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New Jersey Nets Game 33: Atlanta Hawks January 3, 2009

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Coming into this season, we would still think that the Hawks would always be a promising team which couldn’t quite deliver the results, but boy this season, 21 wins already? that’s like three fourths of their win total less than half way into the season, and what is worse for today’s match up against the Hawks? They’re red hot winning their last six, while we are 4-6 in the last 10 while also dropping our last two.

Did I mention that Josh Smith is back in their line up? Our first two wins against them IN Atlanta, AWAY from home was played when the Hawks stuttered a bit while losing Smith, but now playing at HOME against an upcoming team like Atlanta with their key player back? I don’t know about this.

With Keyon Dooling out for the team as well, it looks like CDR will see more minutes as well as Maurice Ager, they had minutes during the game against Detroit and they did good generally, bringing energy and defense onto the floor and also a lack of offensively ability from both guys, but they were not prepared to get like more than 15 minutes of burn during that game, but this time I think they will be and the performance will also be even better. But then again with Keyon out, Devin Harris would be playing more minutes than ever and this would also mean that if Harris is out of the game, Carter would be manning the point, which is kind of an advantage for us.

However with Carter so pissed about that ejection he got on the game against the Pistons, it would be a good tonic for him to come out of the game strong, make a statement, refer to video

Yeah, I would love to see Al Horford do that against VC or anyone tonight!


Yi three lines: over 3 threes > 25 minutes, Nets win, 5 threes < 20 minutes, Nets lose



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