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Pinpointed Dashes and Uncommonly Scattered Bullets July 25, 2007

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Life in College is not good at all, never good, never will be, first of all the traffic on the way there, the amount of money being used everyday (NOTE: only spent 2.60 on chocolate milk today, milagro), the stress (blah), the lecturers, the annoying road thugs (DUH!), and so on, and the fact that I’m poor enough to have to park my vehicle (I resent the word cars*) 500+meters away from college sucks.

KobeBryant은 암컷 이다

No Idea what the hell is that? well, maybe the word Kobe betrayed the words a little, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Have any idea how playing in a ball game against Vince Carter would be like? pro pick-up, well, try this.

One, he shoots jumpers left-handed as well and with the same range as he does with his right.

SERIOUSLY THIS SITE NEEDS A POLL, and I’m hell bent on starting one, say right now, ya everybody(I guess) knows that WordPress (was about to type Wikipedia then) doesn’t support embedded Java stuff, so if I have to count the votes manually, I WOULD; So, for the first poll since Hooplah Nation moved over from blogger…the question is.. Is Mikki Moore a LIAR? I’m always bitter. pun.

No, I’m not showing this video because Kobe Bryant hit the game winner, I’m not doing this to emphasize on how Kobe got his dunk attempt blocked by Lebron, no, I’m not focusing on how good Kevin Durant can be, or what shape Jason Kidd is in, by the way, he looks great although for those shorts bursts and all. The purpose of showing the video, is for the sake of all Team U.S.A fans, the first step to victory is…. Get Rid Of The Skin Tight Jerseys;

Tight Top and Baggy Shorts leads to CONSPIRACY THEORY #1, it’s actually part of the plot to make opposing teams feel irritated and annoyed by the jerseys and somehow affect their performances, after-all it’s all about psychology.

I’m having my only class of the day, WA(Writing Academically)<-distorted on purpose, in aout 7 hours from now, and I haven’t slept for a day AND, the lecturer of the subject is a punch hole full of crap, It’s like the guys who went all the way to sell Kobe’s video for $1.20 per view. AND, she looks like Dinah from Alice in Wonderland, POSITIVELY SO, horrible..

Za ljubav treba imati hrabrost, which roughly translates to “I have no idea what the hell is that”, Kidding, it’s actually Nenad Krstic’s interview with some Seeeerrrbbiiiaannn newspaper, Blic, yes BLIC. It’s eerie to see Jason Kidd as Krstic’s sports’ idol and have a girlfriend fo four years.

I’m totally immersed with YUI at the moment, I mean totally, ya you’d go through the process of wow, if only I knew Japanese and yada yada yada. I’m way past that, I’m on another level guys.

My favourite quote from the David Stern press conference?
  “This is an isolated incident.” Ya right, which leads us to CONSPIRACY THEORY NO.2, All Games were fixed and it’s part of Stern’s (I hate world domination) plan to create a big news coup to generate publicity for the league.

MY PLEA TO NBA TEAMS AND GMS..SIGN JAMES WHITE!! PLEASE!! you can waive him after the All-Star weekend if you please, I just wanna see him in the Dunk contest.

Daisuke Matsuzaka = the BOMB, Barry Bonds like what? 753?


Are We Staring at Insanity perhaps? Updates and Random Ramblings June 2, 2007

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The two biggest news in the NBA right now? LeBron James exploding for what 48 points on the so called best team in the East, scoring 25 straight points and shattering whatever bullshit that labelled him as a choker, thus establisihing his legacy with probably the greatest individual performance by any player this century. I’m all the way behind Cleveland, no, it’s not because i’m jumping onto another wagon right here, and no, it’s not because James won my heart over, it’s because they beat us Nets, and any team that should win the championship? it’s a team that had us beat in the playoffs, and that’s the Cavs. I’m telling you, the Western Conference maybe stronger, but the East is way more entertaining, and yes, no one can stop James right now.
Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James dunks as Detroit Pistons defender Jason Maxiell looks onin the fourth quarter of their NBA Eastern Conference Final basketall game in Auburn Hills, Mich., Thursday, May 31, 2007. In Thursday night's 109-107 NBA playoffs victory in two overtimes over Detroit, James  scored 48 points, including his team's final 25 and 29 of their final 30 points.
unstoppable…for the moment

After the positive, there’s always a negative, Kobe Bryant, probably the biggest virus, bacteria or anything bad in the NBA, demanding a trade from the Lakers, let’s do a little flashback here, I’ve never been a fan of Kobe and will never be, not when he dismantled my Nets in 5 games, and muttered some crap like “This doesn’t feel like the Finals”. Kobe Bryant doing a Vince Carter and whine his way out of town? Big question is, who would want, probably the biggest egomaniac in the league (ok, maybe David Stern is first) on their team? Yes, he is undoubtedly the best wing in the league right now, but that’s it, individually that’s all he is. Team wise, he’s a load of crap.

Ah.Yes, Vince Carter, the model for choking, probably spending time in Daytona right now thinking about the 9 three pointers he made earlier in the season, actually if he didn’t choke that badly in the playoffs, he could actually warrant a new contract, a lucrative one i might add. See, he set a new franchise record for three pointers made in a game, most points scored for the entire season, and is part of the double triple double game, made the All Star Game, and was named Player of the Month, that’s pretty good for someone in a contract year, but after the playoffs, 16 million sounds too much for a franchise player who scored as much as Mikki Moore did.

And back to the Draft, note that we only have one single pick, the 17th pick, which, i’m still not sure who we will draft, BUT, the team do not have a second round pick, which is a bummer, because i think in this year’s draft, there’s a big possibility that the second round hides a big number of gems that could be unravelled into the next Arenas or Redd.


Guys in my projection like Zabian Dowdell, Dashaun Wood, and maybe even Jared Jordan, have the possibility of not getting drafted, so it would be the team’s chance to pounce and sign one of them to backup Marcus Williams, which in turn would be a better upgrade than playing Carter at the point, Speaking of Point, this theory of mine, see before game 6 VC played Point Guard after Marcus Williams was dormant on the bench fighting his insecurities, and maybe that’s because he played that much on that particular position, he became stagnant or whatever, thus being useless in games 5 and 6.

Billy Donovan as Magic Head Coach, dull….shades of Mike Montgomery, Rick Pitino anyone?don’t be surprise if the Magic drafts Taurean Green with their first round pick, it could happen, and Jameer Nelson could rot on the bench, Milicic will stay in Orlando and be a starter, VC WILL NOT go to Orlando, JJ Redick will get minutes and eventually start, in the end, the magic will miss the playoffs and Donovan gets to sit on the draft lottery seat.

As crazy as it seems, how bout doing a sign and trade for Rashard Lewis??okay, maybe i’m just saying, and it would not happen either, we don’t have the parts the Sonics need, and Lewis hates Collins, kidding. BUT, sending VC to the Knicks sounds awfully good, look we’ll just take Q-Rich and the 23rd pick of yours how’s that? oh, throw in Randolph Morris too, and no thanks regarding the Francis swap, i’m having a stomachache here..

Alright, that’s it, i’m still in the barrier of not being able to write anything productive or good at the moment, but the Lokking Forward Features and stuff will be back soon, and I will still not spare people from having to watch Throwbacks of Derrick Coleman. Cheers.

yes, Derrick = gay shit

Hey This Nightmare Could Happen May 31, 2007

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You know all this bullshit about Kobe Bryant getting traded, or he demanded a trade, wanted Jerry West hired or whatever, just proves that even the NBA Playoffs are losing it’s edge, i mean it’s the Finals and no one is giving a damn how good Daniel Gibson is doing (okay, maybe some did), or how the Jazz struggled playing against the Spurs. Instead all the buzz is around a guy who is generating buzz because he’s demanding a trade.

For me, i hope Kobe rots in L.A, like rot in L.A, damned forever, never to ever win another championship ever, staying with a team which is going to be mediocre forever until the end of his career, of course he still has that three rings, but that’s about it, individual accolades are all he can hope for.

Anyway, Lang Whitaker from SLAM has this interesting article on how Kobe Bryant could be on every single team in the NBA depending on the deals made,

NEW JERSEY NETS: If LA wants a marquee name, they go get Vince plus Richard Jefferson. Not sure how well the Triangle works when the shooting guard refuses to drive to the basket. The Nets could team Kobe, Kidd and Krstic. Terrified to think of what nickname the New York Post would give those three.

By doing that deal, i would probably sulk in front of my computer everyday, and think of how tormenting it is blogging about my favorite basketball team and in it their star is one of the players i loathe the most.

Lang Whitaker again, came up with another trade idea,

Kidd goes to L.A., and Bynum goes to Jersey. Soon. The Bynum Brigade might need to establish an East Rutherford chapter.

(And while we’re at it, I hear Vince is going to be heading to Orlando.)

Could this all be wrong? Of course. Maybe I’m getting played like the rest of the media was. But I don’t think it’s wrong. If I’m right I’ll remind you about it often. If I’m wrong, I’ll delete this post.

So Kobe gets Kidd, Orlando gets Vince, and the Nets get Andrew Bynum and a reduced payroll while they prep for their move to Brooklyn.

Just throwing this rumor out there. Discuss…

do you actually believe him?? February 4, 2007

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Kobe said that revenge wasnt on his mind
Kobe said that 1 on 1 duels does not really excite him anymore
Kobe said that winning the game is more important
Kobe shot 14-26, had a 360 dunk, raised a no.1 sign at the end, was playing aggressive ball, which included being called for charging, and travelling violations,

Gilbert had to prove he was for real
Gilbert had to show up and beat the Lakers again
Gilbert had to outscore Kobe

Gilbert did something out of his character and wored headphones for like 90 minutes before the game started and he ended up shooting 9-29 from the field,

Kobe 39, Gilbert 37
Kobe 1 Gilbert 1

Ronny boy posterized again..

-Caron shot the ball awfully 5-18, but he had another near triple dub performance wit 10 boards n 7 assists
-Deshawn.. fresh from shooting a 100 threes the night before was 3-4 from beyond, and had 17 but did very little else in 31 minutes
– Jarvis freaking Hayes had 5 in 25
– Brenda had 5 off boards in 21 minutes
– Lakes had 5 players in double figures
– Eddie jordan needs to stop playing smallball
– Eddie Jordan needs to understand that Jarvis Hayes cannot play PF

Lakers 118 Wizards 102

Taking a look around January 6, 2007

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quote of the day
“I told him he looked weird” – Kobe on A.I’s blue jersey

The PotD Award
i made a lil mistake by saying that Kobe Bryant was the first recipient of the PotD, in fact Matt Barney Barnes was the first person to win it if u check the previous post( not that any1 would) but now the criterias to win the PotD is in fact tougher, so unless u score 50 or had 20 assists dun try and think u could win…LOL

quick look around first
my team the New Jersey Nets, for the 1st time this season, won 3 straight against the Bulls with VC topping 20 at last and Nachbar scoring 16 on his 1st start, and Dallas improved to 6-0 when Dirk scores more than 30 beating the Spurs 90-85, and again i was tempted to hand the award over to Agent Z3ro when he had 35 points in a 14-26 shooting night, 7 rebounds, 12 assists and 4 steals in a win against the Clips, but no!! btw,, happy birthday GIL, in a battle between Redd hott and the KING, it ended up with Drew Gooden being the X-factor scoring 31 and grabbing 16 boards wo secure the win for the Cavs, King James struggling with a 3-13 shooting night

hey we won!!

and the award goes to…
well 1st the runner up, lol, goes to.. EDDY CURRY of the very BAD Nate Robinsonless New York Knicks, the FAT one had a perfect night from the filed and was 9-12 from the line, he had 27 in a rare emphatic win for the usually BAD Knicks (note: when are they going to let David Lee start? he’s getting 10 n 10 off the bench like everygame?)

and the winner is??
welcome back T-Mac, good to see you back and good to see you winning at last without the Chinaman, Houston are 5-1 this season without Yao Ming, T-Mac with a suprisingly good performance against a suprisingly good Utah Jazz, he had a season high of 44, including 13-16 from the line, and had 9 rebounds, cheers Tracy

Ronnie Brewer ain’t stopping nobody YO!

suprise performance of the night
Dikembe Motumbo..
no problem being 37 years old, no problem elbowing ur own team mates, but Mutombo had a season high 19 rebounds including 8 offensive ones, WOW, and 8 points, 2 steals and a block

finally some love for Gilbert from the people at Verizon Center with MVP chants all over the court with GILman’s performance in the win agaisnt the Clips

the PotD award January 5, 2007

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PotD stands for??
what the heck is PotD??
PotD is??

– an award
– a honour PotD is
the Performer of the Day award

our first PotD award sadly goes to Kobe Bryant, for his superb, tantalizing performance in dethroning the Kings, KB8 , sorry KB24, had 42 and nearly got himself a triple double with 10 boards and 9 assists, plus he went to the line like 20 times…making 17 of them, but his most telling contribution came when he fed Smush Parker for a game-tying layup with 0.1 seconds left and helping the Los Angeles Lakers go on to a 132-128 overtime victory.