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New Jersey Nets Game 33 Review: Holy Smokes January 3, 2009

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No homo?

Once again, bad start down by 20 at the half, it all seem likely that the Nets would fall 5-13 at home, but fate once again has its own say in the story, as the Nets came back from 20 down and forced overtime, played through a terrible stretch in OT, and somehow drained a miraculous three from way beyond to win our 16th game of the season.

I had no idea Keyon Dooling was playing tonight, so it also meant that CDR and Ager wouldn’t get any extra minutes, in fact they didn’t play at all. But tonight was just a horrible night for Devin playing the point, sloppy passes followed by simple passes that led to an assist, each time up the floor we see a different Devin Harris, maybe it’s just an off night, maybe.

The first half was just terrible to watch, I mean come on man, even an amateur team can score more than 29 points? We’re just not focused enough and we didnt have the energy as usual coming out of the game, but thank god they turned it around in the third, where most battles are won. I do think that Lawrence Frank’s ejection sparked the team after all, Vince Carter was also ejected in the game before and all this worked in our favor.

VC didn’t explode onto the Hawks, but what he did was even more ferocious, having struggled during the game shooting the ball, 6-18 from the field, but 5-7 from three. It was also a stroke of luck when a player with Josh Smith’s defensive abilities decided that Carter was to be allowed to grab the loose ball after an inbounds tip, and launch a 35 foot dagger which gave us ouor 6th win at home. Good grief!

Oh yeah, Yi was 0-2 from three, remember the Yi Lines? if he shot less than 3 threes, we win, and yeah right now we’re 1-0



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