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New Jersey Nets Game 41 Preview January 18, 2009

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Hey coach, how to fire this team up? Just log on to the Internet and let the players read this article.

Dear New Jersey Nets,

I wanted to thank you for helping the Celtics. I know you’ve been watching your division rivals struggle lately. You probably saw what we saw: a sluggish team that struggled with the things they had done well for a long time. So we all really appreciate you rolling over and dying in the second half. The chance to rest our starters is really huge right now.

If that’s not enough? How about this video?

Vince Carter after having two crappy games musn’t be feeling too good about himself today, so maybe you know? And Rondo, wait till you hit a hundred jumpers before you can say you’re better than Devin Harris, KG? He’s just a punk, Find someone your size, douche bag.


New Jersey Nets Game 39 Review January 15, 2009

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Come on, 32 isn’t that bad, if you think of the few positives that we can take from the game.

Well, Carter who was apparently reported that he was going to be a game time decision really should have stayed at home for this one, a 4 point, 1-10 shooting dud from him isn’t really the best way to boost his chances for an All-Star berth.

We were neck and neck with champs for two quarters, going into the half only down by 10, but again, again, again and again, we lost it at the third quarter, which totally blew the game open, and we blew ourselves out of it. 18 points was the gap alone in the third quarter, and Paul Pierce alone had 18 in the third, it’s just totally mind boggling that we just allow ourselves to get steamrolled in this fashion.

For all four quarters we were outrebounded, outscored, outshot, and totally outplayed by the Celtics, and seriously tonight, we looked like a team that’s headed for the lottery rather than the playoffs. This game just made me hope that the few close games we squandered early on in the season does not come back and haunt us when we need wins in the coming months.

Brook Lopez and Ryan Anderson, the two rookies were the only bright spots and in a really forgettable game, both of them combining for 26 points, which were more than the two scoring duo in the league managed to produce. CDR also got to play which was great news, and so did tattoo-less Ager.

Let’s just hope this team would take this loss and a personal thing and take it all out in the next game against Brandon Roy and the Blazers because the four games left in this stretch, just shows us where we are right now as a team, and if the playoffs are serious ambitions, this is the real barometer test.

Regular Season Game 9: New Jersey Nets – Orlando Magic November 17, 2007

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New Jersey Nets (4-4)
Orlando Magic (7-2)

I know the updates been less and the recap’s slowly dwindling down but that’s just temporary, as for the Nets, the bad stuff have been totally horrible but there’s some silver lining onto everything that’s bad.

First up, Vince Carter was out in the first game against Boston, then came the fucking ass loss against the Celtics 91-69, which is a game that is muich closer than the scoreline represents and if it wasn’t for the Antoine Wright blowup and the missed FTs, we’d be talking about something else right now, and now it’s a three game losing streak we have to snap fast.

I haven’t reach the part where Darrell Armstrong is injured yet? wow, anyay Darrell Armstrong is out for 4 weeks for some old man sickness, and now Eddie Gill is back with the team after being drafted 1st by some team in the NBDL, I can’t wait to see how he does in his first game back because he doesn’t take alot of shots, he just passes. Jason Kidd apparently doesn’t know that Gill is back in the team until this morning, which is funny because he says he doesn’t read the news unless it’s in his iPod. LOL.

Back to the game tonight against the Magic, they are 7-2 and Bostjan Nachbar is starting over Sean Williams, who again had a monster game against the Celtics (14 points, 7 rebounds, 4 blocks) isn’t gonna start, which is a shame seriously although whether Frank’s decision not to start Williams is a good one would depend on how Nachbar would play the game, whether his shooting  hands are still with him. Therefore we’r matching from Lewis, Hedo, and DH12 with Jason Collins (pukes), Bostjan Nachbar, and Richard Jefferson.

Keith Bogans against Antoine Wright would be a cold one, since Bogans shoots 5 threes a game and misses like 60% of his shots, but he’s a good defensive player and it would be good to see how he matches up with Toine. Jameer Nelson stands at 6 feet and Kidd is at 6-4 therefore this is a matchup we have to exploit.

Our bench is a bit thin after all the injuries bt we have Nenad Krstic headlining our second unit together with Jamaal Magloire. Would be a good game GO NETS! break the streak. J.J Redick owns.

Regular Season Game 8: New Jersey Nets – Boston Celtics November 14, 2007

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How do we phrase this together? Yes, The Celtics are 6-0, and we don’t have Vince Carter with us, why does that line sound so familiar? anyway, losig VC for 3 weeks is definitely not a good thing, judging by what we saw from the Hornets game, as bad as Vince is playing, he still can make clutch baskets which I think we desperately needs right now to close out games. His condition is getting better so I think he could probably make it to the road trip out west.

Antoine Wright showed he could hold his own while starting in place of VC, and I expect a better performance fromhim tonight while holding Ray Allen to single digits and Allen crying and leaning on to KG’s shoulders doing some Celtback Mountain.

Bostjan Nachbar needs a big game and this is it, this is the game to regain your old guns of 2006-2007, we need firepower and you’re the only one left one the team stealing other people’s ammunition while saving up your own, it’s time to use all of them, shoot bricks at Doc Rivers if you have to.

Jason, you’ve been crazy rebounding the basketball and passing it, but man you gotta hit your shots, you gotta score more, you cant just defer to pricks like Jason Collins, you gotta score and lead the way before passing, be a score first point guard just for one night, catch is don’t shoot threes. Like Please don’t.

Richard, yeah, you’re the man now, I know you did something to Vince’s shoe but I wouldn’t care less if at the end of the night, you can put someone on the Celtics into a poster, and still score 30 ++ points, lockdown Pierce btw.

Sean Williams, Sean; you had that career game of yours agaist the Hornets in just 19 minutes only and everyone’s giving you love already, therefore it’s up to you to prove them wrong and show them it’s no fucking fluke.

Lawrence, I still hold a grudge on you for putting in Krstic therefore to you both, please buck up, the latter please make your free throws and don’t fucking force yourself and to the former, please don’t be the white Eddie Jordan, I have a faint heart. and, please play Jamaal Magloire, fucking paid 4 million for him to sit?

Jason Collins, YOU SUCK

Just Because I’m Not A Sore Loser November 12, 2007

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We lost but we still have the Play of the Day from RJ and that clip of VC playing with himself.

Regular Season Game 6: New Jersey Nets – Boston Celtics November 10, 2007

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New Jersey Nets (4-1)
Boston Celtics (4-0)

Boston just couldn’t miss against the Hawks and taht’s why they won the game, I think we’re a good enough team defensviely to slow them down, but our offeer, leaves alot to be desired and that’s a understatement.

Jason Collins on KG isn’t going to work so just don’t fucking bother starting and Magloire should start on Perkins while giving more playing time to guys like Sean Williams or Malike Allen to try and slow KG down, Vince Carter will have to be at the top of his game tonight if we are to stand a chacne, we know RJ’s coming out to play for sure, it’s just up to Vince, whether he wants to win this game for us or not.

KG’s statline against the Hawks, 27 points, 19 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 blocks, 1 steal, 12-16 FGs, scary?

Have to rush back to the camp now, I showed devotion to come home and write this crap preview which I’m sure nobody would appreciate because I myself have no idea what I’m saying, peace.

Pre Season Game 5: Adieu Mateen; Couldn’t recall what you did. October 25, 2007

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Observations– Antoine Wright had a surprisingly strong showing shooting wise; going 2-2 from three, he even had four assists to go with four boards and four turnovers, spiffy.
– Vince Carter playing point guard to good effect; seven assists and cookin it.
– Obviously the Boston big three did not play, much to my dismay sorry people, but this also shows how poor the depth of the team after the three stooges are; Tony Allen going 2-14, and when your top scorer is Glen Davis, blah.
– Rajon Rondo convincing yes?
– Bostjan Nachbar and Glen Davis in a FT shoot out? take your pick
– Krstic played, and looked pretty normal.
– Eddie Gill had the chance to move ahead of Darrell Armstrong but didn’t do much really to challenge DA’s position.
– Mateen Cleaves’ fourth quarter outburst was his final action n a Net jersey this season, so bon vovage while you play somewhere in Europe again.
EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - OCTOBER 23: Head Coach Lawrence Frank of the New Jersey Nets shares a laugh with Head Coach Doc Rivers of the Boston Celtics on October 23, 2007 at the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 2007 NBAE (Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images)
Larry: Man, you’re a heck of a coach seriously
Doc: Really, yeah I have quite a team
Larry: What play are you calling next?
Doc: No idea, I’ll just dump the ball to KG, Pierce of Allen and see what they’ll do with it; but hey, they aren’t in the game, nevermind, I’ll give it to Glen Davis.

With Mateen Cleaves gone, this leaves 17 players on the roster, let’s say Eddie Gill is going, they only option left since they would be sinign Darrell would be waiving Mile Ilic; Rod Thorn has already stated that he’s willing to pay the luxury tax, so it seems that money would not be a big issue, which also paves the way for waiving Ilic a much more easier option.

DCU Center rocks


Preseason Game 5: New Jersey Nets vs Boston Big Three Open Thread October 23, 2007

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The Celtics got beat by the Knicks yesterday even with their big three getting big minutes. It looks lik it’s goig to be full house, as in full strength teams going head to head (minus Jason Kidd)

Boki Nachbar, who leads the NBA in scoring (yeah), will get to go against Paul Pierce and co. Antoine Wrightlocking down Ray Allen would be something nice to see isn’t it? and yes, can we sort out out froncourt rotation yet? Having six players stuffing the frontcourt is a good thing, but whn you still have Jason Collins getting the chance to fight for a starting spot, this cannot be a good thing man; I wanna have Sean Williams and Josh Boone to both start the gameso we can gauge how far an athtletic lime up can bring the team.

Anyway, would be away for another few days tho, so there would be a lack of posts and stuff; final exams are a pain, just like J.R Smith’s ass.