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Netsotolic Incendiary Bullets July 17, 2007

Posted by netsophobia in Hassan Adams, Jamaal Magloire, Jason Kidd, NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Weekday Randomness.

Okay, It’s not really bullets, it’s dashes, but does it matter?

– Do we really want Jermaine O’Neal onto the team? yea he’s this and that and whatever, but hey, we’ve got a bee named Maglore no? So really, does he matter? does it matter? would he elevate the team to championship material even if he’s here? If they’re asking for a deal that involves Krstic and Jerfferson, are we really going to deal for him? blablabla the crap that Krstic isn’t the same level as O’Neal, he’s going to be and I bet my balls on it, and throw in somebody like R-J who’s a borderline All-Star? screw that deal, don’t make it happen. Oh wait. The deal’s dead, so says Rod Thorn, but he who doesn’t lie?

– Oh wait, really, really…..We will regret waiving Hassan Adams one day, This will just be added to the list of rubish deals Rod Thorn made, even if Adams pans out to be a 6 ppg or whatever guy, if he plays good defense and be a servicable dude, that’s another big blow to our big crappy list of “moves”. I mean look, if you’re Hassan, and you’re seriously training to rev yourself up for the coming season, the next thng you know is that you’ve got waived? ouch!

– I need Wikipedia to tell me how in the world, or why i the world is Lamond Murray playing Summer League basketball for the Clippers? I thought he was sort of a Vince Carter follower isn’t he? first he followed VC to Toronto, then to Jersey and now SUmmer League for the Clips? it saying something.

– I’m already wondering if Jamaal Magloire would be the cancer of the team next season, he’s big, burly, and doesn’t look that all friendly, besides, he likes to taunt opponents with that lame cover me eyes dunks of his.

– Look at this, Scenario A, Elon Branded represented his country at age 26 and came back in time for the next season to start, he played for the team Flippers, Branded, who was an All-Star the year before, played horribly and averaged some bad numbers. Scenario B, Gaybert Barenas, who did not play for the national team, on the other hand, excelled for his team and went on to be a crowd favorite/fan favorite. So What would Jason Kidd be if he went on and plys for team USA? A or B?



1. Sunny - July 21, 2007

Can Magloire and Krstic co-exist on court?

2. netsophobia - July 22, 2007

It would be good if they could, bt really, I don’t think they can. Magloire would go all the way in saying Krstic is soft or whatever.

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