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New Jersey Nets Game 35 Review January 7, 2009

Posted by netsophobia in Recap, Sacramento Kings, youtube.

The Nets might as well play without Devin Harris, because he didn’t have his speed with him today, but that didn’t stop Harris from dishing out 7 assists in 18 minutes, key to the Nets win.

Yi suddenly remembered where the low post is and showed us something we haven’t seen through out the entire year, and played underneath the basket showing some nice up and under moves, some old school behind the back basketball, and to top that up with 13 rebounds, while playing some real defense we haven’t saw since the Dirk Nowitzki shutdown, best performance of the season so far for him.

It’s also worth noting that the Kings’ woeful performance from their starting five resulted in the loss, Kevin Martin alone had 36 compared to the 33 by the five.

However, decent defense by the Nets, aided by the Kings’ crappy shooting allowed us to limit them to only 36 points after the half, after the hot start by Martin that helped the Kings to a big lead, the Nets fought back with great defense on Martin, 12 points after the half, and slowly cut back into the lead, which stopped at 2 after three quarters.

The defining moment of the game was a 3 possession span where Carter took over, first a drive which led to a pass, a Hayes three, then another drive, the same position, which the defender didn’t help in case of a kick out, led a to Carter dunk, and he finished it off with a three, which sealed the game for us. From down 2, we went to up 6 in a span of 2 minutes.

It still wasn’t pleasant to see Brook Lopez struggle that much on the floor against average defenders that he really should beat, but Brad Miller’s bruising defense really punk’d him out, but the 5 offensive rebounds were decent, and he’s got a nice back up in Josh Boone as well. Nice win for the Nets.



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