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New Jersey Nets Game 36 Review January 9, 2009

Posted by netsophobia in Memphis Grizzlies, Recap, youtube.

Can you believe that it’s actually three straight wins at home already? Can you also believe that a good start at home actually contributed to the win? It is also unbelievable that the all the starting score more than 9 points. What’s more incredible is that Yi has 2 straight games topping 20 points, And Brook Lopez, you’re a big guy, and you’re showing it, 5 dunks tonight, completely changed our minds on how many times you go rejected against the Heat. This is a good win for us no doubt.

Before the game, I thought this game would be a slog without Devin Harris, who of course leads the team in scoring and assists, but again Keyon Dooling proved that he can hold his own tonight, having to play 40 minutes, he ran the team pretty well and again played some solid defense, and showed some great hustle to get the basketball.

Without Harris, it would also mean that Carter would be playing as the point in certain stretches of the game, and did he respond to it, 12 assists, a bunch of them in pick and rolls with Lopez, and kick outs to Simmons and Yi. VC is just as good as anyone in playing the pick and roll, we saw that before with Carter and Boone, now Carter’s doing it with Lopez, just some easy easy basketball, and that simple basketball won the game for us.

Memphis did help us by starting off slow and missing a ton of early shots, but to their credit, they kept the game close and started to creep into the lead in the third, but tonight is just our night, Najera playing his first game with over 15 minutes, pushed the lead back up to double digits in the third by hitting two awkward looking jumpers which would make Mile Ilic proud.

Yi, for the first time this season showing some consistency that had been missing all the long, again in this game, no over-reliance on his jump shot but rather going in and out, playing in the post, and then coming back out for some pick and pops, Lopez and Yi did combine for 6 blocks, but you have to consider this, does Theo Ratliff with his facial features look more intimidating or both Yi and Lopez? But in all, a great win at home which boosted our home record to a still less than respectable 8 – 12.




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