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Seriously?? January 1, 2009

Posted by netsophobia in New Jersey Nets.
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Seriously, some referees just need to get their minds out of the gutter for awhile man, you make a bad call, or even if you’ve made a correct call, you give out a tech,dude come on man, it’s still all good you know; If a guy isn’t shouting abuse at you why the hell do you want to throw him out of the game in the first place? Damn it all these refs, they’re like another breed of people with slower reception cords.

We could have won the game with Carter around you know? We seriously had a chance to gain 2 Ws over Detroit. But we fluff the chance because of
1) lousy referees who are stucked in the 30s
2) Carter’s inability to control himself, and of course he’s a vet, he should know better, but who can blame him right? I know I can’t

Damn it, the gameee, damn it

From this picture, the conclusion we can come to is that Derrick Stafford needs a new ref jersey.

Yi, you need to shoot less threes!! 15-17 isn’t that bad actually come to think of it. and we’re 10-5 on the road, thank god for the good teams!



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