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When offense doesn’t count for much. March 2, 2008

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Before the lineup overhaul, this team was struggling both on the defense and on offense, even with the same team that from two years ago whichc was one of the best defensive teams in the league, the team slowly deterioriated to the point of last season where on certain games they could lock teams down defensively to this season where teams would just steamroll over them.

Then came all the trades which saw the blog favorite Jason Collins traded for Stromile Swift and Kidd and Antoine going over to Dallas, it all points to the new guys like Harris, Hassell, Swift (and of course Diop, but we’re talking about offense here) to score more, to shoot higher percentages compred to the other three. Prior trade, none of the three ex-Nets were shooting over 41% while the trio of Hassell, Harris, and Swift has Hassell shooting 44% which is the lowest among them three. So basically the offense’s going to improve over time correct?

Yeah, but the point is, if you can’t stop anyone, you can’t win games even if you’re scoring 120 or 130. The focus on this team has to be on defense, because no matter how many points they can score, this team isn’t equipped to be Phoenix East or Golden State East, the Nets just don’t have the personnel to do that, the reason we lost against the Magic, was because coach Frank wanted to keep up with the scoring charts therefore five players ended the game playing 38 minutes and only one reserve played over 20 minutes, and in the end the team suffered. During crunchtime when stops are important, we couldn’t get any because the entire lineup on the floor was fatigued and Frank isn’t trusting enough to put any new guys on the court.

if kids could D up, why can’t we?

Which comes to the next point, player rotation, we all heard what the Hassell’s, Diops and Swift could do, they CAN play defense, but if the coach isn’t going to play them, they can’t do their jobs no? If the reserves don’t get playing time, players like VC and RJ, Harris would suffer at the end fo close games when we need a closer, we need our star players to be fresh to make plays; not be tired and choke.

We have so many players on this team that’s capable of playing stellar defense so why not we utilize them? Let’s say this team needs to score, yeah the starters can score all they want, but when it’s the 2nd quarter, a time for runs, why not but a few of those guys in and let them play defense, let’s say a 2nd quarter lineup of Harris, Carter, Hassell, Diop and Williams. It’s the balance between offense and defense that matters.

I’m sure if the team focuses on D, guys like Maurice Ager would play defense when they are on the court, he certainly has the tools, but he’s trying to hard to show everyone how good he can sore the basketball, hence his lousy stats. Frank needs to give defense a shot but everything starts with trust, he has to trust the new players and give them minutes, put the emphsis on D and the scoring will come, because I don’t see the Suns winning any championships yet.


Regular Season Game 58: Milwaukee Bucks – New Jersey Nets February 29, 2008

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Can we start Marcus Williams and play Devin Harris off the bench just to see how he does? because if he does start, all he gonna do is mess up the game, I don’t think we should rush him back to the court that quick, because you never know with ankle sprains, they never go away sometimes, so we better be save than sorry, furthermore I would wanna see how Marcus does this time in probably his last start of the season.

Ah yes, we’re playing the Bucks remember? Probably the scariest team on earth right now, They have a pyscho looking coach, a gay star in Michael Redd, a hairless Villanueva, a blabbering Bogut, a disgruntled Charlie Bell who can’t shoot even for money, a Chinese in Yi, a bad free throw shooter in Mason, a dude from the Netherlands Gadzuric, oddballs make a team and there you have it, the Milwaukee Bucks.

While Magloire is still wondering why he didn’t get the minutes he was supposedly promised, I myself did some wondering too, I wonder if Vince Carter tonight has what it takes to stop Michael Redd as watching him shoot his way to the win against the Cavs, I have to say that the Bucks are red hot right now. Bogut may never live up to his no.1 pick billing but then again, he is more than a match for Boone and Boone will have to step it up tonight. As for Diop, there’s tons of people out there who’s saying he’s the sleeper in the trade for Kidd, and I agree, all he does is just sleep during games. Why?? because Lawrence Frank ain’t gonna give him no minuteshe’s gonna play 5 player 40 minutes and give the reast of the 50 minutes to be shared among the rest. Sleeper indeed.