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Guess Who’s Back!?!!!! October 8, 2008

Posted by netsophobia in NBA talk, New Jersey Nets, Off-Season, Randomness, Vince Carter.

Yes, RJ’s gone we kinda miss him, but Bobby Simmons’ here, we ain’t gonna trip
There’s no more Boki, but there is Yi, There’s no more Nenad, but there’s Brook
I kinda miss the Eastern Europe Connection, but if they suck, they had to go;
I didn’t know the Nets liked Pac-10, but if they do, then why not?
If Ryan sucked, who the hell cares? Our frontcourt’s got, the big numbers game.
And finally, we got Yi, he’s got game, but he needs time. We here at the blog loves him, but we hate Jarvis Hayes, because he has no fucking J.
We’re a defensive team now, therefore we have good old Keyon Dooling, but not only he can play D because we’ve got Trenton Hassell.
We heard what Frank said, Sean Williams is a man, but Najera I dont really know..
This is Vince Carter’s team, or isit Devin Harris’?
Oh Maurice Ager, we know about you, you’re just right there, with Julius Hodge
And Eddie Gill, thanks for coming, we’ll see you here, in the next training camp
We’re going to Europe, it’s the Heat in France
We’ll see Mike Beasley, getting fouled on front, if there’s Mario then there’s got to be Luigi, where the hell is Luigi? his name is CDR! He’s from Detroit, he plays hard, he definitely cant shoot because he’s not Kerry Kittles.
SLAM used to rock, but the fact that they kept dissing on Carter, which untrue facts, that’s just not right so for SLAM, VC is gonna make you eat your homo words and suck your homo balls. peace!



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