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Game 68 : New Jersey Nets – Denver Nuggets review March 21, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Denver Nuggets, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Recap.

it had to happen, it just had to happen, Vince Carter just had to miss a WIDE OPEN game tying three pointer in front of a sell-out crowd in East Rutherford. But when you go 1-11 in an 8 minute span against the Nuggets and let them outscore us by 15 in the third, i don’t think the team earned the right to hit that game tying three.

The Good
– Marcus Williams? he’s really good, he’s a good ball hogger and very inconsistent
– Mikki Moore shows us why we need to resign him him in the off-season, 12 points, 9 boards, 4 blocks. He and DeShawn Stevenson could just be the most economical FA signings of the season.
– the 16-3 spurt to get us back within 1 point was the highlight stretch of the game for the Nets.
– Lawrence Frank looks like George Karl’s porter, is that a good thing?
– Vince Carter having a near triple double.
– the team shot a WHOPPING 86% from the line. how miraculous is that, and should i note that the team always shoot a high percentage when hey shoot around 20-25?
– we held a team that was 33-10 when scoring a 100 to 90 points
– no more Wesern conference opponents, good gracious

– live by the three, die by the three, the team was shooting an awful 0.158% and anyone noticed a change in Boki Nachbar since the return of RJ? he’s not attacking the hoop anymore, and is just hell-bent on shooting jumpers which is BULLSHIT
– Jason Kidd was a total non-factor in 39 minutes, shooting 2-10, unexpected performance
– the third quarter stretch was just pain to watch, especially after building such a good lead going into Halftime, i am just amazed that no one attacked Melo giving him having foul trouble early on.
– Richard Jefferson is back but another thing that is new about him, he’s starting to jack up more and more three pointers everygame, and not like he’s hitting them at a steady clip, 1-5 is never good.
– Carmelo Anthony was just too much for us, Rodrique Benson was right all the long.
– i tought we only struggle with our defense, this game was a 180 degree turnaround, the offense was EFFKingly terrible, what was Vince Carter thinking with that walk?NO, that is not good defense by the Nuggs, it’s just typical Cousin Skippy.
– they shot 32 FTs!!
– we let a team that was 0-21 when scoring below a 100 register their first W of the season when scoring under 100.
– even if we do make the playoffs, i doubt we could go far, theres no swagger in the team, no rhytm and couldnt even buy a win against teams above 0.500.

Lines of the Game
Final Score : New Jersey Nets 90 – 94 Denver Nuggets
VC Line : 29 points, 9 assists, 7 rebounds
Jason Kidd Line : 5 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists, 2-10 FGs
Jason Collins Line : 2 points, 2 rebounds, 3 PFs



1. Pradamaster - March 21, 2007

“Mikki Moore shows us why we need to resign him him in the off-season, 12 points, 9 boards, 4 blocks. He and DeShawn Stevenson could just be the most economical FA signings of the season.”

So true, so true.

2. Nugg Doctor - March 21, 2007

Mikki Moore set a moving screen that should have rendered an offenisve holding call!

3. coach - March 21, 2007

if marcus ‘ballhoggie’ williams is to replace jkidd , he must learn to fine arts of assisting .

4. The Bonafied Boy - March 22, 2007

did he? i think i was at the loo..LOL

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