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Musings on SWAT and Krstic December 30, 2008

Posted by netsophobia in New Jersey Nets.
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This would be the last time we see these two guys wearing the same jersey

They finally did it, Sean Williams no longer has to sit on the bench to wait for playing time; and if Mile Ilic hadn’t contributed anything to the Nets, he’s about to.

Sean Williams can make an example of Ilic’s time with the Nets’ D-League affiliate, the Colorado 14ers and make good use of it, Ilic’s time with the 14ers was like a complete mess. It’s like an Estonian who just landed on Indonesia and had no idea what country he is in, Ilic showed flashes of talent but ultimately he was too slow, too stiff to ever be a factor for the Nets, or in the NBA.

We heard the entire team, coaching staff to veteran players like Carter raving about Williams’ training camp performance, but he did not prove himself sufficiently on the court this year, and he is rapidly being shadowed by Ryan Anderson, Brook Lopez and even Eduardo Najera, who has been injured for much of the season. His averages have all gone down this year, and yes playing without a true point guard like Jason Kidd definitely hurt his play the most. It is obvious that Sean’s offensive skill set is not that advance therefore playing with a player of Kidd’s pass first mentality provides more scoring opportunities for Sean, and when Devin Harris came around, it’s just a different type of playing style that he has to adapt to that doesn’t help his growth as a player at all.

Williams has the makings of a decent power forward ala Justin Williams, but if Sean does not perform in the D-League, he could be like Williams looking for a job in the Chinese CBA. However, can Sean actually get minutes immediately in Colorado? Can he come in and perform right away? A check on the 14ers website shows that they currently have 6 players including the likes of Josh Davis and James Mays, playing the same PF/C position as Sean, so can he actually get minutes? and the most important thing is that would he be able to keep up his level of play even though he IS definitely going to go through certain rough patches? This few questions in mind will let us see how we can evaluate Sean Williams in the near future and right now Sean Williams’ future is definitely in his own hands.

Nenad Krstic never quit got back on track after that devasting ACL injury back in late 06, showing more signs of frustration on court than laughs off court, the last straw was when he blamed the Nets medical staff for worsening his medical condition instead of helping and bolted off to Russia to cash in on a 12 million, 3 year deal with Triumph Moscow.

Now that the Europe adventure is not working that well, Triumph never even got the the ULEB Cup proper, instead struggling in the Euro Challenge which in comparison, would be something like playing in the NBDL, which isn’t bad unless you’re a player who thinks that he should belong in the NBA, and clearly Krstic thinks that way, and the Oklahoma City Thunder thinks that way too.

I would be joking and lying or whatever if I said Krstic’s time in the NBA is over, I mean clearly he still has the talent to make it in the big leagues, but again just like many other talented bigs out there, would it be enough to be just talented? In his last productive season with the Nets, he averaged 16.4 ppg and almost 7 rpg. If this scenario occurred last season, I am sure the team would too offer Krstic the same contract, but things have change, the Nets are longer as thin as wallpaper in the front court, but the change is a 90 degree turn that the fact that the team now has 6 bigs made it impossible salary and roster wise to keep Krstic without also surpassing the luxury tax threshold, therefore. Goodbye Nenad, Curley or whatever they used to call you, I hope you make it back to where you once where with the Thunder and yes, I hope you play badly only when you’re playing against the Nets.



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