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New Jersey Nets Game 31: Chicago Bulls December 30, 2008

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gotta love the Bulls damnit

Yes people, we’re back at home again trying to WIN at home again after only doing it 5 times in 16 games, and after that crushing home loss against the Bobcats, I am seriously not expecting much from today’s game other than the team coming out strong and play hard.

I really can’t understand the problem of the Nets’ home struggles, I mean it’s easy to blame the fans for not showing up, but is that all to it? The Nets’ are shooting reasonably worse than what they do on the road and they score 7 points less in every home contest.

And with Luol Deng out for the Bulls, this could and would be a glorious chance for us to grab a big win here in the Izod, It would be brilliant to see Derrick Rose play against Devin Harris on both ends, but at the end of the day, it would be the story of which backcourt came out to play.

As far as my estimation goes, I think this game is again Yi’s “breaking out” game, I expect maybe a double double from him and hopefully a Nets win! GO NETS



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