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New Jersey Nets Game 29 & 30: Double Review December 29, 2008

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If only the NBA allows team to play the entire season on the road, let’s say the Nets are like the Harlem Globetrotters, without any existing home court. I would dare say, with the Nets’ current road record of 10-4, we would be on pace to win at least 55 games. But at home, we’re a measly 5-11, with is again on pace to win lesser than 28 games. The team currently has the third best road record in the league, behind Orlando and Boston. So, go figure, What I have to say to this assessment is, I love road trips.

I can’t imagine losing two games in a row in the same fashion as we did on Friday, so being down by double digits in the second got me a little bit unnerved, but the Nets again like always, fought back and also once again led by Devin Harris, which can I seriously say; He is shit the fastest guard in the league hands down, other than the play where he got rejected by Gerald Wallace, Harris absolutely killed the Bobcats defense.

In the home loss, we showed absolutely less energy than the other team and today again it’s the same issue, but the thing about today was that they woke up earlier than expected and because of the early come back, the Nets were able to take the lead in the fourth and eventually come up with the win.

I have to say that the team’s decision to bring in Keyon Dooling and Jarvis Hayes, none of them my favorite players, especially Jarvis Hayes, due to my constant support for the Washington Wizards pre-Arenas’ injury; proved to be an accurate and brilliant decision, because the moment that duo, together with the bench players most notably Josh Boonecame into the game in overtime; It was where they won the game for us, a give and go with Boone and draining a three, Boone with a dunk which I haven’t seen him do in like quite awhile, Jarvis Hayes with a big three, It’s not only Carter and Harris doing their jobs, it’s the bench contributing again in this road win.

But the starting five’s lack of production is really worrying, Brook Lopez did his thing with the rebounding, and it’s nice to see him doing well defensively against Okafor on several possessions but he has to be able to finish better around the rim instead of throwing some shots at weird angles, but Bobby Simmons and Yi, damn it, Simmons never had a good offensive game from the start of the season till no, and he is a better offensive player than he is showing right now, I know he is going to come around with his performances because he is showing them in streaks, but the thing is he has to start turning the corner before it’s too late, and Yi? Yi’s an enigma.

Game 29

Game 30

Merry Christmas folks!



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