that sets up an even bigger and more spectacular move this offseason.

Young has the biggest upside of anyone left on the board and just a year ago if Stern didn’t institute that silly age limit he would have been a top 10 pick straight out of high school. That 2006 draft will go down as one of the worst in NBA history. Young is a better fit for the NBA than the college ball scene. He has all the tools and physical gifts to be an All Star small forward several years down the line. If he can contribute a few minutes off the bench playing Nellie’s brand of hoops this season it’s just icing on the cake.

Pick #19 
L.A. Lakers – Don –
With Malice
Josh McRoberts, Duke, So, PF

With the 19th pick of the draft, the Los Angeles Lakers
select Josh McRoberts of Duke.

Josh McRoberts: Surprising that McRoberts was still on the board, this was a fairly easy choice for us to make.  McRoberts has the tools to become a good NBA starter, and impact the team immediately.  McRoberts is a fantastic addition for us.

Pick #20 
Miami Heat – Darren Heitner – I Want to be a Sports Agent
Javaris Crittenton, Georgia Tech, Fr, PG

With the 20th pick of the draft, the Miami Heat nab Javaris Crittenton

Javaris Crittenton: The Heat were looking to upgrade the PF/C position with either Hawes (who went early) or Splitter.  With Splitter being taken by the Nets at the 17th slot, the Heat decided to fill another hole by selecting a young, talented point guard out of Georgia Tech, Javaris Crittenton.  The PF/C need should be addressed with the Heat’s newly acquired 2nd round pick.

Pick #21 
Philadelphia Sixers – Jon –
Passion and Pride
Jason Smith, Colorado State, Jr, PF/C

Jason Smith: is a great addition to the big man tandem of Sam Dalembert and Steven Hunter.  He’s a relentless rebounder and highly skilled offensive player.  His shot blocking ability in college might not translate as well in the pros, but he’s a solid defender as well.  With this pick, the Sixers satisfy the need for some help in the middle and on the glass while providing another scoring option up front.

Pick #22 
Charlotte Hornets – Serena –
Bobcat Bonfire
Marc Gasol, Spain, Barcelona, 21, C

With the 22nd pick in the 2007 NBA Draft, the Charlotte Bobcats select: Marc Gasol.

Marc Gasol: Young, talented, and he’s a true Center.  The Bobcats desperately need to fill this position, and Gasol would be a great addition to the team.  He may need some help on the defensive end, but I have faith that Sam Vincent can get that under control.  And if not, well, we always have Gerald Wallace to lean on!

Pick #23 
New York Knicks – Seth –
Posting and Toasting
Morris Almond, Rice, Sr, SG

Morris Almond: With the 23rd pick, the Posting and Toasting’s New York Knicks select Morris Almond from Rice University. We’re desperate for another shooter on the roster, and Almond’s a guy who- at the very least- can fill it up from outside. He’s got the potential to grow into something more. Also, I took Sean Williams in the SB Nation Mock Draft, so I’ll mix things up. Almond it is.

Pick #24 
Phoenix Suns – Dan Hilton –
Bright Side Of the Sun
Rudy Fernandez, Spain, Joventut Badalona, 22, SG

With the 24th pick, the Suns pick Rudy Fernandez – mostly because he won’t come play yet and the Suns can keep him off the books regarding payment as well.  I suspect the Suns will package the picks with some players to try and move up in the real draft.

Pick #25 
Utah Jazz – UtesFan89 – 
Win Or Go Home
Aaron Gray, Pittsburgh, Sr, C

With the 25th pick, the Jazz take C Aaron Gray of Pittsburgh.

Aaron Gray: He provides the Jazz with a back-up center (no, I don’t think highly enough of Jarron Collins to call him that) that is ready to contribute now. He’s a bit better defender than Visser (which is why I took Gray despite having Visser, and not Gray, in my top-10 prospects for the Jazz. If he can play some D, gather a couple of boards and score when the opportunity comes (a la Millsap), the Jazz will be fine.

The wing-spot can be addressed in the 2nd round, as a wing drafted in the 1st probably won’t play much behind Brewer, Fish, Giricek, AK and Harp. Of course, a trade (of AK) changes all of this, but we’ll assume that that’s not happening.

Pick #26 
Houston Rockets- Daryl Morey
Nick Fazekas, Nevada Wolf Pack, Sr, PF

Houston will take Nick Fazekas – ummm, just because that’s what a couple of mocks said.  Apparently new GM Daryl Morey (a stat head) likes him.

Pick #27 
Detroit Pistons – Matt –
Detroit Bad Boys
Sean Williams, Boston College, Jr, C

Sean Williams: Yes, Williams has a checkered past, but he’ll have a chance to clean up his act on Detroit’s veteran-heavy roster. With Rasheed Wallace spending half of the game camped out by the three-point line, the Pistons could use a force in the paint, and Williams is exactly that.

Pick #28 
San Antonio Spurs – Matthew Powell –
Pounding The Rock
Gabe Pruitt, USC, Jr, PG

With the 28th pick, the Spurs select Gabe Pruitt

Gabe Pruitt: The Spurs most glaring weakness is backup PG.  Jacque Vaughn, despite his tenacity, grit and hustle, is a crude stopgap at best.  Pruitt brings youth, size and the ability to hit the long range j.

Pick #29 
Phoenix Suns – Dan Hilton
Bright Side Of the Sun
Marco Belinelli, Italy, Climamio Bologna, 21, SG

With the 29th pick, the Suns select Marco Belinelli.

Marco Belinelli: I really think the Suns will trade both of these picks but if they do keep them, the team will be looking for guys that can keep within the system Mike D’Antoni has set up.   I don’t know much about Belinelli except that he is supposed to be a pure shooter so on that front he would fit into the Suns’ system nicely.

Pick #30 
Philadelphia Sixers – Jon –
Passion and Pride
Arron Afflalo, UCLA, Jr, SG

With the 30th pick, the Philadelphia 76ers select Arron Afflalo

Arron Afflalo: The Sixers can go with best available here, draft a need, or select a foreign project for the future.  Petteri Koponen, Kyrylo Fesenko, Glen Davis, and Dominic McGuire were all considered, but Afflalo is the best available and would give the Sixers a better option than Rodney Carney or Willie Green alongside Andre Iguodala on the wing.

Playoffs Live Blogging: I’m Part of the Witness Protection Agency June 3, 2007

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Detroit Pistons – Cleveland Cavaliers game 6, today is the night LeBron sends Detroit to somewhere near Lake Michigan for a fishing, Boobie is going to score 10+, GUARANTEED! did Rasheed Wallace guaranteed something? 

– Wait, i thought Charles was somewhat anti Cavs? now he’s saying the Pistons isn’t good enough? oh well..Pistons are FRAGILE..

– Is Kenny Smith on crack or what? oh my god..Reggie Miller again, spare me..i hope Steve Kerr doesn’t go to the Suns, i miss him at Yahoo! do not panic, Detroit..

– What the Fuck? striped suit? light blue flowery tie? sky blue shirt, Craig Sager..enlighten me please, Antonio McDyess > Greg Oden? who looks more prehistoric? i’d say McDyess.

– Larry Hughes is starting again, for no apparent reason other than to lay bricks on the court, taco powder!! more!! i hope there’s no Donyell Marshall sighting today, i hate him.

– Opening tip, Pistons 2-0, Sheed..Mike Brown = boring, how many times does he need to start the game by going to Ilgauskas? he did it against Jersey and now Detroit, and his percentage of converting the play? maybe 20%

– sloppy start here for the Cavs, C-Webb and Billups both scoring, wow, nice pass by James to Gooden, Ilgauskas was certain he would get the ball, he’s dissapointed.

– Sasha = bad Free Throw shooter, and they are forcing the rest of the Cvs to score, James tripled teamed.

– Larry!!!….Hughesy on the bad knee..Rip and the face mask = bad omen, he should drop that.

– Pavlovic could not check Hamilton, and Pavlovic with the sloppy pass, and Pavlovic shut down VC, and Pavlovic stands for troll in Cantonese.

– Larry hughes is a bad shooter, check, he just hit another three..i’ll be quiet after the Sheed dunk.

– Pavlovic scoop layup whatever you name it, Ilgauskas converting on a tip shot, they credit Gooden with the assist for that?

– they need a timeout here, oh yes, they called it, the Cavs are getting abit too flashy here, yo Gooden, not everyday is Sunday alright, Billups 2-2 already, oh, but so is Hughes. hah!

– Pavs with three, and Craig Sager = fugly, Video Game James need to force the issue abit, don’t do a Jeff Green. McDyess flagrant alert! Let’s fight!!! who got the technical? owh, C-Webb and Pavlovic, Pavs’ a virus, something like a mini Ginobili and so is Varejao.

– James hits the tech FT, and jumpball Dice, Delfino just travelled!! what the heck? James again and the near foul, he’s definitely a better Free Throw shooter right now than he is before after he started to bend his knees.

oh Stevie announcing his new job oppurnity..Mark Jackson and Marv Albert for the next TNT tandem anyone?

– Pavlovic with the double clutch and a how bunch of players scrmabling, Gibson in the game! James with his 5th assists already, and Carlito hits, 22-21 Cavs

– Jumpball part 2 advantage Hughes, Carlito and one! hits the FT as well, 25-21, Varejao draws the offensive foul, Delfino vs Varejao 1 on 1 anyone? Gibson for threeeeeeeeeeeeeee, and the fould, nice one Nazr, why is he even in the game…Gibson 2-3, End of the first quarter, 27-21 Cavs.

– What’s the woman behind LeBron doing pointing at his butt? Sager again..ouh a malfunction or something? The Quicken Loans Arena = worse than the TD Waterhouse Center, and we’re waiting for tons of problems in the arena to settle…..

– Let’s go!! a shot clock less game 6, this WILL be UGLY..10 seconds,.. omg, a Donyell Marshall sighting and he shoots a brick.

– Marshall again for three? what the hell? Donyell Marshall with a defensive three seconds call, man he’s part of everything right now, Pistons misses the T. 30-21 Cavs, what? Sheed hits and whatever just happened, yes i’m blurr

– James checked by Hunter? haha, are they giving up? LeBron wow, ouh he missed the dunk, ouh james, to the line again, Sager shut up!! wait, oh okay, conclusion is, the Cavs need a new arena. 31-23 Cavs.

– McDyess is so damn good, Marshall is no match for Dice, come on coach Brown get him out of there, and he shoots another brick he’s 1-3 now, Jones another brick, Varejao behind the back and lays another brick for the foundation of the new building

– Jumpball part 3, advantage Cavs, another and one? man….Cavs need to clam down right now, don’t run sets, give the ball to Bron. Gibson and one! wait? it’s a charge? nope blocking foul, 34-30 Cavs.

– haha Prince, too showy there, Dice three fouls, C-Webb back in, Pavlovic with a smart play there, and hits both FTs.

– another late call.. there’s like 5-6 calls today that were made after the shot had been taken, is this a record or something? Kobe Bryant wants some love, yo mamba!

– Pavs another bad pass, and Prince going to the line, get LeBron back in the game dammit, this is ugly..LeBron is back, another defensive 3 second call? Doug Collins still thinks he’s a coach? Z right place right time!

Give Hamilton a T!!T!!T!!T!!T!! Bron no FGs, but has gone to the line 7 times, the refs have to call the game looser, let the game have abit of flow in it, they’re disrupting the flow with those calls.

– Gibson is injured and he just stepped on Rip’s knee or something, Bron has to score right now, the Cavs need the lead into the half. Pavs back in for Gibson, what the hell, alright he did touch it, good call then, i’m bitter

– When he drives, he’s unstoppable, sounds familiar ey? 9 FT attempts already, James statline update, 9 points, 6 assists, 7 rebounds, and one? again? yo Webb. You can’t say players step onto the court here at the Q, you have to say they stepped up onto the court because the court is higher than the bench, Terrell Owens sighting!!

– Hughesy! 45-43 Cavs, Gooden with another crazy pass, this second quarter is just plain ugly, i need a rest. Varejao cannot perform in the post alright? and Verajo just flopped, Tell me the connection between South Americans and flopping?

OH!! LEBRON JAMES WITH THE LEFT HANDED BLOCK! give Rip a T!! Hughesy make your FTs please! Prince scores 48-46, some announcer is smelling James’ butt, another Piston foul! Bron 9 points all from the line.

Half Time even at 48! i’m outta here for breakfast.

Playoffs Lookaround: Isn’t it Exciting? May 14, 2007

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Chicago – Detroit blowout series I had high hopes with these series going down to the wire, the Bulls and the Pistons are quite similar teams, plays defense, scores on halfcourts sets and no they have no real go to player (ok, Detroit has Billups), but man, the Pistons showed why they are the class of the East didn’t they, three straight wins against the Bulls, all of them by big margins, the Bulls just couldn’t settle, i see shades of 2004 here, during then Rasheed Wallace was the key piece added to the team, 2007’s piece could be Chris Webber.
Pistons lead 3-0
(edit: Bulls did win game 4 but it’s really sooner or later right now.)

San Antonio – Phoenix grudge series

boy oh boy, this is turning out to be another one of those classic playoff matchups isn’t it, game 1 featured a bloody nose, game 2 had players kicking players attempting dunks, the fallout? the War of Words, Bruce Bowen said he isn’t dirty, i mean come on, which dirty player would ever admit that he was dirty? it’s like the Prime Minister admitting to corruption. Manu Ginobili said he was taking hits too when he’s attacking the rim, yo, Manu, see this, you flopped too much to be taken seriously.So what’s keeping the Spurs in this series? oh yes, good ole Duncan, 32 points in that big game 1, which meant they took care of the Sun’s homecourt advantage. and having won game 3, took a step further to another Western Conference Finals appearance.But i do hope the Suns win this, because for what i’m worth, i think the Spurs are by far the most annoying team in the league, i would have branded them worse if it wans’t for Brent Barry. First, you got the boring dude TD, then you have a dirty player, and then an obssesive big head with a celeb fiancee, a guy who crumbles to the floor on the miniest sign of contact, and a random Center position player generator. how annoying is this starting five? let’s not go to the bench.
Spurs lead 2-1

Golden State – Utah, Arena Showdown series

Everyone was crazed about how raucous the crowd in the Oracle was, but look at the fans in Utah, they pumped the Energy Solutions Arena to a standstill, but Warriors fan needs to focus right herem your team just won one game, although in spectacular faashion, it’s still just one game, you need to claw back to 2 apiece before you can call it a series.

But if you watched the Warriors played in game 3, you have to agree that that team is spectacular, threes after threes, dunks after dunks, big plays after big plays, amazing stuff, Baron Davis just stamped his mark into playoff folklore with that dunk on Kirilenko,

Jazz couldn’t have done better in games 1 and 2, but the root of their problems in game 3? starting Derek Fisher, man i know he’s brave courageous or whatever fuck he is, they give him too much credit for what he’s doing right now, and i don’t agree that you’ll beat the Warriors with both of your starting Guards standing at 6’3, and they are not that particularly fast. No matter who wins, this it has already been a magical season for both teams, but my money is on the Warriors, i’m jumping onto the Warriors Nation bandwagon, oh i did already!
Jazz leads 2-1

The ALL-NBA Teams are a Farce May 11, 2007

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First of all, the first team, there’s nothing wrong with the first team, Steve Nash, STAT, Dirk Nowitzki, Tim Duncan, and KB24, they did what they did the entire season, and got to where they are now, obviously Steven Nash, the double MVP, STAT, with his successful comeback, Kobe those scoring spurts, Duncan, being solid the entire season, and of course the leader of the best during the regular season, Nowitzki.

But the problems starts here, the 2nd Team, Chris Bosh, LeBron James, Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, Gilbert Arenas; Bosh and James, no troubles there, but Arenas? man he had a hell of a season, but the second team? you’d gotta be kidding, what about Jason Kidd? man, he had one of the best statistical season ever, and the Nets have the same record when compared to the Wizards, and T-Mac? and Yao? man, i know the choices are limited, but hey, guys like them missed tons of games, so how do you put this equation together?

and the All-NBA 3rd Team? joke. F Kevin Garnett, F Carmelo Anthony, C Dwight Howard, G Dwyane Wade, G Chauncey Billups. Ok, this, Billups should be here, because he’s repping the best team in the East, so he’s got his case, but Wade? what did he do? last thing i’ve heard from him was nothing related to the 47-35 record the Heat got at the end of the season. Garnett didn’t even make the playoffs, and Melo? let’s not start talking.

let’s see how many players who should’ve be here, Mehmet Okur, Carlos Boozer, Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion, Vince Carter. The Sports Guru from Fear the Sword noted that King James will be extra motivated on Sunday’s game because he got snubbed from the first team, which i think is what he deserves after apparently “coasting” through the entire season or so. But let me tell you this, the best point guard in the NBA right now (arguably), won’t be too happy about being snubbed as well, and the scary thing is, he has even started dominating yet.

Game 72 : New Jersey Nets – Detroit Pistons review March 31, 2007

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i wasn’t going nuts when the Nets were down by three with less than 15 seconds left, instead i was FAIRLY calm, calm to an extent of not wanting to watch the fucked-up three chucked by VInce and going to the toilet. I could have said that i half heartedly expected that to happen because the team’s struggles during the fourth are known to everyone, but i couldn;t help and think of what would have been if we played AVERAGE defense.

– the third quarter is what the Nets should be playing like the entire season, but the thing is they are only showing it in patches the entire season
– the fact that we outrebounded a good rebounding team is pratically out of me, the 19 offensive boards are way above the season average
– Vince was hot early, but again was not assertive enough when the team needed him the most.
– Josh Boone 60 points in his last 3 games and shooting a combined 26-32 from the field, and he showed that he can dominate even when playing against one of the best teams in the East, oh and did i note that he scored 60 in 80 minutes combined?
– probably the best game Jason Collins’ has played in about a month
– RJ wasn’t settling for anymore three point bombs

– i have no idea on whats going on deep inside Lawrence Frank, does he hate rookies? is he tempting them with minutes? Josh Boone was playing magnificient ball and what he did was he pulled JB out and put freaking Collins in during the fourth when Boone was totally on fire? totally out of me.
– who’s guarding Antonio McDyess? the Detroit frontline shot a combined 21-28 from the floor, and Tayshaun Prince’s long arms are giving RJ a hell loads of problems.
– you can’t really win when your opponent shoots 50% from trey, and they had 11 more FT makes.
– Chauncey Billups 14 FTs and 14 assists? but Jason doesn’t really have the footspeed to catch up with CB 4 anymore really
– once again it’s the fourth quarter again turning the Jersey grandplan into into rubbles, 39 points in the fourth, hey, we aren’t playing against the Suns or Warriors, it’s Detroit for god’s sake, 39 is definitely a NO-NO.
– thanks to our defense, The Pistons get to set season highs for points in a half, points in a quarter, and 3-pointers in a game with 12.

Lines of the Game
Final Score : New Jersey Nets 105 – 110 Detroit Pistons
VC line : 27 points, 7, 6, 4 threes
Jason Kidd Line : 10, 8, 9, 5 TOs
Jason Collins Line : 4 points, 6 boards, 2-5 FTs

Game 71 : New Jersey Nets – Detroit Pistons preview March 30, 2007

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New Jersey Nets 33-38
Detroit Pistons 45-26

There couldn’t be a better time to play the Detroit Pistons. It’s better than going in with a loss, but we have things covered here, a 1.5 game lead over Orlando for the 7th seed, which is a kind of insurance so even if we lose against the Pistons (big possibility), we still have that 7th seed.

The Pistons just lost one a tough one against the Bulls yesterday, and the Nets are coming off their biggest win of the season, so it would be really exciting to see whether our team can beat a top tier team in the East, and show that we are capable to hang with the “Elites” in the Eastern conference.

I can already envision Josh Boone starting at the PF slot, anf this would be the game where we could see how good Josh Boone really is, i mean this game is against a top tier team, and with Rasheed Wallace guarding him, another breakout performance will probably seal him as the steal of the draft.

But the Key to beating the Pistons is our offense, because we know how inconsistent the Nets’ defense can become so i have no doubt Detroit will have any problem scoring, unless they come up with another shooting performance Ala Indiana. Our offensive struggles of late (before the Indiana game) showed how flawed the team were, so if we were to win the game today the offense has to kick ass, and stop shooting crazy amounts of threes.

Our bench will be playing an important role as well, because the Pistons have a deep bench which is quite similar as the Nets, guys like Dice, Maxiell and Flip Murray will be a big threat.

Go Nets! cheers

Lines for the Game
Final Score : Pistons by 10
VC projection : 24, 2 threes
Jason Kidd projection : 11, 10, 6
Jason Collins projection : 2 points, 4 rebounds
Matchup- of the game : Jason Kidd – Chauncey Billups

edit: oops, did i say there’s no Rip and C-Webb? and we got no Eddie House, who is probably out for the rest of the season.