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Ryan Anderson chin up? January 12, 2009

Posted by netsophobia in Brook Lopez, Eduardo Najera, Injury Updates, NBA Discussions, NBA talk, Ryan Anderson, Team Injuries, youtube.

According to Fred Kerber, Ryan Anderson will start the Nets’ next game against the Thunder (6-32) replacing Yi, who fractured his finger last Friday, he played well coming off the bench early on, replacing Najera, which started the season on the injured list, but hit the injury barrier in December with a bad back which in turn dropped his shooting accuracy from 52% from downtown in late November to 36% in January.

Look Ryan Anderson clearly needs to play to gain his feel, confidence, his shot and whatever back, but to the point of starting him? I’m just thinking that we’re giving up way too much rebounding and defense by just starting Anderson, yes, yes Frank doesn’t want to disrupt the rotation because Najera’s doing well off the bench, but come on! Anderson is good I know, but Boone would be better off starting at the four, even if there is no viable back-up for Brook Lopez.

See Lopez could play the four and Boone could go down to the five, reason being? Brook Lopez has a workable jumper, that’s what all fours need, he may not be suitable to play the four but it’s not like asking him to convert to PF, it’s just one game, and for what it’s worth, Anderson can back Lopez up giving him substantial time to alternate between the four and five with Najera picking up the rest of the minutes split between Boone, Lopez, and Anderson, that wouldn’t cracked that rotation hard would it? And mind if I state the obvious, when Ryan Anderson started the season off the bench playing on fire, we were actually 11-8 at one point no? (although with Yi)

What my point is, I just don’t feel comfortable with Anderson starting the game, I think the team should let him come off the bench playing 20-25 minutes and slowly let him prove his way to the starting lineup, Yi’s out for 6 weeks, not 6 hours. He’s got time to prove himself, so right now let some one else who deserves the start, to get the start, and that guy is Josh Boone.

two months in, and already a mix.



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