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Regular Season Game 57: When you guessed correctly and still lose February 28, 2008

Posted by netsophobia in Hedo Turkoglu, New Jersey Nets, Orlando Magic, reviews, Southeast Division.

We just can’t beat the Magic can’t we, we managed to hold Dwight Howard to being less dominant, Jameer Nelson didn’t go off as he usually does, but we totally forgot that they shed out max money for Rashard Lewis. Oh did we forget about Hedo Turkoglu? both of them just killed us from everywhere.

Because it’s very obvious that the both of them are the players that’s gonna kill us, we still didn’t make any extra effort on offense to stop them. Especially Turkoglu, 17 points in the fourth, come on man, I know he’s tall and all but 17 points? all the free throws and threes. shit. First Rashard Lewis kept us at bay, and then Hedo finished up the job, man both of them combined for 50 points, and it’s pretty much obvious that Nachbar isn’t going to stop either of them, why not try Hassell? but shit no, he gets what 15 minutes and he doesn’t even do shit.

What I don’t like now is that if Nenad still can’t fully contribute to the team, then don’t start him, let him get back to where he was before you even start to play him, get someone in taht can help us on D, whether its Diop or Sean anyone, we need help!

Marcus Williams with another strong performance sending a fucking message to Devin Harris, and the rest of the guys need PT, there’s too much talent on this team than just them playing 10 minutes per game. We even got dunked on by Mo frickin Evans.

Orlando Magic guard Maurice Evans (1) dunks the ball as he gets by New Jersey Nets' Vince Carter, left, and Josh Boone during the third quarter of NBA basketball Tuesday, Feb. 26, 2008 in East Rutherford, N.J. The Magic beat the Nets 102-92.




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