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New Jersey Nets Game 34 Review: Blocked shots? January 5, 2009

Posted by netsophobia in Keyon Dooling, Miami Heat, NBA talk, Recap, youtube.

We didn’t have Devin going into the game, which was like a shocker for me because it was a game-time decision not to play against the Heat. However, he’s listed as day to day with his sore hamstring, so it is possible that he could be back in uniform against the Kings tomorrow.

What Devin didn’t bring to the floor, Keyon Dooling compensated for all of it, but the only drawback was the bench didn’t compensate for the loss of Keyon Dooling, we just need enough people to step up, and Brook Lopez, even though it was a decent outing on his part, he got his shot blocked like a thousand times in this game by Dwyane Wade? what happen to him?

But the story of the game is always the same, we just can’t stop Dwyane Wade, when he asserts himself, we’re just not there to stop him, he scores he passes, the team just sits and watch, trying hard but alas to no avail. Heck he nearly even won the game in regulation just with his defense, the two blocks at the end on Lopez and Carter?

But at least we had the highlight of the game, and Dooling was incredible, clutch, I mean he totally showed he can step into Devin Harris’ shoes any time any day.

Play of the Year for Keyon Dooling


D-Wade, it’s all about D-Wade



1. Sami A - January 5, 2009

I knew Keyon Dooling would be a nice upgrade in comparison to Marcus Williams, but I didn’t know he was this good. We’ve gotten a lot of timely scoring from Keyon.

2. kostya - January 6, 2009

Keyon! Too bad we didn’t win the game!

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