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Regular Season Game 18: They do read this damn Blog December 5, 2007

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Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James (L) jokes with New Jersey Nets Jason Kidd during the first half of their NBA basketball game in Cleveland December 4, 2007. REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk (UNITED STATES)
Hey Jay, wanna come over to my team? I can work out a package for us to play together
Kidd: I dont know man, I mean your team is a piece of shit without you and I don’t wanna play with Damon Jones or someone named Boobie, ew
LeBron: look, they’re all small fries, I can get them waived, you only need to say yes
Kidd: Er, I hate Eastern Europeans too
LeBron: Not a problem, one blink of an eye, and they never existed
Kidd: I don’t like South Americans
LeBron: We’re retracting back the offer to resign that fro
Kidd: Then I don’t think I’m coming
LeBron: Why?
Kidd: That would just leave me, you Drew Hair Gooden and fucking Larry Hughes? no thanks

Obviously Obviously that some people at the Net do read this blog because they fucking responded to somethings taht I ranted about yesterday want some proof? I’ll show you some.

Proof number one
Richard Jefferson read this damn blog and went out there, bullied the Cavs who were without LeBron with 36 points and totally painstakingly shot me in the heart and telling me fuck you, I’m mean.

Proof number two
Ed Stefanski signed those crap shit players and now he’s off to Philly running away from his sins

Proof number three
After SIX FUCKING STRAIGHT DNPS, Jamaal Magloire finally got minutes with 20, more than the expected five or less,he responded with a double 7 and continues to show us that practice doesn’t make perfect, 1-4 from the line, Collins showed him up tonight

Proof number four
Malik Allen went out and shot more jumpers trying to piss me off but he redeemed himself by grabbing nine boards and blocking 2 shots wow.

Proof number five
Fucked up Collins is going trigger happy, since when does he start taking 18 foot jumpers and have six shot attempts per night? he even made 75% of his FTs, that’s virtually impossible, something that only happends when you watch Peter Pan, and Collins is Peter Pan, maybe he’s playing well because he got his tooth back from the tooth fairy.

Proof number six
Unnamed backups like Eddie Gill stepping up in garbage time although I did not mentioned their names yesterday, I obviously held a grudge against them

Proof number seven
Larry Frankfurters finally got his act together and played those players that he should have played, yeah the Cavs are without LBJ, but this rotation got us into one of our best shooting games of the season, and that’s saying a fucking whole lot of stuff.

Proof that they do not read my blog no.1
Vince Carter obviously wants people from PNG to call him a slut, but the good thing is he finally broke out of his trance by going 3-5 from three point land tonight, still he sounds like a worn out almost max half franchise player who is eating too much and not asserting himself.

Proof that they do no read my blog no.2
Who’s the man that was suppsoed to be on Shannon Brown? this fuck made Devin Brown look more idiotic than he already is, why isn’t anyone on him? nobody’s guarding him and we’re letting him run loose? we’re only lucky he settled for three pointers more.

Proof that they do not read my blog no.3
Antoine Wright got injured, yeah right, what’s next? Jason Collins got a bum testicle?

Am I happy bout the W? Of course I am, any wins on the road are pluses, and the home woes, it’s gonna settle down somehow, I actually think that our form at home is actually due to the new name of the damned building, we goes to the IZOD, how dumb does that sound? that doesn’t even sound like a winning building, although SBC Center sounds equally lame, Why do they even bother giving arenas such generic names, things like that just wastes peoples memory to remember them, I probably wasted around 10 megabytes from my brain just to type and remember all this shit.

Obviously somebody forgot to leave a memo for the Cavs to ask them not to fucking throw the game away when it’s still a game, but then again when your team leader’s Eric Snow and Damon Jones, all you can do is just shut up and man up and lose the game, the troll Pavlovic didn’t even had a say in his own toilet case.



Are We Staring at Insanity perhaps? Updates and Random Ramblings June 2, 2007

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The two biggest news in the NBA right now? LeBron James exploding for what 48 points on the so called best team in the East, scoring 25 straight points and shattering whatever bullshit that labelled him as a choker, thus establisihing his legacy with probably the greatest individual performance by any player this century. I’m all the way behind Cleveland, no, it’s not because i’m jumping onto another wagon right here, and no, it’s not because James won my heart over, it’s because they beat us Nets, and any team that should win the championship? it’s a team that had us beat in the playoffs, and that’s the Cavs. I’m telling you, the Western Conference maybe stronger, but the East is way more entertaining, and yes, no one can stop James right now.
Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James dunks as Detroit Pistons defender Jason Maxiell looks onin the fourth quarter of their NBA Eastern Conference Final basketall game in Auburn Hills, Mich., Thursday, May 31, 2007. In Thursday night's 109-107 NBA playoffs victory in two overtimes over Detroit, James  scored 48 points, including his team's final 25 and 29 of their final 30 points.
unstoppable…for the moment

After the positive, there’s always a negative, Kobe Bryant, probably the biggest virus, bacteria or anything bad in the NBA, demanding a trade from the Lakers, let’s do a little flashback here, I’ve never been a fan of Kobe and will never be, not when he dismantled my Nets in 5 games, and muttered some crap like “This doesn’t feel like the Finals”. Kobe Bryant doing a Vince Carter and whine his way out of town? Big question is, who would want, probably the biggest egomaniac in the league (ok, maybe David Stern is first) on their team? Yes, he is undoubtedly the best wing in the league right now, but that’s it, individually that’s all he is. Team wise, he’s a load of crap.

Ah.Yes, Vince Carter, the model for choking, probably spending time in Daytona right now thinking about the 9 three pointers he made earlier in the season, actually if he didn’t choke that badly in the playoffs, he could actually warrant a new contract, a lucrative one i might add. See, he set a new franchise record for three pointers made in a game, most points scored for the entire season, and is part of the double triple double game, made the All Star Game, and was named Player of the Month, that’s pretty good for someone in a contract year, but after the playoffs, 16 million sounds too much for a franchise player who scored as much as Mikki Moore did.

And back to the Draft, note that we only have one single pick, the 17th pick, which, i’m still not sure who we will draft, BUT, the team do not have a second round pick, which is a bummer, because i think in this year’s draft, there’s a big possibility that the second round hides a big number of gems that could be unravelled into the next Arenas or Redd.


Guys in my projection like Zabian Dowdell, Dashaun Wood, and maybe even Jared Jordan, have the possibility of not getting drafted, so it would be the team’s chance to pounce and sign one of them to backup Marcus Williams, which in turn would be a better upgrade than playing Carter at the point, Speaking of Point, this theory of mine, see before game 6 VC played Point Guard after Marcus Williams was dormant on the bench fighting his insecurities, and maybe that’s because he played that much on that particular position, he became stagnant or whatever, thus being useless in games 5 and 6.

Billy Donovan as Magic Head Coach, dull….shades of Mike Montgomery, Rick Pitino anyone?don’t be surprise if the Magic drafts Taurean Green with their first round pick, it could happen, and Jameer Nelson could rot on the bench, Milicic will stay in Orlando and be a starter, VC WILL NOT go to Orlando, JJ Redick will get minutes and eventually start, in the end, the magic will miss the playoffs and Donovan gets to sit on the draft lottery seat.

As crazy as it seems, how bout doing a sign and trade for Rashard Lewis??okay, maybe i’m just saying, and it would not happen either, we don’t have the parts the Sonics need, and Lewis hates Collins, kidding. BUT, sending VC to the Knicks sounds awfully good, look we’ll just take Q-Rich and the 23rd pick of yours how’s that? oh, throw in Randolph Morris too, and no thanks regarding the Francis swap, i’m having a stomachache here..

Alright, that’s it, i’m still in the barrier of not being able to write anything productive or good at the moment, but the Lokking Forward Features and stuff will be back soon, and I will still not spare people from having to watch Throwbacks of Derrick Coleman. Cheers.

yes, Derrick = gay shit

LeBron James – Baron Davis Encore May 29, 2007

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Words are not neccesary, just behold the plays

Pump up the Volume and Let Him Sing May 6, 2007

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not the most flattering scenes ever, but LeBron surely isn’t going to be my favorite singer or dancer anytime soon.

This is what we hope he will do, don’t bother bout the last 10 secs, focus on the first 40. count how many times you could sight Dajuan Wagner.


Playoffs: Eastern Ouarterfinals: New Jersey Nets – Toronto Raptors game 6 review May 5, 2007

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I was ready to faint after Vince Carter took that three with 13 seconds on the shot clock, but hey RJ came out and made two amazingly clutch plays on both the offensive and defensive end, and we get to send the Raptors back to where they belong, Jurassic Park.

Steven Speilberg could not even direct something as good as this, talk about heartbreaking, Chris Bosh finally made one of his “patented” off the backboard jumpshot to give the Raptors a 97-96 lead, and to make things worse, New Jersey hadn’t made any FGs in 6 minutes, and then came the fucktard three pointer by Vince.

This is where i really appreciate Antoine Wright’s presence late in the game, ya he made a few shots and even a three. But it was when Chris Bosh missed that top of the key jumper, Toine showed immense upper body strength to box-out Mo Peterson and grab the rebound.

Two reasons RJ made that incredible game winner, Chris Bosh was either shocked at how aggressive RJ was, and was taken aback, reacting slow to the play, i was 90% certain that the final play was going to go to VC again, but it’s a pleasant surprise seeing another Net making clutch plays.

The great thing about this game was how New Jersey stayed in it early on, i don’t know how, Toronto shot 50% while the Nets only 37%, but they still went into the half down by only three.

The way Jason Kidd piloted the game in the third. FANTASTIC stuff, 7 points, 7 assists, the best play was when he grabbed his own blocked shot, hesitated and dished it out to Mikki Moore for the facial. Jason Kidd is the second player (after himself in 2001) to average a triple double for the entire series.

The Great Equalizer
Enter Bostjan Nachbar, unlike the 0-7 Bostjan Nachbar we saw in game 5, we saw a 3-5 Bostjan Nachbar who took clever shots and attacked the rim when he had to, it would have been perfect if he nailed that three (which was in and out) late in the fourth to seal the game.

Mikki Moore, never been consistent enough in this series, but he showed great hustle and made a couple solid 18 footers and grabbed some key rebounds his most telling contribution came when he tapped the ball to Jason Kidd and it ended up with a RJ alley oop flush.
EAST RUTHERFORD - MAY 4:  The bench of the New Jersey Nets celebrates during the game against the Toronto Raptors in Game Six of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals during the 2007 NBA Playoffs on May 4, 2007 at the Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2007 NBAE (Photo by David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images)
– is T.J Ford really injured? 15 minutes 19 points? i was surprised he didn’t play more in the second half, we were letting Ford hurt us with almost everything, jumpers, dribble penetration, he scored 5 quick points when we were up 8 in the fourth to play T-dot back into the game.

– The defense was sub par today, the 3-2 zone, which produced wonders in games 1 and 5, failed us today, especially late in the game, Toronto broke the zone easily by just penetrating to the basket, Calderon and Parker both found their man for shots by just driving to the hole and dishing it.

– How many bad passes did i see VC threw tonight? THREE, in what fashion? missing it’s intended target by a mile. The Nets even got a ridiculous lane violation, and we were lucky Toronto did not make the most out of those 19 turnovers we made.

– Fade aways, off balance jumpers, three pointers, bad shots? well, not really, because he was making some of them and VC was attacking the rim, but he wasn’t hard enough around the basket, he either got his shots blocked by Bosh and on one occasion Bargnani, or he was missing on his lay-ups attempts, got to be assertive Vince, especially against a team like Cleveland.

– The way Chris Bosh played his way in the fourth? i can already envision LeBron James bullying our thin front line, and can someone imagine Mikki Moore on James? Chris Bosh, Bargnani schooled Moore tonight, Bargnani was unconscious with his so called pure release, and Chris Bosh out foxed Moore whenever he was on him.

But hey, we won right? Right. The game ended in a fashion where everyone went home happy, 1. Nets are clutch 2. Vince struggled (Canadian fans rejoice) 3. The arena was booming (not Oracle Arena or ACC boom, but it was noise.) 4. Bosh showed that he’s not Dirk late in the game.(the red color mouthpiece on Bosh’s mouth was fugly.) 5. T-dot get the experience they need. 5. LeBron James – Vince Carter (less fabulous matchup: Jason Collins – Scot Pollard)



Lines of the Game
Final Score :
New Jersey Nets 98 – 97 Toronto Raptors
VC Line: 20 points, 6-19 FGs, 3 threes
Jason Kidd Line: 18 points, 15 assists, 8 rebounds, 3 threes
Jason Collins Line: 3 points, 6 rebounds, 1-3 FTs
Star of the Game: Jason Kidd, 18 points, 15 assists, 8 rebounds, 3 threes, 6-11 FGs

King VS the Balk January 28, 2007

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yea, i know you guys have no idea what they are talking bout since there’s no audio whatsoever, but since i know lipreading, i’ll tell you what those two cats said

RB24 : yo, you wanna come in my house, alrite your house and score on me? take that sucka
Lebron : what the fuck? what? what? what? who the hell are you? are you just one of those fans masquerading as a player?
RB24 : you don’t know me??? i’m the no.20 draft pick for god’s sake
Lebron : err, sorry i only know who’s the no.1 draft pick
RB24 : what??? are you dissing me? oh im gonna put my hands on you, watch out, you saw what Nate can do..
Lebron : urhhs, get away from me, your hair is gross, ewwww, stinks

ref : pittt pitt pitttttt, enough! techs for you two
Lebron : what? who is that guy with the hair?
ref : he’s Renaldo Balkman
RB24 in the background : RECOGNIZE!!!
Lebron : huh? i have no ide..oh wait.. i think i saw him in this video

Lebron : he’s the batman?