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Sean Williams NBDL Update #2 January 4, 2009

Posted by netsophobia in Colorado 14ers, NBDL.
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Sean Williams in his 2nd game with the Fourteen-ers didn’t disappoint anyone, although the 14ers lost the game against Tulsa, Sean had his moments, especially on defense.  Heck, he even started the game, but that was where we can see Sean still need tons of work to get rid of the various weaknesses he carried over when he was still with the Nets.

Of course the 14ers didn’t lose because of Sean, that was hardly the case, one look at the box score, shows a dismal 3-24 from beyond the arc, come on guys, even Jason Collins shoots a better percentage from there, and the starting center Josh Davis’ 8 three pointers? I wondered if the bricks would have been of any use. It is also worth noting that Sean started the game at PF, not at C, which would be dreadful

17 minutes, 3 points on 1-3 shooting, 1-2 FTs , 3 rebounds (0-3) 6 blocks, 1 assist, 5 fouls

Obvious the highlight of this statline above are the 6 blocks, but again whats with the 5 fouls in 17 minutes man? But still getting back the defense, the little things that’s whats important.

Colorado 14ers record: 9-4



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