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The Nets is Vince Carter’s team? February 23, 2008

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I always thought Jason Kidd would be a Net for the rest of his career, you know first of all he isn’t that young anymore so he won’t be playing that much longer anymore so it would be wise for him to stay in Jersey for the rest of his career right. But then again, what Kidd wants is to play in a team that’s contending for a championship and right now, it’s very obvious that New Jersey is not a championship caliber team so Kidd moving on was probably the best choice for both teams, Dallas getting the piece they think would take them to the next level.

The thing is now that Jason is gone, whose team does the Nets belong to? Marcus Williams? haha, Vince Carter? why? because he has the fattest contract on the team? or because he’s the only player on the team that made the All-Star team more than once?  yeah that’s probably it, Richard Jefferson as well, now it’s their team, and they have to carry the load while we officially move into rebuilding mode.

I still think that even with Kidd gone, the Nets is still a very formidable team, after al considering the progress that both Josh Boone and Sean Williams made, I have to admit that the Nets do have a decent frontcourt now that Jason Collins and “chuck mad” Allen is out of town. With the addition of Stromile Swift from the Collins trade, the Nets have officially made the transition from a slow and unathletic frontcourt to the complete opposite of it, but one thing still remains the same, we have no one who can score down low, unless you can Jamaal Magloire who gets like 8 mpg into the equation.

And which rebuilding team can say they have the 7th seed in the East even though they have a suck ass record like ours? answer is none. The problem now is that with Kidd gone, This team has got to find its own identity as fast as it could, could it be them converting into a running team with Devin Harris at the helm, or a half court team with Marcus Williams running sets? But no matter what, it has to start with this team beating teams like the Pacers and not the other way round.

Jason Kidd is the reason why I watch the Nets, Jason Kidd is what brought the Nets to two straight NBA Finals appearances and six straight playoffs appearances, Jason Kidd is the reason why players like Lucious Harris, Rodney Buford, Aaron Williams, were considered solid role players. Jason Kidd is the person who brought excitement to the Nets, from the numerous triple doubles, the back to back threes he hit against the Pacers, the alley oop to VC against the Magic, the layup which was blocked the Pavlovic, the memories the good or the bad, is what Jason Kidd left to us and is what that defined one of  the most memorable chapter in Nets basketball folklore. Thank you Jason, and may your quest for a championship in Dallas succeed.



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