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New Jersey Nets Game 41 Preview January 18, 2009

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Hey coach, how to fire this team up? Just log on to the Internet and let the players read this article.

Dear New Jersey Nets,

I wanted to thank you for helping the Celtics. I know you’ve been watching your division rivals struggle lately. You probably saw what we saw: a sluggish team that struggled with the things they had done well for a long time. So we all really appreciate you rolling over and dying in the second half. The chance to rest our starters is really huge right now.

If that’s not enough? How about this video?

Vince Carter after having two crappy games musn’t be feeling too good about himself today, so maybe you know? And Rondo, wait till you hit a hundred jumpers before you can say you’re better than Devin Harris, KG? He’s just a punk, Find someone your size, douche bag.


Boston Celtics, Your 2008 Atlantic Division Champs August 1, 2007

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Well, at least they think that they are already, and I do think they’re favorites, but not by a big margin, unless they somehow got to get rid of the coots backing up their big three, then they’re the clear favorites.

And for anyone backing up New York for the playoffs, the Knicks are not a team, they’re a group of players playing for more Krispy Kreme, $15 shoe glory, TV shows, coaches hogging the limelight and ending your careers in Europe, maybe it’s out of natural despise, but really is anyone on the Knicks roster even likable? sorry, had to spit this out.

Anyhow, why I am talking about the Knicks? this post is all about the Celts, no Nets, no others just the Celtics, and their new found superstars, the Three Musketeers for Atlantic domination, yea.

Must read quotes from the KG press conference.
“To all three of you, in your mind, are the Celtics the team to beat in the Eastern Conference?”

Kevin Garnett: “Well again, chemistry is a big thing. And with Cleveland, with respect to them, and winning the east last year, I think the east has gotten a lot better, additions to the Knicks, Orlando has gotten better, you know Detroit you can’t ever count them out, Cleveland, I mean it’s definitely, the Eastern Conference has gotten better. I wouldn’t go that far to say that we’re the team to beat, cause we still have things to prove. We still have to work on chemistry, and bonding, we like I said are gonna be a force to be reckoned with. I will say that.”

SUMMARIZING what KG just said: Even a team like Cleveland could win the East, I think the East just got better with me in it,and Detroit is an old team who is always going to be there, Orlando got duped by Rashard Lewis, what did the Knicks do? I wouldn’t go that far to say that we’re the team to beat because we already are, I don’t need to say that, Celtics 2K8 Champs, Respect!

Ray Allen: “I personally try not to worry about what’s going on in the rest of the league, and trying to build what we have here and team chemistry and working with the guys that are gonna come in and the guys like Rajon Rondo and Tony Allen, and Scalabrine, and the other guys that are on the team, and we have a lot that we want to build towards. And training camp starts, we’re going overseas this year, we’ll have a great time to bond through traveling, playing against some international competition, and then before you know it the season will be here, and it’s the small things really that are gonna equal up to the big things and when we take care of those small things we’ll look up and our standing will be in a pretty good place. Kevin’s a passionate guy, and Paul’s passionate, but they’re also stubborn, they’re also ornery, and I’m the same way. You know, playing against these guys, they want the best, I want the best out of both of them, and both of them want the best out of me. Vice versa, so when we’re out there playing, we know what it’s gonna take, you know playing together and counting on each other for 82 games. You know, being great for 82 games, and that’s what we’re here for.”

Again, SUMMARIZING what Ray Allen just said: This Celtics team are about three players, ME, ME, Paul Pierce, Garnett and ME, with us three guys here, who cares about the rest of the Celts roster? who’s Scalabrine? and when we’re going overseas this year, I’m gonna beat them all at poker and strip them naked. You know the three of us are all passionate about this, therefor we’ll want the best out of each other. Vice versa, when we’re all gambling, underhand tactics are bound to happen and like in the NBA that’s what we can do for 82 games, we can’t play during the playoffs, we have no game.

Paul Pierce: “I don’t know if we’re the team to beat in the east, but I know that when other teams look at that schedule, and we come in town, they’re probably gonna get their rest the night before. But the other thing about that is I’ve always felt like we’re the team to beat since I was a rookie. I’m optimistic like that, but it’s a great situation and we’re all excited.”

Yet again, SUMMARIZING what Paul Pierce just said: Are you crazy? We three dudes are the best there is, recognize! When we come in town, those team who had rested the day before had better get themselves ready for a big ass kicking.

BONUS! Opening Statement by Doc Rivers:
Doc Rivers:
“I want to echo what everyone else said, you know I couldn’t be more excited, obviously. Before I talk about Kevin, and Ray, and Paul, and the job that Danny and Wyc and the ownership have done, for a coach this is a great day for me and it’s also been a very difficult day. Al, and Ryan, and those guys, you put your heart into those guys, you know, the young guys, you really do. And so making that trade call was difficult, I mean I’m an emotional coach, and I put my heart into this game, and you put your heart into your players and I think that’s what every coach should do, so that was difficult. Al, and Ryan, and Gerald, and Bassy, they’re all gonna be great, and I wish them all the luck, except against us, in the world. On this trade, I love it. I just think it gives us a chance, it gives us hope, that’s what we want. From low expectations to high expectations. That’s what we want, it’s exactly what we want, and I can’t wait to get started, I do wish training camp started tomorrow, but it doesn’t so—“

Yea, SUMMARIZING what Doc Rivers just said: Of course I’m excited. Bassy was a bust, Ratliff is old, who is Ryan Gomes? I want Keving Garnett and I got him. Who says I’m a bad coach? I’m a people’s coach, I do wish people have low expectations so I won’t make myself look like an idiot, but then again I already am, so I hope training camp starts tomorrow so I can prove the Idiot tag correct.

(*Disclaimer: All of the above are mostly made up but some of them are real quotes, No I don’t hate the Celtics although I can’t say the same for the Knicks, and the original transcript of the press conference is HERE.!)

KG a Boston Celtic, Does It Rhyme? July 31, 2007

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Unbelievable isn’t it, a month before this, the deal was dead, done and dusted and even the man himself said that no way he was going to somewhere like Boston, but then came the shocker, that would probably define next season, unpredictable.

This has got to be the mother of all trades really, nothing can top this one, nothing the Zach Randolphes, the Wally Sczerbiaks could do to top that, and on top of it, this freaking deal maybe one of the biggest trade steals ever (beaten only by the Vince Carter trade). Danny Ainge just amended his reputation of being an asshole by just getting this deal done, well you can’t say the same for Kevin McHale of course. Sparks will always fly will two dunces meet up together and one of them will always end up being the biggest ever loser, and that’s McHale.

Why? First of all, the Celtics get to finally throw Sebastian Telfair off to some team and let them polish his guns rather than keeping his nameplate somewhere around the locker room. Not that Telfair isn’t a good player, he’s got issues, and add him up with Ricky Davis? the nutter heads are always better than one.

Then there’s Theo Ratliff, who had always been a shot blocking presence and also a non-existence in the offensive end, he was solid for a few years back with the Sixers but then, he’s a has been. Gerald Green had shown signs of stardom in his two seasons with the Celtics, highlighted by his 10.3 ppg during the season, but if anyteam were the look for a role model for inconsisteny, Green’s your man, ya the retort is that he’s still young and still developing, but is he a sure thing? I mean I know KG is the real deal, but is Green the real deal?

Ryan Gomes is a hard worker, plays his heart out for the team, works hard to get better and all, but the Wolves already have a player in Ryan Gomes’ shoe, Craig Smith, although currently Gomes is a rather more advanced version of Smith, wouldn’t Gomes’ arrival impede the growth of Smith?

The same goes with Al Jefferson, who was a boderline All-Star in my opinion, but then again, he isn’t a sure thing, and when Al Jefferson is the best player you would have to give up for a former MVP, I think that’s a fair price to pay. The bottomline of all the harp I’ve just typed above is, the Celtics got a steal, no doubt about it, they’re not giving away all of their talented young-ies, they still have Tony Allen and Rajon Rondo with them, they got rid of a cancer, an old dude, an inconsistent guy, and a borderline All-Star for a future Hall of Famer.

ALL OF THAT ABOVE, brings us to the MAIN TOPIC of this post, how good will the Celtics be? they’re after all in the same division as the Nets, and it’s all common rule to always peek at your neighbours and check out what they’re doing. The Celtic roster stands at 8-9 players, and I figured that their starting five would consist of the “Big Three” (again), Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins, and the guys off the bench would be Gabe Pruitt, Tony Allen, Brian Scalabrine and Glen Davis.

Is that a championship caliber lineup? I’d say NO, and that’s not because they’re our rivals or whatever, they just aren’t, the number of players they gave up, by my count it’s 7 players for two (Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett) basically screwed up the depth of their team and exept for th starting five, they look scarily thin. and then the chemistry issue comes in, KG, Jesus, Pierce, they’d all been the man for their team fr the past few years with no proper sidekick or whoever, and now they’re all stacked up together in this team, I mean having to superstars and choosing one to take the final shot is hard, but three? wow.

Ray Allen would have experience playing with another big three before, KG has always been accomadating but is Pierce a person who would give up his scoring after so many years of carrying the team and so on…I’m intrigued really.