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Regular Season Game 16: Escape from Monkey Island December 2, 2007

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The Nets almost did it in the game against the Grizzlies, and this time they completed it against the Sixers, who led by 15 points at the half but we somehow manage to miss that many clutch free throws to let them back into the game at the end but they didn’t, big wow as they finally win at HOME.

Philadelphia 76ers' Jason Smith, right, blocks a shot by New Jersey Nets' Sean Williams during the second quarter of NBA basketball Saturday night, Dec. 1, 2007 in East Rutherford, N.J.
Sean Williams getting a taste of his own medicine by an unlikely dud. in Jason Smith.       

I can say this is a season of firsts for me, this is the first time I’m happy to see Jason Collins coming up with a loose ball and even bowling someone over. The Sixers defense in the first half was just crazy, and the Nets responded to the defense by playing like Seattle, shooting jumpers early in the shotclock and not getting any penetration at all, the Sixers clamped down the paint and all the Nets coudld do was just chucking up threes and hope that they all fall. Even with the introduction of VC in the second quarter did nothing to help, they were just beyond horrendous in the first half.

With the big game against the Pistons tomorrow, how the Nets would play in this game is important, and their performance in the second half was the way they should be playing against the Pistons, the defense and the offense was the complete opposite of things, who knows what kind of weapon Lawrence Frank was aiming it at the team during halftime, maybe it’s Jason Collins’ toilet seat. wow, then we would have to thank Collins for that wouldn’t it?

The game totally changed in the second half when Jason Kidd started to turn on the engines and led the team in their fightback against the Sixers, and this game is saw Jason Kidd had his best shooting night in a long time 4 threes? did you say 4 threes?? it made Kyle Korver blush and LeBron James suddenly healthy again. Vince Carter in his sixth man role was excellent, and this is slowly turning into a very brilliant idea, RJ will try to the  get into his groove in the first while VC can provide the guns for the second unit, but still 51 million dollars to come off the bench??

PISTONS NEXT, let’s hope we hold them to a 10 point quarter again. oh did I mention Sean Williams had 4 blocks in this game?


Regular Season Game 3: Hack-a-Dalembert worked November 4, 2007

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YES, Jason Kidd did it again, I have no idea why Jason Collins checked into the game with 7 minutes left on the clock other than he’s there to foul Dalembert, Richard with another strong performance, Krstic with 5 offensive boards, Toine Wright is the SHIT, VC was passive for 75% of the game, and sucked at his free throws, be back later have to ctch some sleep after staying up to watch the game


Seriously, Sixers matched us play by play , they took he lead at first we came back, and they responded, then we went in front again only to see guys like Korver and Louis Williams respond, it wasn’t until Kidd hitting that dagger threein the end that sealed the W for the Nets, which was fitting since it was Kidd again starring for us with his 50th career triple double as a Net.

– Okay, 7 minutes left in the game, Larry makes a substituion and puts good fucking lord Jason Collins in the game, and what does he do? fouls Dalembert on three straight possessions, and as usual no contributions otherwise.
– Getting schooled by Louis Williams who was on the court for 15 minutes and had double figures in that period of time? he’s going to be a good player if given the chance to play.
– Vince Carter again, I was half blowing up before he finally found his stride in the third quarer and hit a coupleof threes, but missing four free throws is definitely a no-no. Man, we’re paying him tons load of money nd he’s passing out to RJ on a one on one matcup with Willie Green?
– Defensively we’re not up  the pace yet, it’s not like we’re playing good defense it’s just that Philly shot terrible from the floor.
PHILADELPHIA - NOVEMBER 3:  Jason Kidd #5 of the New Jersey Nets shoots against Andre Miller #7 of the Philadelphia 76ers at the Wachovia Center November 3, 2007 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2007 NBAE (Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images)
– I have to start with Antoine Wright again, this kid has totally evovled into a solid player from what I can see, 10 points and sold defense, although he mised the two threes he took, his form was good, and he’s gonna make them more. He’s our top dog from the bench now,Boki, watch ur back.
– Malik Allen started slow but came back late to hit jumper after jumper, and on one sequence where he blocked and shot and finished up the fast break, sweet.
– Jason Kidd triple double and the game sealing three, he’s just as good as it gets, no two ways to it.
– Nenad Krstic although a littl bit trigger happy, was good to see him get 5 offensive rebounds.
– I know bout the bad defene at times, but you have to give them credit for holding dwn Andre Miller and Andre Iguodala, they just had no chance tonight and we all know what they both can do.

Lines for the Game

Final Score: New Jersey Nets 93-88 Philadelphia Sixers
Jason Kidd Line: 16 points, 14 rebounds, 10 assists
Vince Carter Line: 18 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists
Richard Jefferson Line: 22 points, 6 assists, 3 steals
Jason Collins Line: 0 points 5 PFs

Regular Season Game 3: New Jersey Nets – Philadelphia Sixers November 4, 2007

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New Jersey Nets (1-1)
Philadelphia Sixers (1-1)

Yes, I have to admit that it was a total ass whopping given to us by the Raptors and it snuffed everything nice we did against the Bulls down into the drain, everything that clicked against Chicago went wrong and everything that didn’t just got worse, but that’s only game two and we have 80 more games to go, redemption starts tonight against the Sixers.The Sixers too beat Chicago yesterday and they lost to Toronto, which means we’re on the same level as they are. Vince Carter already has 2 seriously bad games under his belt, the Toronto one was just horrendous, and tonight he’s up against none other than Willie Green, he has to torch him tonight to prove that he still has it, and it’s not like the Sixers are very good defensive unit either.

Andre Iguodala is really really good, but one knock on him is his weak (well not exactly weak) handle and his high TO rate, we have to put the clamps on him , Andre Miller is a threat but seriously, the real Andre Miller died 5 years ago when he signed that contract with the Clippers, Dalembert still sleeps with visions of the Nachbar poster he was put on a few months back.

All in all, I don’t think I wanna see the team having a losing record this early in the season therefore, this game is a must win.

Pre Season Game 6: Jamaal Magloire suck at Free Throws October 26, 2007

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hmm, I guess lessons were learned from this game;

Firstly, Giving up 57 points in the first half is a big nonononooo

Secondly, Jamaal Magloire cannot beat Jason Collins in a free throw shoot out. But on  the positive side, Magloire returned big minutes with big production. 14 points 10 rebounds, and 2-8 FTs, UGELIH.

Thirdly, Bostjan Nachbar shoots alot of threes, 1-6 from three.

Fourth, Antoine Wright is averaging 2 threes per game, WOW, 9 points 9 rebounds.

Fifth, Andre Iguodala shoots too much threes, 2-6 from 3.

Sixth, Vince Carter can play the point, 4 assists

Seventh, Where is Sean Williams???? only 13 minutes? 6 points and a block.
New Jersey Nets' Sean Williams, left, blocks a shot by Philadelphia 76ers' Rodney Carney during the third quarter of NBA preseason basketball Thursday, Oct. 25, 2007 in East Rutherford, N.J.
that’s what I WANNA SEEE!!!!

Eighth, Dimebag Darrell was solid even with an ijury, six points five assists.

Ninth, Robert Hite chilling after having his spot guaranteed, or maybe un-guaranteed after this game, 1-10, 0-4 from three4 points 4 TOs.

Tenth, The Nets lost to the Sixers, 91-83



Pre Season Game 6: Jason Smith, Jason Kidd, Jason Collins, anymore? October 25, 2007

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Same old story same old pre season, same old questions, BUT, is Jason Kidd finally going to play? he’s healthy enough to play 40 minutes of scrimmage, he’s gotta be healthy enough to play 10 minutes of pre season basketball.

Eddie Gill, it was a really valiant effort by you in your attempt to secure a roster spot, you did abit of everything, abit of shooting, abit of passing, and even abit of rebounding. You did it all, but Robert Hite has guaranteed money and is still a better fit for the team you see. It was nice having you around.

We’re gonna have another chance to catch Vince playing point guard again, he passed out 7 assists the last game, I’d say he’d grab 8 this game, why? It’s against the Sixers for god’s sake. 

New Jersey Nets' Bostjan Nachbar, of Slovenia, drives to the basket as he is guarded by Boston Celtics' James Posey, left, during the second quarter of an NBA preseason basketball game Tuesday night, Oct. 23, 2007, in East Rutherford, N.J. Nachbar scored 15 pionts in the Nets' 82-71 win.
– Will Bostjan Nachbar still lead the team in scoring?
– Sean Williams dunking the basketball?
– Who is going to win a Bostjan Nachbar / Kyle Korver shoot out?
– Who’s starting at center?
– Antoine Wright leading scorer?

Phila – Nets Highlights (sort of) October 14, 2007

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Since the game yesterdy wasn’t on television, and apparently no one was at the game, everyone has to be satisfied with this.

I think everyone would enjoy this video other than the fact that the guy speaks a foreign tongue which I have no idea what is it about, he appears to resent Nachbar to the point of booing him (although the rest of the crowd did too), he makes bad judgments (saying Jason Smith has great court sense), and have trouble holding a camera still.

Pre Season Game 1: Everyone hates Richard Jefferson October 13, 2007

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What did we learn from the game against the Sixers?

– Bostjan Nachbar is a scoring machine and he can lead the second unit very well
– Antoine Wright still can’t shoot but he can score
– Josh Boone still suck at free throws, but he’s slowly becoming a monster on the offensive boards. (although against third world competition)
– Sean Williams had his first team offence already
– Louis William shredded our team
– Jamaal Magloire wasn’t that encouraging
– Robert hite showed me what’s instant offense. (turnover prone)
– Thirty turnovers, how nice is that, thats 1 turnover every 40 seconds. (made that up)
– Eddie Gill putting on a show? 20 minutes without taking a shot and fouling out? he’s trying to be Haseem Tabheet now.
– Darrell Armstrong……
– Jumaine Jones, Mateen Cleaves can say goodbye to their potentially short time with the Nets
New Jersey Nets' Malik Allen (30) tries to stop the shot of Philadelphia 76ers' Andre Iguodala during first the half of their preseason basketball game Friday, Oct. 12, 2007 in Philadelphia.
Iguodala didn’t score.

edit: Everyone hates RICHARD JEFFERSON

Pre-Season Game 1 Thread: Trioless Nets in action October 12, 2007

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Haven’t wrote a game thread in 3 months so that’s why I’m so excited, excited at the fact that Vince Carter, Richard Jefferson, and Jason Kidd; oops, forgotten about Nenad Krstic so yeah. I’m really excited that the team would face a lousy team with their second team. Darrell Armstrong starting, Antoine Wright starting, and Jason Collins, YAY!

I’m also excited by the fact that I’ll be able to watch Sean Williams play and Darrell Armstrong yell. WOW, and I can also get to know how that tall white boy is doing after we nearly drafted him instead of Weed Boy. This game is a perfect barometer to see how the team’s second stringers perform agasint full strength teams.

Heres TEN THINGS that I would be love to see happen.
– Sean Williams stuffing the ass out of Thaddeus Young
– Jason Collins scoring ten points or any points.
– Which Net other than Jason Kidd could play the point.
– Sixers get beat
– Malik Allen and Josh Boone form a low post tandem (not likely)
– Chickens running around the court
– Darrell Armstrong dunking
– Bostjan Nachbar – Samuel Dalembert PART 2
– Antoine Wright hitting some threes
– Some player on the Nets getting ten assists

OH, It’s the Philadelphia Sixers against the New Jersey Nets, and it’s tomorrow. NICETIES.