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Vaguely Introducing…. December 4, 2007

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Yeah, I’ve been talking bout Jason Collins’ toilet seat for almost a year now, but nobody has seen what it’s like, and it’s even in one of my trade proposals, so what is this toilet seat like? must be something glamourous considering the amount of money he conned right out of Rod Thorn’s armpit. here goes.



Tyrus Thomas’s letter of apology.. February 8, 2007

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Tyrus Thomas’s letter to the commisioner,

Dear Comminsioner Stern,

I’ve heard from the news that you are reasonably angered by my comments about the dunk contest earlier, so i wrote this letter to sincerely apologise to you about my comments on the contest, i hope you can seriously understand my cause, i was jeorpadize by the media and all those bloggers out there whom i believe had misquoted me, by the awy, do you know the meaning of bloggers or even the internet? because i believe you are still living in the 1960s the way your dress code works, anyway i won’t go there yet.
Regarding my moment of madness i was quoted as saying “I’m just going to go out there, get my check and call it a day.” which is definitely not true because what i said was ‘OK, I’m going out to get a check, and that’s it.’ I’m just gonna highlight the quotes in color in case you ever missed out on what i am trying to tell yo, yes i know i cannot whine, i know about the new policy about players whining so i wont, but just rememeber to read the quotes properly, i obviously did not in anyway tell the press that i was trying to belittle the once great dunk contest by stating that i’m money minded, heck!, i’m poised to make $3.6 million this year, whats $35k gonna mean to me, in fact i think that it is unfair that the Bulls fine me $10k. because i dun deserve it, they misquoted me, i said OK not i’m just, see the BIG difference?
But i think if you are ever gonna disqualify me from the contest and replace me with another “dunker”, i seriously hoped that you and your office would think porperly before putting another big man like me or Dwight Howard because the dunk contest is losing out to something like the Entertainer’s All-Star game, in fact my suggestion is that you invite James White from the San Antonio Spurs and save the fans from the pain of seeing Nate Robinson having a 1000 attempts before landing his dunk.
Having said that, i still hope that you would not disqualify me from the contest because from what i’ve heard, i still could make %15k from getting 4th place, which i am sure thats the position either me or Dwight Howard would be getting. anyway, thanks for taking your time to read my letter, and have a great All-Star weekend.

Thomas, Tyrus
the best dunker from the Chicago Bulls

PS: do you mind inserting Carmelo Anthony into the ASG? i despise your hatred towards him, and can you disqualify Shaq for being overly FAT?

for Dwight Howard who is competing in the Dunk Contest February 6, 2007

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apparently this is what Dwight Howard should do

1- DH has a better physique than Walter Hermann
2- DH jumps higher so he could actually catch the ball properly
3- bigger hands
4- NBA attires actually are easier to strip than other kinds of clothing

of championship rings and MVPs January 27, 2007

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STEVEN NASH really is demanding isnt he
“There’s no rings for streaks, We’ve had a tendency to really take people lightly and not be as focused as we need to be, and I think you saw that again from us tonight.”
i would wonder how the Nets would give up 2 division titles for 2 15 win streaks this season

“It’s hard to feel real proud about it because we haven’t been playing as well as we can for much of the streak.”
so what happens if you guys start to play hard?


“We have to take one game at a time and take care of business, and we haven’t been doing that, We just have to step up and play. Everyone has to do their job and everybody has to want to be here and everybody has to want to play. I’m getting sick and tired of this. I’ve never been five games under .500 in my career. It’s embarrassing.”- Rashaun O’Neal

or maybe hes embarrasing himself? complacency from winning the championship is not good for someone that is fat but then again….

RANDOMNESS January 18, 2007

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thats vince carter on the left but who’s on the right?

Pargo Embargo January 17, 2007

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Jannero Pargo..sounds weird? well he’s the starting point guard cum off the bench spark for the New Orleans Hornets and BECAUSE Chris Paul got hurt and so were David West, Bobby J and Peja, Mr.Pargo picked up the slack and shot 10-18 (3-4 from 3) and made all his free throws for 25 points while his team shot only 37% and BTW the Hornets win to bring themselves within 7 games of the .500 mark. 84-78 Hornets win in OT and thus Jannero Pargo wins the PotD


Yea i know T-Mac scored 45 but hey Dirk scored 30 and had a double-double and Dallas won, Ray Ray was dismal from 3 (2-10) and still beat the Cavs where King James scored 30 but Ray Alert had 11 assists, and Hornets doesnt always win so its just that the award goes to Pargo.
(edit: Jannero has a brother Jeremy who plays for Gonzaga)

Joumama Kidd is an EX-BUDWEiSER model? who r u kidding? clear the storm yo!

– Adonal Foyle must have been more successful than Michael Jackson in plastic surgery because not only that he turned his skin into a whitish color, he managed GROW HAIR on his BLAD head, AND he managed to make himself look like poor old Mike Dunleavy

– i wonder how much they got paid for shooting this clip, i bet that old man who got fooled around is just lonely

On college teammate Gilbert Arenas
He’s a funny guy, a prankster. Once he snuck into our room and stole the lightbulbs. We thought the electricity was out and we called the maintenance guy. He comes in and he’s like, You guys have no lightbulbs. Then Gilbert came running down the hallway laughing.- Luke Walton

Get to know Gilbert Arenas and THE SHOT! January 5, 2007

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finally sum1 uploaded the videos…and if 1 isnt enough i’ve got loads of them get your own Agent now!!


ENJOY ppl!!